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Gann harmony the law of vibration firefox 701
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Law of Vibration. On one occasion during the 3rd workshop I was speaking to Mr. Krausz about Gann when he remarked to me. From my study of Gann I could agree with Mr. Krausz but only years later could I fully appreciate the depth gann harmony the law of vibration firefox Mr.

The numbers are not intermixed accidentally but are subject to regular periodicity. Thus, I affirm every class of phenomena, whether in nature or in the stock market, must be subject to the universal law of causation and harmony.

Every effect must have an adequate cause. If we wish to avert failure in speculation we must deal with causes. Everything in existence is based on exact proportion and perfect relationship. There is no chance in nature, because mathematical principles of the highest order lie at the foundation of all things. All markets vibrate with a wave cycle length of That means that wave crest to trough the down wave has a duration of 13 and wave trough to crest the up wave has a duration of The self-perpetuating cause of the wave itself is friction.

Friction is generated when price penetrates the wave leg, up or down. Penetration of the down wave the above friction point tends to occur at the 8 count from the crest. Penetration of the up wave the below friction point tends to occur at the 8 count from the fanuc 21i post processor. From the picture above, looking back from Crest or Trough reveals that from point of friction to wave turn tends to be a 5 count.

Above math reveals that 8 count from trough is same as 21 count from crest. A synchronous time moment between opposing forces. Which means? Generally speaking it is decision time for either continuance, or change. This is especially true when price has moved to the exact Threshold of the change, as shown below.

The 34 time fence Tm34 is relatively speaking the strongest and therefore is the general direction to trade. Gann harmony the law of vibration firefox not trade against it without specific trade entry types. Perhaps W. Gann did pay homage to Fibonacci. Next ]. Law of Vibration 'the hierarchy of time and fractals'. You are here: From W. Which should be.

It Is! Controlling Directional Bias! Tape Readers. Return to top of page.

gann harmony the law of vibration firefox

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