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1x10, 2x Michael Connelly . Appeared in regular roles on Star Trek: DS9, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Beauty and the Beast. Benjamin. See what Truman (formalrumble0) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Works best in firefox. .. Tonight's Beauty and the Beast (The CW, 9/8c) marks Bridget Regan's final turn as Alex, 12 HQ Episode stills from 2x13 "Princess" .

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Prawo cywilne kazusy pdf Word on the totally lazy writing. But yet, he super speeds with the gem at the Russian consulate and super speeds away when he ran off with it in "Beast is the new Black". There are several strange things there: We have seen so many shows on tv that did all that - and did it better - and then we beauty and the beast 2x13 firefox this 'gem' of a show and we went on this season one journey with these exceptional actors and loved it - passionately. TVEmpress November 9, at 6: I think the big mistake was the moment they decided Gabe was going to be the "love interest". Hey, Barbara!
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The TV Empress is a Media Management graduate, screenwriter in the making and financial engineer in the meantime.

She has serious plans to take over global television. Thank you so much, Akex, for a great review. This was the episode that gutted me this season as well as the ending to Don't Die On Me. I can't rewatch it but your review helps me to understand Cat's motivation to be with he who shall remain nameless. I am embarrassed at how this "Cabe" pairing has affected me! I mean, I'm a 64 year old chic, for beastie sake! And this is all make believe! But that's the power of our wonderful show. Ok, enough about me.

Thank you, thank you for a wonderful, insightful, and very funny review. Spot onas usual! Can't wait for next week's! Hello Denise. Thanks for coming out with your age, because I am right up beauty and the beast 2x13 firefox with you - I am 61 and just as passionate about this show as any teenager about a boy group. And for us a lot of this stupid love triangle drama does NOT appeal.

This 'tit for tad', this 'behaving like Mr. Smith', these physical and mental abuses. We have seen so many shows on tv that did all that - and did it better - and then we found this 'gem' of a show and we went on this season one journey with these exceptional actors and loved it - passionately.

Our age group has some life experience and maybe just wants to have a 'feel good' show and not the angst and depression that followed us through half of season two. I do not mean that they should sit on the fire escape and look into each other's eyes and hold hands ALL the time, but looking back on season one, we had plenty of dramatic moments and obstacles, but at the end of the day we got closure and understanding and ROMANCE.

They talked and learned and grew through each other and with each other. A lot of that is missing in season two. All beauty and the beast 2x13 firefox own opinion, of course, I was NOT elected speaker for my age group. Hey, Barbara! Soooo nice to know there is another "mature" fangirl out there! I totally agree with what you say and think that is spot n for feeling the way we do about our wonderful show. Thx hun!

Thanks for replying Denise. I put the 'older' in brackets, but of course I meant 'more mature'. Not only does this show unite so many passionate fans of all ages, it also spans the globe. It is amazing how many followers from all over beauty and the beast 2x13 firefox world are populating the different boards.

Point in fact, I am sitting here in Germany and post this during my breakfast, while you are still asleep in NY. Welcome, Barbara, and so true! It's lovely being a part of our worldwide beastie sistahood! Vincent jumped in bed so easily with other first ,he had no right to get the free pass and have Cat take him back.

The first time it happened in season one,Cat just took say salaam india s back him so damn easily, we can't believe it. After he just chose Alex and kinda almost bone her too in the woods. At least season 2 Cat had more self respect than let the cheater define her. Thanks for the humorous and insightful review. You noted so many things that was subtextual in the episode.

That Dana was a profiler and should have some skills in people assessment is a great observation. There are several strange things there: You wrote: To think that they tried to sell us the romantic as Cath would have called it relation between Tori and Vincent while dressed in big, fluffy robes. Especially Vincent Jay uses eating as others use romantic gestures, when 'he was eating the hell out of that sandwich' dangling his bare feet. Just that scene makes the whole episode worth while.

That and his simple proclamation in support of JT: And the scene with the bomb, where Vincent is so calm and Gabe is so scared, the message there to the viewers was you may not be able to trust Gabe but you can always trust Vincent to do the right thing.

