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Buy a NETSCOUT AirMagnet Survey Pro - license - 1 license - with Ultimate ( 32/64 bits), Windows 10 Enterprise bit Edition, Windows 10 Pro bit Edition, . AirMagnet Survey PRO contains all the functionality of the “Express” version plus an additional set of features tailored to the needs of the wireless expert. AirMagnet Survey wireless site survey software is available in “Express” and “ PRO” versions. AirMagnet Survey Express offers a lighter version of the wireless .

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This revolutionary tool automatically gathers critical Wi-Fi and RF spectrum information from your enterprise network using multiple data collection methods, including real-world measurements, and generates detailed Wi-Fi performance airmagnet survey professional edition of the results for easy network deployment, capacity planning and optimization.

With AirMagnet Survey users can deploy the network correctly the first time, without any costly rework. This is critical not only to guarantee the highest level of user satisfaction, but also to help AirMagnet Survey users, such as system integrators, maintain their margins on a project and maximize the chances of getting repeat business.

Includes 1-Year of Netscouts Gold Support. AirMagnet Survey clearly shows the coverage of specific Channel width coverage maps enable users to achieve higher data rates by developing an optimal channel allocation plan in order to take advantage of With its unique channel overlap heat map, visualizing the primary and secondary channel overlap enables users to mitigate channel interference to maximize the performance potential of The end result is a complete Wi-Fi "weather map" of all critical RF and end user performance metrics.

These "real world" measurements allow IT staff to design and deploy WLAN accurately from the get go and help save time and money by avoiding end user network complaints and costly redesigns of the network. This allows surveyors to see how real world clients will perform at specific locations in terms of WLAN throughput, connection speed, retry rates, and packet losses. This is critical for technology standards such as Also with the properties of the AP and client device being different on the airmagnet survey professional edition vs airmagnet survey professional edition, measuring both sides of the equation is critical, and can only be done with AirMagnet Survey's Iperf surveying capability.

With this measurement, the surveyor,designer or installer of the network can guarantee the best performance faye2 ya hawa mp3 the network once it is deployed, which in turn guarantees no costly rework or escalations.

Iperf available in PRO version only. AirMagnet Survey automatically displays survey results on a map of your location, providing unlimited options airmagnet survey professional edition visual analysis. For example, users can perform active surveys and passive surveys simultaneously or across multiple spectrum bands, such as a 2.

Wi-Fi environments are very dynamic so to guarantee the best performance for the user, it is important to be able to verify changes in coverage and performance in the network. This helps to show how a site's wireless environment has changed over time. This view is also a great option for our system integrator customers to drive repeat getcomputedstyle ie fix s of validating the coverage and performance of the network on an ongoing basis.

Likewise, users can use this feature to airmagnet survey professional edition compare AirMagnet Planner results with airmagnet survey professional edition site survey results. This information then can be used to fine-tune the db losses for the building and environmental conditions within Planner for more accurate planning. After a survey, users can airmagnet survey professional edition a variety of changes to the network and preview the impacts.

Users can also simulate moving Airmagnet survey professional edition to new locations and preview the effect of adding additional APs. AirMagnet Survey power users with an automated channel plan for APs that avoids interference and over allocation.

This spillage should be kept to a minimum, unless service is to be provided in the parking lot or an outside area. With AirMagnet Survey, users can also locate unauthorized or performance intensive stations detected during a survey on the floor map. AirMagnet Survey addresses challenges faced by network installers and IT staff while deploying VoWLAN networks, and powers them with a built-in voice readiness verification system includes pre-configured support for Cisco X phones and Vocera badges, plus the option to add profiles for other vendors that allows users to ensure that their network design is in-line with the recommendations of the phone vendor, and also allows them to perform real-world voice surveys.

With the industry's first voice survey capability, users can validate and plot the phone call quality, capacity and other voice specific parameters at every location on a floor map, to help identify and minimize issues that may be causing low call quality. Coverage maps that are built specifically for voice networks, including, WiMOS score or call quality, number of active calls, phone roaming zones includes roaming statisticschannel utilization, retries and many more, are included in the application and allow users to design the voice network airmagnet survey professional edition ensure the highest performance.

Before making any design and deployment decisions, it is important to account for RF interference from non-Wi-Fi devices.

In most cases users have to tune their channel planning around these intentional or unintentional radiators. With this integration, users can visualize the RF energy at any location and identify and display the presence of non Users also have the ability to visualize the average power level in the RF spectrum for each channel at any given point on the map. AirMagnet Survey users can look at multiple floors of a single building to see if AP signals are bleeding to adjacent floors.

This gives angela rusu mamaliga cu friptura girlshare the ability to design their network to reuse services of a single AP across multiple floors in order to lower equipment and deployment costs. Users are then alerted to the areas on the floor map that meet or do not meet the requirement, enabling them to take the necessary action to solve the coverage, performance or capacity problems.

The capacity planning section allows surveyors to account for the number airmagnet survey professional edition end users the WLAN will need to support during the design and deployment phase.

Users can also create their own profiles and share it with others. Additionally, customized templates provide users with flexibility, in terms of creating reports that vary based on project requirements. AirMagnet Survey also includes reporting templates in the following languages: German, French, Arabic and Russian built inside the application, along with the capability of allowing users to create templates in any other language.

This is critical for not only calibrating Cisco's built-in planner modeling capabilities, but also for specialized applications. For example, location services that mandates a calibration site survey airmagnet survey professional edition maximizing location accuracy for WLAN clients or tags, and VoWLAN services that recommends the use of site surveys to validate real-world data versus the predictive capabilities of the infrastructure.

This saves users time and resources needed in setting up of maps, AP placement locations and other WLAN deployment modeling activities, by eliminating the need to repeat these tasks within Cisco WCS. Additionally, this integration dramatically increases operational efficiencies for both AirMagnet and Cisco WCS users by eliminating the need to repeat wireless planning and site survey tasks commonly associated with deployment and ongoing management of a WLAN network.

Using active end-user performance metrics, users can further perfect their planning models over time. With the new No other solution combines state-of-the-art predictive modeling with real-world performance data. Users also gain additional planning capabilities with the ability to test network plans against the AirWISE engine for design requirements. It is sold separately and can be bought as either a 1-year or 3-year support option. View Cart My Account NetScout Model No: AMAG Condition: NEW Data Sheet 1.

Product Features: Deploy Comprehensive Analysis and Mapping AirMagnet Survey automatically displays survey results on a map of your location, providing unlimited options for visual analysis. Comprehensive technology specific - measure and visualize heat maps for the latest Interference analysis - measure the total cumulative interference from all sources that can impact the performance of your APs. Overlap and roaming analysis - instantly see areas of over-provisioning or where clients are prone to consistent roaming or "thrashing" between APs.

Simulate wireless adapters - take an existing survey and view exactly how another Wi-Fi adapter would view the survey environment.

Data Sheet: Connect Facebook. Google Plus. Linked In. Data Sheet 1.

airmagnet survey professional edition


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