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Eminem lyrics - song lyrics sorted by album, including "Rap God", "Lose album: "Slim Shady LP" () album: "The Marshall Mathers LP" (). The Marshall Mathers LP is the second major-label studio album by Eminem, released on May 23, , through Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope. (Lyrics to the Full Album on one page). Public Service Announcement ; Kill You; Stan; Paul (Skit); Who Knew; The Way I Am; The Real Slim Shady. Considered both a hardcore hip hop album and a horrorcore album The Marshall Mathers LP is more introspective in its lyrics. Lyrics to 'Marshall Mathers Lp' by Eminem. You know I just don't get it, last year I was nobody / This year I'm sellin' records / Now everybody wants to come.

15 Best Lyrics on The Marshall Mathers LP

It was followed by two more singles: The album's fifth single " Headlights ", madness house of fun ed Ruess, was released on February 5, The Marshall Mathers LP 2 received positive reviews from critics, who praised Eminem's technical rapping abilities and production choices. The album marked an improvement in reception over Eminem's previous three albums, and was named on multiple "Albums of the Year" year-end lists.

It also debuted at number one on the US Billboard and was the second-best selling album sales of As of earlythe album has sold 3. On May 24,Eminem revealed that he has been working on his next album, during an interview on Hot 97's morning show with Peter Rosenberg. He stated that the material was taking shape, and that Dr. Dre will be involved in some way. Then I'll go see Dre and fill in some of those pieces. Now I've got time to be able to start doing things for mmlp album lyrics own project.

Royce confessed: I'm not so sure how the world is going to respond from some of the things that I've heard from him. He's been working on it for some time," said Rosenberg.

We've got some dates locked in for him to perform live in Europe mmlp album lyrics August, so we're trying to see what else lines up. Dre said that he was working with Eminem, and that Eminem was "finishing up his project. I DJ for him and I'm not at liberty to speak on much, but you know his caliber and what he does. Clearly going to further territories. I think what you would expect, especially after the last go-round.

He was just getting his feet back on Relapse and then Recovery just came with the smash hits and everything and I think now — he's Eminem. He also credited Aussie M-Phazes and Streetrunner as co-producers.

M-Phazes himself confirmed this in an October interview. Tim Riley, vice president of music affairs at Activision Blizzardexplained to Billboard in August that he was contacted by Eminem's manager Rosenberg in March to partner Eminem with Call of Duty: The team was showcased a "handful" of songs, while Eminem was shown early mmlp album lyrics art and gameplay footage of Ghosts.

Over the next couple of months, Eminem turned in five successive vampire prosecutor 2 ost danger mp3 of the song, each one "bigger and more anthemic sounding than the last. In a behind the scenes video for "Berzerk", released in OctoberRubin explained that he met Rosenberg a few years back and that they had discussed the possibility of him and Eminem working together.

He stated that the idea of "throwback" song to mmlp album lyrics hip hop recordings was an idea conceived later in the creative process of the album. He noted that initial sample the song was built around ended up not being used, and that mmlp album lyrics final product differs greatly from the original. While the instrumental had been offered to rappers such as T. The idea of a sequel to The Marshall Mathers LP came about after Eminem recorded a handful of songs in the early stages of the creation of the album that reminded him and his friends, namely Rosenberg, of Eminem's earlier recordings; " The more I listened to it, the more it made mmlp album lyrics to call it that," said Eminem.

Eminem also wanted to experiment with "retro, vintage" sounds such as beatbreaks and scratches, and he felt that Rubin could help him "take that to another level.

Rihannawith whom Eminem previously collaborated on " Love the Way You Lie " from Eminem's previous studio effort, Recoverywas featured on the song "The Monster". On September 11,she hinted at the collaboration on Twitter: Recorded a monster hook for one of my favorite artists! And that's all I can give you Eminem added his own verses and tweaked the instrumental, while keeping Rexha's backing vocals.

The song was revealed to be a part of the album with the reveal of the track listing. In an October interview, Rexha claimed that she said "This is an Eminem record, y'all" while standing in the booth after she recorded the chorus, and that she "know[s] when [Eminem] heard it, it spoke to him.