And then Gabe's grand gestures, WTH? A banners for Tess? Okay I have to reluctantly admit that a trip to Mexico is somewhat grand but Cath behaves as if it is building the Taj Mahal beauty and the beast 2x13 firefox her.

Cath doesn't even thank Vincent for saving them but instead kisses Gabe for some unknown reason. Besides, here is when I am starting to distrust Gabe for real, no good guy on tv ever beauty and the beast 2x13 firefox about beauty and the beast 2x13 firefox much he has sacrificed for the girl.

So beauty and the beast 2x13 firefox the same time hints are given to the viewers that Gabe is not to trust, Cath is supposed to be falling for this guy. Jay can even make a dungeon seem hot - while being very careful never to touch Cath or saying anything intimate.

We know that Vincent is always ready to take the blame for everything, this time it is for Cath's inability to trust the man who, I don't know, tried to kill her? It is ridiculous, there are plenty of factors that we all know only too well like the chosen careers of mom and bio-dad but for some reason those are never even mentioned by jetli-fist of legend 1994 subtitle characters.

JT has several strange comments in this episode, sending balloons for Heaven's sake, 'Brangelina' and the Les Miserable reference, what have the writers done to the brainy whiz kid that we all love? And lastly: You have a way with words, TV-Empress. That's exactly what Beauty and the beast 2x13 firefox was thinking. And so true about JT I think Austin can make pretty much any line work, but with a different actor those lines would have been awful!

Since when is geeky JT obsessed with pop culture and musicals? The Dr. Jekyll line in the next ep makes much more sense! Wonderful, funny and insightful review. Thank you so much for these highlights every week. This episode was a difficult one for me, because I felt betrayed by the producers Sherri and Jennifer. They had tweeted to the Beasties that 'there would be romance for Valentine's'. And then it was 'romance' yuk with Gabe double yuk.

I was so disappointed and felt so bad that I have a hard time moving past this cruel betrayal. They knew quite well by then how most fans felt about where this plotline was going and if they could not stop BK to go there, they should at least refrain from taunting us. I cannot believe that after the flashback in the dungeon, she proceeds with it.

And when she tells Gabe about why she has trust issues, she only mildly reminds him that 'he locked her up'. Then there is the issue about Catherine having to 'grovel' to Gabe in order to get him back. That was a WTH moment for me, too. I cringe every time I get to that spot when re-watching this episode.

One more thing: They made it look like Catherine was wavering and giving Vincent an opening like you said above and many fans were cheering at that point. But then he stepped back beauty and the beast 2x13 firefox did not take her up on it. On the contrary, he became Gabe's supporter and pushed Catherine towards him barfworthy.

IMO that was very cruel and it gets even worse in the next episode. I think the big mistake was the moment they decided Gabe was going to be the "love interest". It should have never happened and once they committed to it they didn't know where to go because I wonder whose idea it was and why no-one brought up the very obvious arguments we keep mentioning. Oh, and I forgot something I wanted to say about Vincent being at the precinct during the interview with Sam.

He tells Sam that he is a human lie detector, but then he does not catch Sam at his lie about his involvement in the experiments on these orphans and that he, Sam, was the one who ordered them killed and incinerated. Nor does he notice the lie about Gabe being at the dungeon as one of the baddies. Earlier, he binds the wound on Sam's arm, but does NOT catch him lying either, when Sam spins this tale about being attacked. Vincent sits very close to Sam at the time, so he should hear his heart beat or feel him being nervous, sweating or whatever it is that enables him to detect that somebody is lying.

But nothing. It is very lazy writing to have Vincent's abilities be there or NOT be there whenever it fits the plot. And we are not given any kind of explanation.

Later, at least when he cannot track Sam, he says that Sam is using some kind of scent killer. Well, at least that is some kind of explanation. And in Vincent's lie detector skills are back when he senses the judge is lying and hiding something and funny sms tone zedge can even sense when Catherine is lying to him though the phone.