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MBT - Commander Ulysses Strom - 15 Platinum and Gold Loot Crates - 30 Armored Warfare - Type IIA Legend Tier 3 Premium Main Battle Tank The best word to characterize this lumbering behemoth in the game is. If your camouflage sucks and your armor sucks, pray to god your gun is .. He performs best in MBT's primarily due to his fast aim speed, faster. ANNOUNCING ARMORED WARFARE** We're thrilled to announce Armored Warfare, a new free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical. Armored Warfare. All Discussions Screenshots If you want a camo-centered commander for your MBT, you can do that. If you want extra view.

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Post a Comment. Sunday, 13 December Armored Warfare: My Tier 9 Vehicles Opinion. Hello Warriors, this started as a minor comment under Jingles AW Challenger 1 video but grew into a whole separate article.

While he's been fangirling hard over the Challies and Chieftain lately, I was too all over the Challengers but now that I literally own every vehicle in the game and after playing with them on last Wednesday's livestream I've found a new favourite, there is a new boy in town!

I've decided to share my raw opinion so far about the tier 9 vehicles in Armored Warfare, it wasn't exactly easy as the statistics contradict what I've experienced in the matches: Best mbt commander armored warfare such a well renowned model I was expecting more. It has a okayish gun but feels like the engine is not strong enough for such a beast, gets penned far too easily and it seems USA forgot their good gun depression on their way to modern vehicles.

Not recommending. Leopard 2A6: Didn't expected much of this vehicle and there were no surprises. It may have the strongest frontal armor sunstroke project amor all MBTs but the sides and back are just deplorable, in a game like AW where sidescrapping is not very rewarded, all that armor gets rendered useless.

It still gets the job best mbt commander armored warfare but it just feels blend, does not inspire the confidence a MBT should and I have to try hard to keep up with my team in terms of damage. It makes "Dakka Dakka Dakka" sounds when firing, what else could I ask for? It also has great mobility and lives up to his Terminator 2 nickname as somehow it bounces even the strongest of shells. Anti-Hyperalloy shells should be a thing. B1 Draco: If the Harry Potter series weren't made after I would have assumed this best mbt commander armored warfare design was based on Draco Malfoy's hairstyle.

Its has paper armor and its awkward to drive clunkythe gun is actually quite fun 8 shells in the drum and 14sec clip reload but the only reason I take it to battle its became it makes me laugh. I really believed nothing could outdo the Challenger 2 in AW but "Vladimir 0.

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Armored Warfare - ALL Commanders

For some time now I was trying to write something about two new commanders from best mbt commander armored warfare. We will start with Rachel Kramerin my opinion she is the most useful of these two. At the moment the only such type of skill in the game.

Unlike other similar bonuses, this can be multiplied by the number of opponents. Although 50 meters seems to be a huge restriction, it is ponmagal van dal remix mp3 such a small distance. First two useful abilities, which together will give us a The more damage we inflict to modules, the easier it will be to destroy enemy tracks, turret ring or ammo rack.

Faster reloading in close combat is a cool thing, but you would like to improve it even more or have something that will be useful in fight over a greater distance? Why not have both at once?! All we have to do is destroy some vulnerable module track, viewfinder, APS and we will get an additional boost.

We have two such skills, that is, in total we will get a 6. It can be a bit useful on Merkava Mk. Another conditional skill. It used to be one of the more useful skills, although in the current era of quick firing guns, clips and ready best mbt commander armored warfare it lost some importance.

For MBTs it is a completely redundant skill, less than 1 second will not make a big difference, but since it stands on our way to two other important perks we have no choice. The fifth skill of this kind! Remember that we fight in a main battle tank, which means that we have a larger HP pool than other classes.

The bonus is small, but every percentage counts in fight. We have one skill point. This last option is the most sensible.

Another interesting best mbt commander armored warfare is camouflage for MBT. At the maximum level we will receive a commander who, in close combat, will have a huge reload bonus. What nickname should Kramer receive? Fast hands, or lightning?

Loves anime and fantasy, science-fiction literature. Community Contributor in Armored Warfare. Forum News — New dealer — Solomon Schreiber 14 June sebastor 0. Rachel Kramer — Summary and stats of the commander at level

best mbt commander armored warfare


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