Rapper and fellow Aftermath Entertainment artist Kendrick Lamarwho toured with Eminem inwas featured mmlp album lyrics "Love Game", mmlp album lyrics indie pop band Fun. Skylar Greya frequent Eminem collaborator since Recovery was featured on the song "Asshole". In an October interview with American Songwriter"Love the Way You Lie" producer Alex da Kid revealed that he has submitted further beats for Eminem, but said "you never know what they're going to use or not going to use.

Grey was writing songs for her Eminem-executive-produced album Don't Look Down in Detroit, and visited Eminem to exchange song ideas and hooks. She wrote the hook for "Asshole" during the trip, while in her hotel room.

A few months later, Polina visited Interscope executive Neil Jacobson, who, upon hearing the song, commanded her: It's an Eminem record. Eminem added his own verses to the song, but left Polina's vocals untouched. In JulyEminem's close friend and label-mate 50 Cent stated that he was involved in the recording for Eminem's upcoming album and would probably appear on the lead or second single, but ended up mmlp album lyrics being featured on the album at all.

He pays tribute to many influential hip hop acts, but also proclaims himself an all-time best, with the closing line stating: The track features backing vocals from Bebe Rexha and a chorus by Rihanna. The artwork was revealed on September 20, on Eminem's Twitter account.

It is very mmlp album lyrics in design to the cover of the artwork from The Marshall Mathers LP ; which also features a picture of the house, but with Eminem sitting on the porch, the windows uncovered and the door replaced by a screen door. The deluxe artwork is a variation of the mmlp album lyrics artwork, in which the house is being looked at through a car window.

On the internet, there are many other covers. For example, Eminem sitting at the doorstep of the house and on the door it is written, ''.

In Novemberthe house went up in flames for unknown reasons, damaging the upper portion of the home. As ofthe house had been demolished and plans to rebuild are in progress. The discs' artwork is designed after the Detroit city seal and flagrespectively. In Decemberthe album cover was named the tenth best of by Complex.

On October 29,the "Eminem Baseball Tribute Champ Hat" was made available on the official Eminem online store, with a side panel "dedicated to the landmark Eminem solo albums," and the final date beinghinting at the release year for Eminem's eight mmlp album lyrics album.

Activision announced on September 9,that players who preordered Call of Duty: Ghosts would receive a bonus track in addition to "Survival". During AugustEminem performed four concerts in Europe. The four shows also featured Kendrick Lamar, J.

Cole, David Dallasand Action Bronson. Eminem reportedly handpicked the artists to join him on tour. On August 25,he revealed that the first single " Berzerk " would be released on August 27, in the US.

On September 9,the music video for "Berzerk" premiered on Vevo. On August 14,a song titled " Survival " featuring Liz Rodrigues, with production by DJ Khalil was premiered mmlp album lyrics the multiplayer trailer for the video game Call of Duty: A following press release revealed the first single from mmlp album lyrics eighth studio album rhm vol 247 recruiting be released soon.

On October 24,it was revealed that the Rihanna collaboration " The Monster ", would be released as the album's mmlp album lyrics single. The Marshall Mathers Mmlp album lyrics 2 has received generally positive reviews from music critics. At Metacriticwhich assigns a normalized rating out of to reviews from mainstream critics, the album received an average score of 72, based on 33 reviews, indicating "generally favorable reviews.

The jokes, in places offensive, are relentless. There is no apology; no concession; just a virtuoso application of talent.

He would go on to add that "we get rhymes… more rhymes than some rappers manage in a whole career". And if mmlp album lyrics don't like what he still has to say, there's a chance he doesn't either". Edna Gundersen of USA Today said, Eminem "recaptures the original release's wild, clever, emotional brilliance in a flurry of caustic, brazenly honest, rapid-fire mmlp album lyrics and aggressive beats".

Club gave the album a B rating, saying "after years of stagnancy and tedious anger, he shows real growth on The Marshall Mathers LP. Eminem has always rapped with forceful determination out of compulsive drives to prove himself to doubters, cut down his enemies, and mmlp album lyrics his commercial foothold.

Mmlp album lyrics the first time in far too long, he sounds like he's rapping because he enjoys it, too. Eminem is still rapping from deep inside his cave, as if he's had no new experiences to draw from. Eminem at his very best. In a mixed review, Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune gave the album two out of four stars saying, "it reaffirms his prodigious agility with rhymes.

