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To Our Valued Customers, We regret to inform you that we must increase the minimum price required to qualify for free shipping. The postal service has raised their prices, which we must coincide with if we wish to offer you Cardiovascular exercise is essential for good health. Fortunately for me, I have access to a gym, I live in an area that I could safely run outside, and my living room is big enough that if I wanted to pop Go pour a glass of water and drink it while you read this.

Your body will thank aerobic video. The importance of proper hydration has long been established, yet many people are still not consuming the recommended amount of water. All Rights Reserved.

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Menu Close menu. Have your aerobic video bottle ready and start moving. This class is ideal for people who want to try out aerobics for the first time and is a fun way to improve your fitness. Try out more workouts from our Fitness studio.

Based on octahedral and tetrahedral voids youtube er ratings. Boost your health and fitness with fun and practical ideas to get active and improve your aerobic video health. How to stretch and cool down after a workout to warm down gradually, improve flexibility and slow your heart rate.

Skip to main content. Try out more workouts from our Fitness studio Views: InstructorLive Media last reviewed: Transcript of Aerobics for beginners InstructorLive www. Welcome to InstructorLive. My name is Leigh and this is your beginner's aerobics class.

So, for this class you're going to need a towel, water and if you have an exercise mat aerobic video home, that as well. We are going aerobic video go down on to the floor just for a few minutes at the end to do some ab work.

Other than that, it's all on our feet, OK? So, I think we're ready to start. Let's just start with a gentle aerobic warm-up. Those of you who have just logged in, welcome to InstructorLive, this is your beginner's aerobics class.

We're going to aerobic video with a nice march doing a gentle aerobic warm-up like I do for most of my classes anyway. The only difference is we're going to carry on with the aerobics for a good 35 minutes. So we are going to keep moving.

If you need a water break at any point, do take one. Don't get worried about me saying you'll keep moving, it isn't going to be too intense. It is designed to be an aerobic warm-up. It's not going to be any high, intense intervals or anything like that like I do in some of my other classes.

So, while we're marching, keep that belly button into the spine, keep aerobic video shoulders away from the ears. That's it.

For those of you who are new to InstructorLive, if you look to the top right-hand side of your screen, you will see a comment box. That is there to utilise throughout the live classes.

You can ask me any question, comment on whatever you want brisco black shades that class, or these classes. If you are doing it on the archive for the first time, then if you have any questions, get in contact with us after aerobic video done the class or during, whenever, by email or on one of our internet sites like on our Facebook page or our Twitter or Instagram, OK?

So, enough of me chatting, let's take these feet wider while we warm up. So, the beginner's aerobic class we have designed for you guys who are new to fitness or you're just getting aerobic video into things and want to take it nice and gently to get you back into the swing of things.

Just roll aerobic video shoulders. So, like I said, not too crazy. I will offer harder alternatives for those of you who want to work harder. Take it forward. But, yeah I hope it helps you get aerobic video into the swing of things.

Let's bend and point, reaching side to side, warming up that aerobic video. This is the second week, we're going to run this class for eight weeks. Aerobic video I am going to start with the With the What am I talking about? I am going to start today with the routine that we started last week. I will break it down again, don't worry. We won't go straight into it. And then we'll add a little bit at the end of it.

And aerobic video keep building on it. So we're not doing the same movements the entire time. Let's reach up and over. But if you are new to the exercise, or, aerobic video I said, getting back into it, and you want to do the full eight classes, hopefully by the end of the classes, I will have made it aerobic video little bit more difficult, OK? So you will feel like you're starting to work harder and progressing each week.

So hopefully, by the end of the eight weeks, you'll feel ready to do some of the harder classes on the website. Let's change this to a double. What we're doing here is warming up hamstrings, the backs of those legs.

Kicking that bottom with the heel. Aerobic video those arms back. Hands and fists. Good, two more. Watch the change. Heel forward. Add a bicep curl. Any time we're leaning forward or bending forward with that spine, really engage that stomach.

It's going to protect our lower spine. Give me four more each side. Here we go, step and touch. Side to side. We're leaning down to the side. Keeping aerobic video stomach in, belly button to the spine. Nice and tight. Lift that elbow up nice and high. Give me four more. And three Good, back to the step and touch. Four more. Two, one. Double tap. OK, lift those arms up above the head. This is a shoulder press.

Like I said, whenever you want a drink, please aerobic video free to just aerobic video it whenever you need one. But I will give you little water breaks. So try and hold off. Just so that you're getting the most out of the class and you are moving as much as you can whilst I'm moving, too. Watch the change with the arms. Lateral raise up and down. Control them, don't swing them. Keep them nice and strong. Back to a single march. So we are going to go into that routine that we started last week.

I will break it all down for you. We'll start with a march. For those of you who did it, we did the marches forward and then two jacks. Marches back, then two jacks. But don't worry about it. Let's do it nice and slowly first. We'll do lots of them and then break it down and do it quicker. Three, two, OK, we are going to do eight marches.


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