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Read what all the top critics had to say about NBA 2K11 for Xbox at pflp-info.de Cheat Code Central to the draft, and eventually to press conferences, playoffs and stardom. . NBA 2K11 is a top contender for best sports game of . With EA's NBA Elite 11 now canned, there's no reason not to pick up this. Download the game guide 'Player Mode FAQ' for NBA 2K11 on PlayStation 2 ( PS2) () Copyright: Copyright Lewis Lampkin, III Info: NBA 2K11 has a game mode called the My -5a(3) How can I dominate draft combine and summer circuit? .. The easiest way to get them is to call for the pick-n-roll play. What if the Portland Trail Blazers drafted Michael Jordan instead of Sam Bowie? It's the question that has kept Blazer fans up at night for. For NBA 2K11 on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Adding draft class". I get back to the home screen and I'm slated for the 6th overall pick. There is a reason why no one else has been drafted earlier than #10, that's because no Last edited by shugknight; at PM. . and i know i would get somewhat upset at people who cheese, cheat or whatever you want. 2011 draft class for nba 2k11 cheat

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About logos. First Overall Pick: Kyrie Irving Most Win Shares: Butler Leonard Irving ButlerK. IrvingK. LeonardI. ThomasK. ThompsonN.

Vucevic and K. Click the Team for players drafted by that franchise. Click the College for players drafted from that college. Click the Pk for players drafted 2011 draft class for nba 2k11 cheat that slot. Question, Comment, Feedback, or Correction? Are you a Stathead, too? Subscribe to our Newsletter. We present them here for purely educational purposes.

Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. All rights reserved. Support us without the ads? Go Ad-Free. Draft History Draft Years Multiply by 2. Draft Years. Draft History Full Site Menu Return to Top.

In the News: DavisL. JamesT. HarrisM. GasolK. All-Time Greats: HavlicekJ. WestW. ChamberlainS. O'NealD. SchayesL. Filozofia przypadku heller ebook Greats: NowitzkiC.

PaulL. JamesS. CurryD. WadeK. ClevelandIndiana2011 draft class for nba 2k11 cheatChicagoMilwaukee. MiamiAtlantaCharlotteWashingtonOrlando. Team Schedules and League Schedules. Today's Standings and Standings for any date in history. Player Finders: Team Finders: Other Finders: PlayersTeamsSeasonsLeadersAwards AthletesTeamsYearsGamesGlossaryContact and Media InformationWe're Social Logos were compiled by the amazing SportsLogos. Kyrie Irving. Duke University. Derrick Williams. University of Arizona.

Enes Kanter. Tristan Thompson. University of Texas at Austin. Jonas Valanciunas. Jan Vesely. Bismack Biyombo. Brandon Knight. University of Kentucky. Kemba Walker. University of Connecticut. Jimmer Fredette. Brigham Young University. Klay Thompson. Washington State University. Alec Burks. University of Colorado. Markieff Morris. University of Kansas. Marcus Morris. Kawhi Leonard. San Diego State University. Nikola Vucevic. University of Southern California.

Iman Shumpert. Georgia Institute of Technology. Chris Singleton. Florida State University. Tobias Harris. University of Tennessee. Donatas Motiejunas. Nolan Smith.

Kenneth Faried. Morehead State University. Nikola Mirotic. Reggie Jackson. Boston College. MarShon Brooks.

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SinceCheatCodes. To find all the latest cheats, guides, hints and tips, visit CheatCodes. NBA 2K My Player Mode Guide, version 1. March 12, Copyright: If some tips do not apply to your particular version of the game, then I apologize. Additionally, it is vel movie bgm noting that I composed this FAQ while working on the "pre-patched" version of the game. Because of this, some tips may not 2011 draft class for nba 2k11 cheat as well.

If there are typos or grammatical errors in this document, then I apologize for them. I am not getting paid for this, so you are getting what you pay for, in this case. I'm not going to "rIte Lyk DiZ" or anything, so it should not be too bad for you, the reader.

Introduction 2. Common Questions about My Player Mode -2a. What is my player mode? What are stat caps? What are skill points? What is the importance of height? What is the importance of weight? What are key games? What is the purpose of the 2K insider? Different My Player Positions -3a. PG -3b. SG -3c. SF -3d. Eacfilt.dll -3e. General My Player Tips -4a.

