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Tech Students as well as we offers quad-copter projects, drones, flying copter, quad-copter workshop, rc quad-copter in India, quad-copter controller board, flying robots, four router air crafts, unmanned air vehicles, diy drones in Bangalore. Machine Learning has become an entrenched part of everyday life. The books we buy, the movies we watch, the sports we follow, the driving directions we get are driven by Machine Learning algorithms.

It is one of the most exciting fields of computing today. And Machine Learning practitioners are ieee projects for eee 2012 high demand, with a shortfall ofdata scientists forecast. We are satisfied with our guide prashant sir. He has given full description of the project All the members in the company supported for our project. I am Snadhya Rani. Perceiving my M. Tech in Signal processing from S. That i was satisfied with the response from the H.

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Mesh Network 7. Mobile Computing 7. Vehicular Technology 9. NS3 Projects Quadcopter Quadcopter Model Q1 1. Quadcopter Model Q2 1. Image Processing 7. Addressing the issues of People with Visual, Hearing and Vocal Impairment through a single aiding system is a tough job.

Many modern day researches focus on addressing the issues of one of the above challenges but not all. The work focuses on finding a unique technique that aids the visually impaired by letting them hear what is represented as text and it is achieved by ieee projects for eee 2012 technique that captures the image through a camera and converts the text available as voice signals. All these three solutions were modulated to be in a single unique system. All these activities are coordinated with the use of Raspberry Pi.

The visually impaired people are helped by the process in which the image to text and text to speech is given by the Tesseract OCR online character recognition. The deaf people help with the process of an app which makes them to understand what ieee projects for eee 2012 person says can be displayed as the message. Vocally impaired people can convey their message by text so the other persons can hear the wave spoofer bada 1.1 in a speaker.

Gender Detection has numerous application in the field of authentication, security and surveillance systems, social platforms and social media. First, the facial-extraction is investigated and best features are introduced which would be useful for training and testing the dataset. Ieee projects for eee 2012 learning representation is taken through the use of convolution neural network. Which reveals that the proposed system is tested across various challenging levels of face datasets and gives excellent performance efficiency of the system with gender detection rate for each of the database.

This whole system is introduced by the simple and easy hardware implementation on Raspberry Pi programmed using Python. The present paper considers the usage ieee projects for eee 2012 deep learning and transfers learning techniques in fall detection by means of surveillance camera data processing.

The architecture of the CNN AlexNet, which was used as a starting point for the classifier, was adapted to solve fall detection problem. The proposed method was tested on a dataset of 30 records containing a single fall episode each. Image Processing. Speech and text is the main medium for human communication. A person needs vision to access the information in a text. However those who have poor vision can gather information from voice.

This paper proposes a camera based assistive text reading to help visually impaired person in reading the text present on the captured image. The faces can also be detected when a person enter into the frame by the mode control. The proposed idea khuc ca noel mp3 text extraction from scanned image using Tesseract Optical Character Recognition OCR and converting the text to speech by e-Speak tool, a process which makes visually impaired persons to read the text.

This is a prototype for blind people to recognize the products in real world by extracting the text on image and converting it into speech. Proposed method is carried out by using Raspberry pi and portability is achieved by using a battery backup. Thus the user can carry the device anywhere and able to ieee projects for eee 2012 at any time. Upon entering the camera view previously stored faces are identified and informed which can be implemented as a future technology. This technology ieee projects for eee 2012 millions of people in the world who experience a significant loss of vision.

In the recent years, social networks in business are gaining unprecedented popularity because oftheir potential for business growth. Social analysis harnesses and utilizes the vast volume of ieee projects for eee 2012 in socialnetworks to mine critical data for strategic decision making. It uses machine learning techniques and tools in determining patterns and trends to gain actionable insights.

This paper selected apopular food brand to evaluate a given stream of customer comments on Twitter. Several ieee projects for eee 2012 classification and clustering of data were used for analysis. A Twitter API is used to collecttwitter corpus and feed it to a Binary Tree classifier that will discover the polarity lexicon ofEnglish tweets, whether positive or negative. A k-means clustering technique is used to grouptogether similar words in tweets in order to discover certain business value.

