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After Omens was released it almost never left the cd player. Such a brave and powerful sound indeed! The guitars, drums, vocals and everything is just. Well, A Hill To Die Upon have to be one of those cases that fit most in the second With this album, to change a song title a bit, alas, "Satan, Your The a capella female vocals at the end of "Ancient Enemy Of Death" and the. recording process for Omens, A Hill to Die Upon's second He stated that "we never had any real demos of the songs.

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A Hill to Die Upon "Holy Despair" - O Death (feat. Timbre)

Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. A Hill To Die Upon is a really interesting figure in the Christian extreme metal scene, for starters -- a similarity is said to exist between them hopsin bad manners movies the secular blackened death metal beasts Behemoth.

However, I don't think that comparing this band to Behemoth does any justice, since it removes the originality and creative of this band. Believe me, this album is full of creativity, and complexity that converges into a masterpiece which no one in the metal scene Christian or secular should ignore. There are four aspects of this album that make me say this: First, the lyrics in this album is plainly amazing.

You have badass lyrics that are intricately written, and fit in with the sinister blackened death instrumentals. A very badass excerpt from the first track Darkness That Can Be Felt might reveal to you the absolute genius that this band articulate in their song, "To anoint my head with vermillion Mark of the joyful slave For I have the right High atop the mountain, A hill to die upon omens music the World Prince was slain I see the lone God holding the hexagram I am the black space between the stars I am the darkness that can be felt.

Blessed of the left hand; Guardian of the secrets of the forest; Grant me shining eyes and silent ways. Yes, for a Christian band, a hill to die upon omens music deserves some credit. Second, the instrumentals were very interesting. It set a sort of dark atmosphere, that immersed me in a sort of seriousness, you know? Brilliant, the drumming was all spot-on, blastbeats, and very excellently played double bass. This album also managed to offer some typical death metal guitar solos which was worth mentioning.

Another thing about the instrumentals which set a very morbid tone was "Nehushtan," which was an acoustic guitar instrumental. Very well played, and it was sort of a teaser for the next songs, and it kept me hooked. Third, the vocals on this album was without a doubt similar to Behemoth, but it was slightly better. There was a masculine badass voice in this album, Adam Cook is a beast. He gave forth the impression that he is the slayer coming to reap the devil, holy shit.

Some badass lyrics that he articulates was in the track "Heka Primus Ordo Norma Mysterium " where he articulates "Reveal to me the secrets of the Sun! Fourth, the way all of these factors come together is what excites me the most. Here is an badass intricate album, if you don't know what to listen to, give this band a chance. This album is completely epic, and it also justifies the rest of the Christian metal scene.

This is not some Behemoth rip-off, this is a real deal metal band that means business -- they will crush any demon in their sight. Definitely something I would listen to again, the only flaw however is the length.

This was too short for my liking I would have loved a 3 hour album, that's how great this was. I have been following this band for quite a few years. Even back ages ago when they played a more melodic deathcore style, with a bass drum that sounded like popcorn. Besides that, over the years, I became friends with the members of this band, and even have a black metal project with their recently departed guitarist, Elisha. I can sum this album up in two words: A lot a hill to die upon omens music the time, AHTDU gets compared to Behemoth and with this album, even a few comparisons to Gorgorothand while I certainly can see the resemblance, I would in no way, ever call them a Behemoth clone, or rip off.

This album, start to finish, has one of the fullest sounds I believe I have ever experienced. And yes, that is a bold statement, but it is one I will stand by with firm ground.

The overall mix of instruments is phenomenal, each instrument sticks out the way they should. I think the best way to describe the overall sound, would be to say if Behemoth and Gorgoroth fucked, had a kid, then Immortal and Satyricon fucked and had a kid, then those two kids fucked, this is the offspring. First, I feel like the vocals need to be touched on. Holy shit. I remember when I first heard the song Prometheus Rebound, off of their first album, Infinite Titanic Immortal, and thinking that the vocals had a pair of balls, separate from the ones Adam has.

But on this album, its like a whole new level of testosterone, that no other vocalist has ever touched at least not to my knowledge. The backing vocals also are great, performed by Michael, the drummer. Spouting out bone chilling lines like "Shed blood" on the song May the Thing Be Destroyed, and "Lo, grant me thy namesake.

Slayer of the Pantheonic. Guardian of the secrets of the forest. Grant me shining eyes and silent ways. One thing I need to mention, is the guitar tone. It faintly reminds me of the tone Immortal has on their newer past three or so albums, but with more depth to it. No shrieky shit tone here. Full on, overwhelmingly heavy, and phenomenal. Third, Michael brings for fantastic drum work on this album.

Consistent, showcasing some perfectly executed blast beats, as well as even having some catchy drum parts. I honestly don't have a whole lot to say about the drums, other than: This album has a hill to die upon omens music been my favorite of so far, and it doesn't look like there will be any fighting for the title.

If you are a fan of black metal, pick this up. If you are a fan of death coke studio mp3 season 7, pick this up. If you are looking for a great fucking CD, pick this up.

Oh, and also, those of you who are judgmental fucks and write off a band right off the bat for having "Christian" lyrics, do know, there are not exactly blatant Christian lyrics on this album, other than the cover of the old negro hymn "Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down" and a da musica companheiro de fernando e sorocaba musicas of "Ancient Enemy of Death".

Favorite songs: All of them. As you know, there are a bunch of Behemoth ripoffs nowadays such as; Hate, Crionics, etc but of the numerous pile, this band is truly a a hill to die upon omens music in the rough. Their first album was very good and showed a good musical blend of black and death metal and was fresh and original.

However, I still felt that it was missing something, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. I had only heard of this new album around the middle of last month, and I was hyped as hell. One thing's for sure, I was not disappointed. The guitar riffs are very original and definitely not boring as this band's musical prowess shows. The a hill to die upon omens music tone is very good and not overproduced and intolerable as opposed to the tone that most modern day death metal bands use, and in some parts of songs they even remind me of Nile.

The acoustic song was a welcomed surprise and served as a hypnotic and mellow repute from the brutal blackened death riffs of the beginning songs, but doesn't detract from the album's groove and losing momentum. The bass is actually audible and is very well mixed in with the vocals and the other instruments. Speaking of vocals, I have to say that Adam did a very good job delivering passionate and crushing death growling.

I really wish he would've done that growl-shriek layering that Benton made famous and Nergal previously did in Behemoth's early discography because it would've definitely helped add to the already present face-smashing vocalization. If one's thing is for sure, then this band has established its presence within metal nowadays and stands out as a not crappy band.

According to a new interview with Nergal, a new Behemoth won't be seeing the light of day until aroundso we have something to enjoy until that time rolls around.

But, unless Behemoth produces the best album ever that beats Demigod and The Apostasy, they are permanently dethroned. Metal Archives loading Username Password Login. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. Privacy Policy. Buy from Omens A Hill to Die Upon. Write your own review. DukeofUnblackMetalNovember 11th, MasterpieceMesiasJune 28th, a hill to die upon omens music

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