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Diverse Composers of Wind Band Music – a repository of music by female and database of scores and recordings, featuring over , wind band works. The Wind Repertory Project™ is a comprehensive database of wind literature, expanded by contributions of band directors/conductors. Diverse Composers of Wind Band Music – a repository of music by female and database of scores and recordings, featuring over , wind band works. Arditi, Luigi - Il Bacio - Valse Brilliante - Arranged for soprano and band bass and concert band; Chadwick, George Whitefield - Tabasco - March of the Pasha's . Stanton's Sheet Music - large selection online of Concert Band Sheet Music. Section, & Ensemble Features · Band with Choir · Music Library Organization. Arditi, Luigi - Il Bacio - Valse Brilliante - Arranged for soprano and band bass and concert band; Chadwick, George Whitefield - Tabasco - March of the Pasha's .

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Encanto by Robert W. Smith

Looking to broaden the scope of your concert programming? Many conductors, directors, ensembles, and curators want to program the music of women and people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, but sometimes don't know where to find these works. Thus, there's the very human tendency to program the composers and pieces that they already know. Poker hot super game boy not uncommon for someone to say, "I don't care about gender or race, I just want to program excellent music!

That's a perfectly reasonable sentiment, and in a perfectly balanced world this page of resources wouldn't be needed. There's a LOT of excellent music being written by composers of all backgrounds-- it just takes an extra moment concert band music database discover these pieces. The many links on this page will help! An easily searchable database that allows conductors, performers, presenters, educators, and researchers to expand their scope of composers and repertoire.

Created by band director Rob Deemer. Read a January 2, article that Rob Deemer penned for Drew McManus's blog Adaptistrationexplaining the process involved in creating this resource. Then, read Rob's follow-up article six months later in which he describes the process of the database expansion. Papierwerk hef en belastingaangifte add or update concert band music database listing, click HERE.

Created by band director Christian Michael Folk. MBC's Living Composers Directory is designed for those seeking to commission; for performers, conductors, and concert programmers seeking existing music; and for other researchers and scholars of contemporary classical music. Created by violinist Rachel Barton Pine.

An online resource for wind band conductors, enthusiasts, and students. Created by band concert band music database Nikk Pilato. A listing that focuses on works for playing grades I - IV. Created by composer Jodie Blackshaw.

An index of composers, improvisers and sonic artists. Created by composer Steve Peters. Currently curated by composer Megan Mitchell. A growing collection of wind band concert programs which represent a diverse selection of composers. Christian has also written a blog post on this topic, which you can read and share, HERE.

Enjoy clicking around! Created by Roger Gunn and Rob Deemer. Watch this inspiring documentary short film about women composers in the film and video concert band music database world, from director Sara Nesson. For more information about women composers for media, visit the Alliance for Women Film Composers. Created by Elisabeth Blair. There are at least four prongs to achieving a diverse musical community of composers, instrumentalists, conductors, and anyone else in the field.

The responsibility is shared equally with: Encourage your peers to join you in using the power of the pixel to raise everyone's consciousness about ongoing inequities. Part of the success of the metoo movement has been the constant media coverage, making the issue unavoidable and concert band music database of the fabric of daily conversation.

Use opportunities to converse, write, and post about the need for diversity. Encourage those curating concerts to practice intentional programming. With greater forethought, their concerts will better reflect the diversity of their own musicians as well as of their own audiences, and serve to inspire the next concert band music database of composers.

One fast and highly effective way of diversifying a concert is for an ensemble director to use the power of Facebook to crowd-source! Whenever someone posts a specific question like, "who are the female composers with short wind band fanfares" or, "give me the name of a composer of color who has an anthemic piece under 10 minutes with a big ending," etc.

Encourage those on the inside of the circle to reach beyond its edges to talented individuals, and expose these newcomers to possibilities of which they might not be aware. Everyone was once an concert band music database. When established ensemble directors and composers meet newer composers, they can introduce these fresh faces to colleagues, let them know about opportunities, and encourage them to attend conferences and other events at which they can further build their own networks.

It won't be long until those composers are doing the same for their peers. A supportive community is one of the best aspects of our expanding music world.

Encourage those who concert band music database not yet known to their established peers to take the initiative, and introduce themselves and their work. Below are a few effective things composers, conductors and others can do that will help them become part of the fabric of the professional world: Say hello to the participants afterward, and follow up with a friendly, personal email NEVER a bulk mailing.

If appropriate, include a website link, especially one to a specific piece or event that might be of interest to the performers. Armed with business cards and CDs concert band music database thumb drives to hand out, walk the aisles and engage with people at the booths, go to the workshops and chat with the participants afterward, and participate in social events.

Avoid posting too often solely about oneself, in favor of posting things geared toward a broader swath of other people's interests. Join national and international groups and be engaged with them online, and become active with local groups. There is a wealth of knowledge, camaraderie, and potential opportunity to be had through the joy of volunteerism and improving the scene for one's peers, whether or not one's already established.

Yet a lack of purposeful inclusion usually concert band music database up excluding anyone not already in a curator's immediate sphere. Concert band music database of swimming in tepid water: The same thing is true for many conductors and ensemble leaders: Until recently, the music of women and people of color was not widely distributed.

Concert repertoire remained the bastion of white men, with relatively few diverse composers included in the fabric of the canon. As a result, the majority of repertoire from non-white-male composers has been created in the past 70 years, in the 20th and 21st centuries. This presents an additional programming hurdle to some curators: The boon in technology has changed the music world for the better, and offers all composers an equal opportunity to share their art.

There are thousands of fresh musical voices of all races and genders, and many of them are composing works of excellence. Now it's easier than ever to find the voices that speak to us, program those composers, and expose audiences to the music of their own time.

Let's keep concert band music database these lists and expanding our awareness! This growing series of aggregated links aims to make it easy for everyone to experience the diversity of composers and the joys of their music. Here's a sampling of recent articles that paint of clear picture of the history of inequity, and the ongoing work to correct the problem. Do YOU know of a link that should be added to this page? Do you know of additional composers who should be included in these lists?

Each of these links welcomes suggestions! Get directly in touch with the individual curators of these resources, or: Let's keep expanding these lists and creating additional ones. This growing series of aggregated links aims to make it easy for everyone to experience the diversity of composers and the joys of their music! You can also copy and paste: Click to print out this 6 x 4 flyer, and hand it out!

All rights reserved to design. Quick links on this page. We call this, intentional programming.

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