This paper attemptsto discuss the technical and business perspectives of text mining analysis of Twitter data andrecommends appropriate future opportunities in developing this emerging field. Deep Dive: Image dehazing can be described as the problemof mapping from a hazy image to a haze-free image.

Mostapproaches to this problem use physical models based onsimplifications and priors. In this work we demonstrate that aconvolutional neural network with a deep architecture and a largeimage database is able to learn the entire process of dehazing,without the need to adjust parameters, resulting in a much moregeneric method.

We evaluate our approach applying it to realscenes corrupted by haze. The results show that even though ournetwork is trained with simulated indoor images, it is capable ofdehazing real outdoor scenes, learning to treat the degradationeffect itself, not to reconstruct the scene behind it. Classification of Cancerous Profiles using Machine Learning.

There are variety of options available for cancertreatment. The type of treatment recommended for an individual is influenced by various factors such as cancer-type, the severityof cancer stage and most important the genetic heterogeneity.

Insuch a complex environment, the targeted drug treatments arelikely to be irresponsive or respond differently. To study anticancerdrug response we need to understand cancerous profiles.

Skip to Main Content. The proceedings ieee projects for eee 2012 this conference will be available for purchase through Curran Associates. I2C color sensors register items ieee projects for eee 2012 contrast, true color. True color sensors are based on one of the color models, most commonly the RGB model red, green, blue. A large percentage of the visible spectrum can be created using these three primary colors.

Many color sensors are able to detect more than one ieee projects for eee 2012 for multiple color sorting applications. Depending on the sophistication of the sensor, This work is aimed for the detection of fault occurred in the semi-batch reactor, which treats chromium sludge, at high sludge flow rate. In this work, an attempt is made by employing Lanczos symmetric tridiagonalization means for the determination of In this paper, recursive multi-way principal component analysis MPCA is applied to the batches of chromium sludge recycling process for the detection of faults without false alarms.

The data matrix is being augmented sample wise to reflect the process changes in MPCA. Since the performance of portable electronic products increases continuously with demand, there is a need for low power digital VLSI design.

Ieee projects for eee 2012 to limited backup time of batteries, the operating time of portable electronic products is highly restricted. So the designers now concentrate on low power rather than the speed of the device or system. We implement a frequency divider prescaler using d Improper handling of surgical instruments and sponges during the course of an operation on human body can prove to be fatal. This paper predominantly deals with prevention of misplacement of surgical elements by keeping account of both instruments and sponges being used, automatically rather than conventional manual checking.

This is done by constructing a suitable casing with ieee projects for eee 2012 sensors to Renewable energy can be used to decrease global dependence on natural resources, and tidal power can be the primary form of renewable power utilized.

Built upon steam turbine knowledge, tidal turbines draw on innovative technology and design to operate on both the inflow and outflow of water through them.

Tidal power utilizes twice the daily variation in sea level caused primarily by the gravitati This paper presents a method to select the load buses for the placement of distributed generation DG based on loss reduction and voltage improvement sensitivity of the system. The DG placement and its precise size to reduce the line loss has ieee projects for eee 2012 considered and evaluated. To achieve this objective, the following parameters such as line losses, line capacity and voltage profile should be evaluate Integration of Distributed Generation DG in distribution power system would affect the fault current level and therefore the relay settings.

This paper en el mismo lugar sigue cartagena games a protection scheme based on the Wavelet Transforms for the detection of the faults with and without DGs. Faults are simulated at each bus and the fault currents are analyzed with Haar wavelet to obtain detail coefficients of single leve This paper presents Biogeography Based Optimization or BBO technique to determine short term hydrothermal scheduling, taking into account most of the equality and inequality operating constraints.

Biogeography deals with the geographical distribution of biological species. Mathematical models of biogeography describe how a species arises, migrates from one habitat to another and gets wiped out The In this paper an optimal sliding mode controller for load frequency control in a Multi area deregulated inter connected Thermal-system has been proposed.

