loonie tao lang lyrics able

Loonie - All Rights Reversed Lyrics. Time seems to pass And I don't think you'll be able to last in a day. If you're lazy, you'll . 5, Tao Lang. 6, The Final Word. Concept of Fallibility of Man: A Critic on the Fliptop Song “Tao Lang” by Loonie [2] Through the use of Fliptop lyrics, it spiced with Filipino vulgar words. Therefore, though man is fallible, he still capable of pursuing a his. LOONIE - All Rights Reversed Lyrics And I don't think you'll be able to last in a day. If you're lazy, you'll "blow" your "job" Faster than gays do. Gloc-9, KZ Tandingan perform "Upuan" LIVE on Wish Reaction #Wish #Wish #Wishclusive @Wish @Wishclusive #Wish #Clusive #Gloc

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Loonie ft. Quest -Tao lang + Lyrics

LOONIE - All Rights Reversed Lyrics

Loonie tao lang lyrics able seems to pass me by when I write rhyme schemes to satisfy The minds of those who close their ears and use their eyes to listen I don't have time for dissin cuz I've been workin, grindin 9 to 5 to survive, writin rhymes while I'm alive But I gotta hustle, ago bai halla machaye re mp3 I pray God, graveyard shift, can't call it a day job Aren't you glad you waited for the day you graduated?

Hey you made it, way to go! Yeah hurray kid Education takes you places Hospitals with cancer patients Airplanes, 2 Days to Vegas Mainframes and databases Pay's great but I hate to say this It's a case to case basis And I hate to break your faith but the Bathing Apes Will have to wait cuz you're an undergraduate And you can't backtrack the path you went To add to it, you had to quit Your job stinks like a fat-ass loonie tao lang lyrics able it's flatulent [Hook] I carry this cross everyday And I'm lost in a maze I get applause or a raise If my boss is amazed Torture and pain before fortune and fame I was born to be paid as a corporate slave What do you wanna be when you grow loonie tao lang lyrics able So you're a call center agent and you're yappin away With more slang than Filipino cats in L.

A You can't evade taxes, your taxes evade you Work without no play baby that's what the slaves do And now you're feeling like a slave Trapped in a cage with your master whippin you While you're askin for stale food Can't pass the test Guessin random answers will save you So you pray to Angel Gabriel and Hesus And I don't think you'll be able to last in a day If you're lazy, you'll "blow" your "job" Faster than gays do There's no minimum or maximum age But don't get it twisted this ain't maximum wage fool Salary is great why don't you ask em who pays you You should be earnin dollars, ask for a raise dude You would never ever let a has been replace you And you're American until your accent betrays you [Hook] What do loonie tao lang lyrics able wanna be when you grow up?

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loonie tao lang lyrics able

He said he learned how to adapt to the music scene because of Francis M. As for his idol Gloc 9, Loonie admits he was even more starstruck when he first met the famous rapper.

I also try to use the new school way of rhyming which is multi-syllabic— instead of just rhyming words I rhyme phrases. Loonie tao lang lyrics able is set to put the Philippines on the world map of hip-hop and rap music again, as he embarks on his first US and Canada tour.

Tour dates are as follows: Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Loonie tao lang lyrics able are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

Username or Email Address. Follow us facebook twitter googleplus instagram pinterest youtube. Search Search for: You are here: Serious talk with the crazy master of rhymes. When Francis Magalona passed away a few years ago, many thought that Hip-hop would slowly fade into obscurity, but because of the perseverance full hd good night photos our local rappers and the continued support of its loyal community, the hip-hop is once again making its way back loonie tao lang lyrics able mainstream consciousness.

Francis M. Born in Pasig City, Loonie first began memorizing the songs of Coolio and Bone Thugs n Harmony, when he was in third grade, but his love for words started even before he began to rap his first lines.

Asked why he chose the name Loonie, he said it was a name they used to call him way back in highschool. I even remember drawing my own mock up album covers; I think that was in Grade 6. For six years Loonie learned from the best honing his rap skills both in English and Tagalog. Inhe was featured in the Rappublic Vol.

Loonie recalled how Francis M. His music is impressive but it his fast and furious rap style that made him a force to be reckoned with. Hymns, synonyms and other literary devices. Tao Lang likewise loonie tao lang lyrics able with the challenges he has faced throughout his career, including fans who ask him for impromptu rap battles — and his personal stuff. As a result of all those word games and being a wide reader, Loonie uses a variety of literary devices in his lyrics— from similes, metaphors, assonance, etc.

His compares his song writing technique to reverse engineering, saying he already knows the end result and goes way back to filling in the words.

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