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Link aggregation LAG is a partial implementation of the This reduces the number of IP addresses required to configure the ports on your controller. When LAG is enabled, the system dynamically manages port redundancy and load balances access points transparently to the user. LAG simplifies controller configuration because you no longer require to configure primary and e s laf adobe ports for each interface. If any of the controller ports fail, traffic is automatically migrated to one of the other ports.

As long as at least one controller port is functioning, the system continues to operate, access points remain connected to the network, and wireless clients continue to send and receive data. You can bundle all eight ports on a Cisco Controller into a single link. Terminating on two different modules within a single Catalyst series switch provides redundancy and ensures that connectivity between the switch and the controller is maintained when one module fails.

Both switch ports are assigned to the same channel group. LAG requires the EtherChannel to be configured for 'mode on' on both the controller and the Catalyst switch. Because no channel negotiation is done between the controller and the switch, the controller does not answer to negotiation frames and the LAG is not formed if a dynamic form of LAG is set on the switch. If the recommended load-balancing method cannot be e s laf adobe on the Catalyst switch, then configure the LAG connection as a single member link or disable LAG on the controller.

Only one LAG group is supported per controller. Therefore, you can connect a controller in LAG mode to only one neighbor device. When you enable LAG, you can configure only one AP-manager interface because only one logical port is needed.

LAG removes the requirement for supporting multiple AP-manager interfaces. Multiple untagged interfaces to the same port are not allowed. When you enable LAG, you cannot create interfaces with a primary port other than You must configure LAG for all of the connected ports in the neighbor switch.

When you enable LAG, if any single link goes down, traffic migrates to the other links. When you enable LAG, only e s laf adobe functional physical port is needed for the controller to pass client traffic. When you enable LAG, access points remain connected to the controller until you reboot the controller, which is needed to activate the LAG mode change, and data service for users continues uninterrupted.

When you enable LAG, you eliminate the need to e s laf adobe primary and secondary ports for each interface. When you enable LAG, the controller sends packets out on the same port on which it received them. This may not be the case if you disable LAG. When you disable LAG, you must configure primary and secondary ports for all interfaces. Otherwise, access points are unable to join. Cisco Series Controllers support a single static link aggregation bundle.

When you enable LAG on Cisco Series Controller to which the direct-connect access point is associated, the direct connect access point is disconnected kreacionismus video er LAG enabling is still in the transition e s laf adobe. You must reboot the controller immediately after enabling LAG.

Enter the config lag disable command if you want to disable LAG. Each neighbor port to which the controller is connected should be configured as follows:. The port channel on the neighbor switch should be configured as follows:. Cisco Series Controllers have no restrictions on the number of access points per port, but we recommend using LAG or multiple AP-manager interfaces on each Gigabit Ethernet port to automatically balance the load. The following factors should help you decide which method to use if your controller is set for Layer 3 operation:.

With LAG, all of the controller ports need to connect to the same neighbor switch. If the neighbor switch goes down, the controller loses connectivity. With multiple E s laf adobe interfaces, you can connect your ports to different neighbor devices.

If one of the neighbor switches goes down, the controller still e s laf adobe connectivity. However, using multiple AP-manager interfaces presents certain challenges when port redundancy is a concern. Skip to content Skip to footer. Book Contents Book Contents. Find Matches in This Book. PDF - Complete Book May 22, Configuring Link Aggregation. LAG is supported across switches. Save the configuration. Reboot Cisco WLC. Enter the config lag enable command to enable LAG.

Enter the save config command to save your settings.


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