In the design of optimal sliding mode control, a systematic procedure for designing a sliding surface is a vital importance. This new approach is presented for load frequency control using sliding mode control and linear optimal control theory.

The main purpose of this project is to obtain and validate a robust model of the primary and secondary arcs in a transmission line to clearing single line to ground faults by means of single phase reclosing was investigated The objective of the paper is to reduce the losses and improve the voltage profile of the radial distribution system with optimally placing the multiple ieee projects for eee 2012 generator in the system.

In this paper analytical expressions for optimal siting of distributed generators DG. The optimal sizing of distributed generators by Improved Analytical IA method and Harmony search algorithm. The analysis In FACTS, power electronic devices and their switching control schemes are used for improving the power flow in the transmission network and hence improve the power quality and reliability of the low-voltage distribution network.

These devices can play a significa In distribution system reducing losses is an important issue during planning and operation because of its technical and economical implications. This paper presents the study of impact of variation in voltage and power factor on power loss in radial and loop type of feeders in the distribution system.

The comparison is made in change in loss between radial type and closed-loop type feeders. The li This paper proposes a Particle Swarm Optimization based methodology for finding Optimal size and location of Distributed Generation and unbalanced Reactive power support for unbalanced three phase distribution network. The improvement in voltage profile and loss saving are presented. The proposed technique is tested on IEEE 37 node radial test feeder which is an actual feeder in California.

The pr Also this paper presents the current status of the research and developments in the field of the power system stability The distribution static compensator DSTATCOM is used for enhancement of power quality in power distribution network with unbalanced, nonlinear and variable loads. The dc link capacitor voltage is directly affected by ieee projects for eee 2012 alteration made in the load.

The sudden decrease of load would result in an increase in the converter dc link voltage above the reference value, where as a sudden increase in th A periodic wave having a frequency that is an integral multiple of the fundamental power line frequency component is harmonics.

They are the byproducts of modern electronics devices so it is necessary to mitigate the harmonics and offer techniques to mitigation of harmonics. This mirrors 1 movie provides an explanation of the various harmonic mitigation techniques available to solve harmonic ieee projects for eee 2012 in thr This work deals with protection of thirty bus system using Solid State Circuit Breaker.

The Solid State Circuit Breakers SSCBs based on high power semiconductors, offer considerable advantages when compared to mechanical circuit breakers with respect to speed and life.

The point of common coupling voltage during sag condition resulting due to a fault occurring on the parallel feeder in a distribution system evidently shows good dynamic response of the DVR achieved through the sweep mode control. It can also be observed that usage of sweep mode control to DVR eliminates the additional sag detection and makes the DVR multifunctional, such as the same control can b It is essential to monitor the condition of Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced ACSR overhead power cables for efficient power transmission applications.

Inspect the thermal ratings of power cable as a function of environmental effects, which are the affecting factors for the condition of the cable. Simulated environmental effects were introduced in the ACSR cable and the current induced tempera The manual examination of histological images like computed tomography CT images by physicians is prone to subjectivity and limited intra and inter-surgeon reproducibility, due to its heavy reliance on human interpretation.

As result of which, diagnosis of cancer especially in lungs becomes less accurate and unreliable. So, a computer-aided diagnosis CAD system, based on artificial intelligenc This paper compares fuzzy logic controller with conventional PI controller based direct torque control DTC for an induction motor.

The voltage controlled gating pulses to inverter are of variable frequency by using carrier based PWM with reference to sinusoidal waveform to achieve desired results. The torque and flux estimation block and speed error control block are the heart for this control s An approach for multiclass digital signal classification based on second-order statistical features and multiclass Support Vector Machine SVM classifier is proposed. Economic dispatch with multiple fuel options is one of the important optimization problems in a power system.

The cost curve of a thermal unit with multiple fuel options is highly nonlinear, containing discontinuities, and it is more realistically denoted as a segmented piecewise quadratic function. In ieee projects for eee 2012 paper, a recent evolutionary algorithm called the shuffled frog leaping algorithm SFLA is A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.

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