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Message funny tones Please try accessing the file again later. I could have posted the exact same comment. Since I discovered the Facebook Pop, I haven't used anything else. Dropped message funny tones. It has two parts to it. Can you explain how you alternate between tones And relatedly, since I love it so much, here's my ringtone:
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Free Funny ringtones mob. Ringtones genres: On this page you can download free ring tones to your mobile phone. The catalog of Funny mp3 ringtones is regularly replenished. Before downloading message funny tones melody to your mobile phone, you can listen to it. You will find many top sms and message tones. The easy system allows you to message funny tones any Funny mp3 ringtone to your phone through wap.

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Page information:. Download free mobile Funny ringtones for cell phones! If you are bored with default melodies, you can personalize your cell phone with mp3 tones. Free download is available on our site even without registration!

The catalogue of ringtons is built in the most convenient way for our users. All melodies can be easily downloaded both to a PC and a mobile phone through wap. Funny free ringtones for mobile phone are constantly replenished. Any rington on our site has been found freely distributed on the Internet and is for informational purposes only. Downloading free Funny ringtone songs to your mobile phone on our site, you are responsible for its use. Page information:

I still have yet to find one that really grabs my attention. Feel free to mention some of your favorites and if you're up to it maybe attach a link for them. They can be stock tones santabanta games message funny tones ones!

I use the Back to the Future " twinkle " sound. I used to have that as my notification ring, but it would scare the shit out of me and message funny tones around me when it went off. Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to message funny tones is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file.

If you still can't access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator. Okay, I claim bullshit. Browser, etc combo. Relax bub just saying the first link says message funny tones same thing about too many people downloading or viewing. All downloadable at http: This is mine as well. My ringtone is this: I was also using the portal button noise as my notification but I just find the noise isn't piercing enough to notice a lot of the time. Message funny tones the vibration intensity higer and loud notification volume helped me a bit.

But the S2 has ridiculously message funny tones speaker holes and if you cover them with just about anything, you wouldn't hear the notification even if it was a two hour long opera solo by a fat lady. Wow -- thank you! This is such a relief to save me from the horrendous stock ringtones that came with the Verizon Overland track tasmania youtube er S3.

The text message tone from A Scandal in Belgravia in Sherlock. I have, at various times, used a lightsaber igniting sound, the transformers transformation sound, the scene change sound, Mario bros "mushroom" sound, 1-up sound, or fireflower sound.

These all tend to be rather noticeable, sometimes too much so, so I use that for text messages or similar which I don't use much. For an alert that comes rapid fire like gtalk for meI've used the original Mario fireball sound or single coin sound. I message funny tones the Professor from Futurama saying "Good news everyone!

If you want it as a phone ringtone, you need to drop it in message funny tones "Ringtones" folder on your SDcard. If you want it as a notification, you u2 40 live mp3 it in your "Notifications" folder on your SDcard. You should see it in the dialogs now. Email notification tone - http: Skyrim Level Up: Since I discovered the Facebook Pop, I haven't used anything else. It's brief and non-obnoxious, but still clearly audible.

This works pretty well. Download, then change the. I think that if you install Facebook at least once, it saves the sound file here. That's the only explanation I can think of. Ooh link? I've been looking for that and the Tardis for a while now. I tried some soundboard apps, but none of them had what I was looking for. Currently using the mushroom effect from Super Mario Bros. I can upload it if anyone's interested. Its great it sends my 4 year old mad every time message funny tones goes off, "Mario?

What was that? Bonus points if you try to push on something when it goes off. Old Spice whistle http: I know I'm a douche for having it. I had this for a while, one time I was in a serious talk with a friend and my phone went off with this and we just stared at my phone as I fumbled with the settings to turn it off. BTW, "Shush! Should be standard functionality, imo. Have also used the nextel chirp. This will get buried but the sonar ping message funny tones a submarine sounds absolutely perfect for a text message.

I use the "Get Item" sound effect from Megaman Legends. Short and sweet. Because it's the only one you have because your JB rom didn't come with any notifications? I made mine that today message funny tones everytime I got a text it would repeat over and over till I cleared the notification. Almost as if I was getting phone call. One time it wouldn't stop for anything, I had to reboot my phone!

I like the quite practical stock HTC notification sounds. Link for those who want them. Chrono Trigger pendulum from the title screen for calendar notifications.

Can you explain how you alternate between tones I was just thinking about message funny tones that would be really nice for certain things For instance, someone linked to the "twinkle" from back to the future.

It has two parts to it. It would be awesome if I got a text it would play the first part and if I got a second text it would play the second. I really hope that is what you are talking about above. What I did was this: I turned off text notification tones through the Messaging app and I set up a condition in Tasker where it plays a tone when I get a text, using the notification volume level.

I use a boolean variable to determine whether it plays the first tone or the second the link is fixed now by the way. Here is the Tasker profile I made. Note that I also have Tasker handling the vibration pattern, just my preference to distinguish texts from other notifications. It also gave me an idea. What if all the ringtones on the phone were dynamic and changed based on the previous tone. Each notification would still be unique for SMS, calls, whatever Dynamic music is pretty cool, and that would be a nice touch on the phone.

I remember being blown away with Super Mario World and how an extra percussion layer got added when you rode Yoshi. So maybe your phone rings with the Mario theme and your next text is the pipe sound. Then your phone rings with the Zelda theme and you get a text notification with a got-item effect. You should definitely be able to do something like that for ringtones and SMSes, but probably not Google Talk or anything proprietary.

You could do email if it's through the K9 email client. Cool stuff! I just thought of one, how about location- or time-based tones? Not in the usual "I'm at work so make it silent" sense but something more fun than that. Maybe have a different ringtone in the morning or if you're at home than you have in the afternoon or on the other side of town. Or riding Yoshi. This is my notification tone: And relatedly, since I love it so much, here's my ringtone: In my version the silence on either end is cut off, so it loops so goddamn well I message funny tones bring myself to change it, ever.

I'm always looking for good ones. Right now I have a single sheep "baaa". Def an attention getter - and funny because you can't always tell where it's coming from Message funny tones also used the doorbell from the Jetson's. I like high pitched ones the best, because I can hear them better from my pocket.

Willy Wonka flute, old spice whistle, the spongebob theme song whistle, etc. Captain's Log. The beginning of this song has been my text tone for a while. Until recently I was using the "pick up ring" sound from Sonic the Hedgehog - it's cheery, and really carries. I'd recorded it off an emulator and added a little reverb because it sounded a little weedy message funny tones a straight rip. Message funny tones it when I did a full reset on my phone, haven't found anything that works as well.

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