How should I spend the first 10, skill points? How do I take advantage of key games? How should I build my player up? How do I cherrypick? How do I set picks? How do I get assists? How do I score most easily? How do I defend the post? How do I defend the perimeter? How do I defend screens? How do I get steals? How do I get blocks? How do I get defensive rebounds? How do I get offensive rebounds? How do I get to the rim? How do I dunk?

How do I protect the ball? How do I pass out of double-teams? How do I draw fouls? Position-specific My Player 2011 draft class for nba 2k11 cheat -5a.

PG Tips -5a 1 What build to choose? SG Tips -5b 1 What build to choose? SF Tips -5c 1 What build to choose? PF Tips -5d 1 What build to choose? C Tips -5e 1 What build to choose? Best teams for each Position, and why -6a. Best team for a PG -6b. Best team for a SG -6c. Best team for a SF -6d. Best team for a PF -6e. Best team for a C 7.

Other Places to go for tips -7a. Why did I write this FAQ? To ease boredom -8b. To have fun -8c. To help others 9. Thanks -9a. Celtic1 of 2ksports. Countless others of 2ksports. There are all sorts of good tips out there, that can enhance your My Player playing experience, and this guide is designed to do just that for you! This guide is broken down into nine sections: This portion of the guide covers these.

Hey, you might form your own opinion of disagreement, and that's what's so fun about this game, you can do it your own way! In consideration of that, I need to provide you with other places you can go, to get some knowledge about My Player Mode.

OK, that's it for the introduction, now on into the guide, hope you enjoy it! In the past few years, there has been a trend in team-centric sports games, to allow a first person experience, while playing that game. My Player mode is probably best thought of as the logical successor to the mode that used to be in NBA2K games before that was scrapped. My Player mode is superior, in that you can play this mode to live out the great NBA career that you never had.

My Player mode is quite fun, in that it carries this simulation aspect to it. A lot of the players of 2K will dismiss My Player Mode as being "newbish" Most of the hard core players prefer "online, online, online" Regardless of that, it brings a lot of 2011 draft class for nba 2k11 cheat to a group of players who may prefer to play offline.

With my player mode, you now have something cool to play offline besides the excellent Association mode. While the mode is newbish, it has tons of support by players on the 2ksports forums. Also, a cool thing about My Player is that after building up the My Player offline, you can take it online to play with. Anecdotal reports from the user community indicate that this works a lot better on the consoles than on PC. Having never played with My Player online, I 2011 draft class for nba 2k11 cheat delve into that subject at all in this guide.

I apologize in advance for that. With all of this said, you should now have a pretty decent idea of what My Player Mode is, if you did not know what it was before. Stat caps refer to how high you can boost any given attribute. A stat cap is how high you can boost that given attribute.

This caused such a fuss for players, that they opened an entire thread about it many pages long, I might addwhere they explored what the different stat caps were for the different builds of players, so that they could then choose a My Player build based upon which one had more of the attributes high in the categories that mattered most to them.

For example, an Athletic Center could get up to 75 speed and 99 block, but another type of center may only be able to get up to 60 speed and 90 block. I am just issuing fake numbers here, not having checked the stat caps list. This can become a big difference in gameplay, when you need to do a chase-down block to win the game, but are too slow and don't have enough blocking skills to execute.

Speed is a very powerful attribute in the game, so a slow big man won't be worthless, but he just won't be as good as he could be if he were a little quicker. In order to help with that problem, I posted a google docs spreadsheet that 2011 draft class for nba 2k11 cheat all of the My Player stat Caps.

It appears that the link often gets buried on the forums, so maybe by including it within this guide, it might help some of the readers. The stat caps are in about three standard formats, so you should be able to view them, after downloading. Here's the link: That's enough chatter about stat caps for now, but just in case you want a little bit more, here's the link to the sticky topic on it in the 2kSports forums.

Skill points to a My Player are like water to a plant. Skill Points make your My Player grow! You want as many skill points as you 2011 draft class for nba 2k11 cheat get, trust me.