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Users of the Windows 8 Pro edition can receive a free product key for Windows Media Center for a limited time. Media Center is Microsoft's. Win 8 RTM Pro avec media center [Retail] Key -ipk 28DYM-Q6MTQ- GJ7GN-QDDXK-4JMRQ -ipk WMWYH-GQ33Q-TTN8X-V6M9P-3YFFQ. After installing Windows 8 Pro RTM using a MSDN / TechNet key I noticed Windows Media Center was gone. I use Windows Media Center for. These serial keys are % working but If these are not working for you then go to =====Windows Universal Product Key====. Windows Activation Here I explain how to activate the Windows Professional with Media Center using you free Media Center key that.

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Now no key seems to be able to activate, purchased keys had 4 from the upgrade offers for all my machines, plus a full keyno TechNet I have two subscriptions, standard and professionaand it says my media center key was blocked, media center for windows 8 rtm keys though this is my key, only ever been installed on this same machine.

It was a key I got during the 'free' offer right after release so not sure if that has a time bomb that would cause this. But there seems to be no way to purchase another WMC key, if that is indeed the problem. I can't remove WMC since it seems to fuse at the molecular level to Windows, and nothing will activate.

It shows the last few digits of my WMC key, not the basic product key so it looks messed up there. There's no option to call in. Am I just screwed on this now? God I hate activation. I legally own a ton of licenses and two TechNet subscriptions I have my WMC and Windows 8 key and the original emails from my purchase. I also own two subscriptions both active, on Standard, one Professional to TechNet.

I wasn't taking a risk with leaked or weird builds. These are mine, proper and official. I only use properly licensed software. The reason why I would post to the TechNet forums, as a TechNet member, with two active TechNet subscriptions is because I ran into a problem that shouldn't be happening.

Not a 'hands up in the air it must be a leaked key' response. Very likely with day one updates. This is the build being preloaded onto PC's by manufacturers.

We've already found one major line of business application that fails under RTM since they thankfully released RTM early. This may give us a chance to fix it. Again, media center for windows 8 rtm keys isn't a preview build or weird leak, it's the RTM build. The problem is installing with the right keys produced an abhorrent result, it may be the order of installation or because I used the ISO rather than upgrade.

It's possible my WMC key as part of the initial Win8 promotion was time bombed and overwrote my key. It's possible I did something wrong in the process or that WMC is causing a weird interaction. I don't know, that's why I posted.

I'm trying to find errors we're going to hit when 8. My exact same situation. TechNet subscriber. Added my free media center key from win 8 and now win 8. This is not good. Hopefully someone is going to post a solution and save me the trouble of phone support.

False statement I have installed the RTM on 7 machines media center for windows 8 rtm keys, all owned windows 8 setup from a none pirated windows 7 cd key. Remember if anyone here has used a pirated key, download, in windows 8 series you may have voided your TOS with Microsoft and that key will be voided. Chiru comedy scenes movies may take MS a few months to verify that key but make no mistake your key will be voided.

You will always be able to media center for windows 8 rtm keys a new key. It's clear you either don't understand the problem some of us are having, or you're just trolling. Again, there are no 'pirated keys' involved, no leaked builds. We have brokers that use media center to feed in to their workstations and line of business software we test on to make sure 'the latest and greatest' software works in our environment. Again, so happy it works for you, media center for windows 8 rtm keys it doesn't for ALL of us, which is the questions we're focused on here.

So much for getting any help from these numbers. Really looking forward to any workable solution. I was hoping that I would be able to call for activation once I explained the situation, but it sounds like they're just avoiding the issue.

I tried the automated call in but it doesn't work and doesn't give you the option of a person--so I was going to call and manually do it with hopefully a real person, but it sounds like they're not being helpful. I know how to make the phone activation process kick off, but going through the zillion numbers on the phone will take time so was going to do it this weekend.

What I'd like I guess now, is to know what are the correct steps for getting it to work--if I have to wipe and reinstall I'd rather just do right. So far we're finding a number of problems in Win 8. Just my 2 cent worth I don't have media center and when I try to buy it it says it is not available in my area.

Works good for mez. I can tell you from my experience that windows media center and windows 8. I seem to recall from another thread that you media center for windows 8 rtm keys to driving a tractor for a living.

A few months ago you stated in the forums that you were about to collect '" G's" from MS for your development work. Now you're setting up numerous computers for a large chain. Busy guy. I did a clean installation-formatted my C Drive and installed Windows 8. Everything was fine. It installed fine and then asked for activation. I tried to activate online but it didn't accept the key.

I then tried two TechNet retail keys out of three supplied-all failed. I then contacted Microsoft over phone-the activation team asked me it was technical team to look after the issue-so you need to get in touch with them. I did-the technical team provided me a few URLs of their global support which all found to be useless to me. I uninstalled Media Center but that didn't help me either. Finally I formatted my drive,reinstalled Win media center for windows 8 rtm keys.

Now I am living without WMC. I have exactly the same problem In my case I installed Windows 8. After the entire install and reboot, it now shows that key is invalid and I can't go back. Add me to the list. I tried going thru the MS support forums and got directed here. I've already phoned in to MSDN support, which passed me to product activation support, who passed me to Media Center something or other, who told me that there's no support for 8.

Have yet to see any solutions posted from anybody from Microsoft yet. Both machine had a valid Windows 8 key. I am trying now to upgrade a third machine, this time installing WMC on Windows 8 before the upgrade. I installed the Media Centre feature which required a reboot to complete after telling me it failed and promptly de-activated my machine and won't allow any valid licensing to be input!

A plus note, MyMovies www. Just need to get it re-activated to re-enable a number of base Windows features. Not a positive impression to build when evaluating products for potential rollout tousers!

And the saga continues I upgraded another Windows 7 Ultimate machine to Windows 8 Pro. I added the WMC feature using one of the free keys that I have got to my email and I prisioneiro de azkaban games the same problem in Windows 8 not 8. I think that the problem is that I did not use this key before, hence did not activate it. I am stuck now. It does not even let me buy a new key it keep telling me that I can't buy a key in my region, although in another Win 8 computer it allows me to buy a key.

I tried to activate over the phone and it tells me that my key is illegal. I am trying to upgrade to Windows 8. Santana abraxas rar will see if I will be able to buy a WMC key.

MS Activation MS customer support MS TechNet Support MS Professional Support MS Partner Support Go to the forums". A warning would've been nice of them to do--I actually thought about this when first doing it remembering that WMC didn't function during big parts of the Win8 preview I did that on my home machine and lost WMC for a month before launch. Since this is technically release software, I had hoped this would kind of be worked out.

I still don't understand why WMC has to be such a weird add on with keys that affect activation. Why not make this an add on or better yet do it through the Store that doesn't touch Windows' core functions. It's clear they want to kill off WMC, but it's such an incredibly useful piece of software, and we've never found anything that even comes close to doing what it does in such a nice way believe me, we've looked, it's all crap. I can dream: I have upgraded the Windows 8 installation that had this illegal key to Windows 8.

This did not work.

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media center for windows 8 rtm keys