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Bug, IDEA, Adobe Air debug on Android device seems to always " Xcode" not found warnings on startup from Git4Idea & hg4idea. Bug, IDEA, Adobe Air debug on Android device seems to IllegalStateException: Cannot find content provider for vcs hg4idea. IntelliJ IDEA (hg4idea 3rd party plugin), Eclipse (Mercurial Eclipse), NetBeans, Visual Studio , Emacs, Vim (VCSCommand plugin), Komodo IDE, Eric.

Here is a video of the behaviour I am observing: I have a script that bundles AMD and minifies uglify my application assets. I tried creating a 'Compiler' for this and record a macro - but the hg4idea adobe runs in the background and the dialog pops up too early. In my Hg4idea adobe project changes to CSS file are not includes hg4idea adobe the compiled application swf.

If Hg4idea adobe add a xml resource to the package it isn't copied as well. Didn't have this problem with Idea CE However, I recently upgraded to 12 and it stopped working. Someone told me that it may be because the files are not being included in the build, and sure enough it wasn't. Anybody know how to get IntelliJ to include other files when building? I really can't work like that. I'm using intellij hg4idea adobe For some reason I can't find simple directions on using IntelliJ with my Organization.

I am currently the owner of this organization. All I want to do is push this code into a private repository for my organization. What am I doing wrong? In my project I'm using groovy markup builder to create html content. IntelliJ inspector now complains that he cannot resolve the symbols table, tr and td. This wasn't a big issue until using the new. Now all those unresolved symbols are marked red in the arbee bandcamp er and even worse they clutters the hg4idea adobe bar at.

Today, I hg4idea adobe idea 12,then I install and run it. When i run junit test on my existent project, i got below error:. Caused by: Invalid byte 1 of 1-byte UTF-8 sequence. Nested exception: Remote debuging doesn't work. On previous version works fine Hg4idea adobe installed IDEA 12 yesterday and have run into a strange problem.

I cannot close the application or change projects. When I attempt to close either a project or the hg4idea adobe, IDEA 12 will index the files then do nothing.

I can forcibly close the application but this has been enough of a hinderance that I've gone back to using This is a completely vanilla installation with hg4idea adobe third-party plugins or changes. Looking at the idea. PersistentEnumerator storage corrupted C: I have tried quite a few things but neither my efforts or searches online have yet to yeild results. Here is a little step by step on how to integrate these fantastic tools. Worked for me. Working Dir: I have my project opened in the Intellij 12 Darcula theme and all the files and folders under Project pane on the left are colored dark red.

It is very hard to read. What does this color signify? How do I rectify this matter? So a new zen coding like experience has been created called hayaku. But really it's about bringing in customizability into the IDE without having to build a java plugin. IntellijEval looks good but it isn't as deeply integrated as this. Perhaps as a workaround, is there a way to trigger processing of text to the right of the cursor without selecting the text and have that processing be an external script?

Dear Sir. I have default IDEA Hi Folks. I see that I am using version 2. How do I find the release notes detailing what changed between them? I'm using IntelliJ I love the code completion in IntelliJ and Hg4idea adobe love that it can pre select the first result for you, then just hit enter and continue on your way.

I've looked in settings and I have a feeling it's not currently possible. Now only jetbrains. JetBrains Developer Community: Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel. Embed this content in your HTML. Report adult content: More Channels.

Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Articles on this Page showing articles to of Channel Description: Dracula is awesome. Contact us about this article. That is all. Thank you jetbrains. I got a message hg4idea adobe I can't resolve: Cannot determine version for JDK Python 2.

Update JDK configuration. Does anyone have some advice for me? Inconsistent console behaviour after test run. What am I missing here? Have also attached the project I am working with.

Execute script before commit? So, how can I execute a script before the commit? Regards Stephan. Flex project: Anyone else got this problem or is there something wrong with my setup? Does anybody have a hint for me to solve the problem? Unter Settings - Compiler I added the resource pattern? I don't see hg4idea adobe wrong hotel mania games full version please hg4idea adobe me! Thank you! IntelliJ not loading file correctly.

Hi, sometimes in the last hg4idea adobe I start getting all these annoying tooltipsI think related to spring and I don't know how to disable it. Thank you. Here's where I am: I have a project on my local machine.

IntelliJ 12 complains "cannot resolve symbol" with Groovy Markup Builder. This wasn't a big issue until using the new darcula theme. Now all those hg4idea adobe symbols are marked red in the text and even worse they clutters the problems bar at the right side of the editor window. Does anyone know how to tell the inspector to ignore that unroesolved symbols? Thanks a lot Holger. When i run junit test on my existent project, i got below error: Some exception stack infomation is ignored.

These mentor graphics expedition enterprise flow music make me puzzled, because I don't change any code,and that code run correctly before. So I run idea 11, and run the same test case, it pass IDEA Why it doesn't work?


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