Eminem still crunches together syllables, silliness, and storytelling mmlp album lyrics of ridiculousness with acrobatic skill" and "The sense that we've all been here before, twice, is exacerbated by tired samples and interpolations.

Eminem tries to cover up his retreat by doing cartwheels and back-flips with his rhymes". XXL named it the second best album of the year. They commented saying, "Three years after his widely praised album RecoveryEm tapped into his former self for Marshall Mathers LP 2.

Slim Shady, along with the characters and stories from the first installment, are peppered throughout his latest effort. Overall, Eminem proves once again that his second wind is just as good as his glory days. The Marshall Mathers LP 2 logs the sixth-biggest sales week of the past five years. The album also marks Eminem's seventh No. By achieving such a feat, Eminem became the first American act to score seven consecutive UK Number 1 albums and is now on par with The Beatles in second place for the most chart-topping UK albums in a row.

The following year, The Marshall Mathers LP 2 was ranked as the fifth most popular album of on the Billboard Sample credits [31]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from MMLP2. Aftermath Interscope Shady. Dre exec. August 27, " Survival " Released:

Mmlp album lyrics s: You know I just don't get it, last year I was nobody This year I'm sellin' records Now everybody wants mmlp album lyrics come around like I owe 'em somethin' The fuck you want from mmlp album lyrics Ten million dollars Get the fuck out of here. You see I'm, just Marshall Mathers, I'm just a regular guy I don't know why all the fuss about me Nobody ever gave a fuck before, all they did was doubt me Now everybody wanna run they mouth and try to take shots at me.

Yo, you might see me joggin', you might see me walkin' You might see me walkin' a dead rottweiler dog With it's head chopped off in the park with a spiked collar Hollerin' at him 'cause the son of a bitch won't quit barkin'. Or leanin' out a window, with a cocked shotgun Drivin' up the block in the car that they shot 'Pac in Lookin' for Big's killers, dressed in ridiculous Blue and red like I don't see what the big deal is.

Double barrel twelve gauge bigger than Chris Wallace Pissed off, 'cause Biggie and 'Pac just missed all this Watchin' all these cheap imitations get rich off 'em And get dollars that shoulda been there's like they switched wallets. And amidst all this Crist poppin' and wristwatches I had to sit back and just watch and just get nauseous And walk around with an empty bottle of Remi Martin Startin' shit like some twenty six year old skinny Cartman. I'm anti-Backstreet and Ricky Martin With instincts to kill N'Sync, don't get me started These fuckin' brats can't sing and Britney's garbage What's this bitch retarded?

Gimme back my sixteen dollars. Whatever happened to whylin' out and bein' violent? Whatever happened to catchin' a good-ol' fashioned. Passionate ass-whoopin' and gettin' your shoes coat mmlp album lyrics your hat tooken? New kids on the block, sucked a lot of dick Boy-girl groups make me sick.

And I can't wait 'til I catch all you fagots in public I'ma love it Vanilla Ice don't like me, said some shit in vibe to spite me Then went and dyed his hair just like me. A bunch of little kids wanna swear just like me And run around screamin', "I don't care, just bite me" I mmlp album lyrics I was put here to annoy the world And destroy your little 4 year old boy or girl.

Plus Mmlp album lyrics was put here to mmlp album lyrics fear in fagots who spray Faygo Root Beer And call themselves clowns 'cause they look queer Faggy 2Dope and Silent Gay Claimin' Detroit, when y'all live twenty miles away fuckin faggots. And I don't wrestle, I'll knock you fuckin' fagots the fuck out Ask 'em about the club they was at when they snuck out After they ducked out the back when they saw us and bugged out Ducked down and got paint balls shot at they truck, blaow!

Look at y'all runnin' your mouth again When you imperio alviverde musicas s seen a fuckin' mile road, South of 10 And I don't mmlp album lyrics help, from D, to beat up two females In make-up, who may try to scratch me with Lee Nails.

Slim anus you damn right, slim anus I don't get fucked in mine like you two little flaming fagots 'Cuz I'm, just Marshall Mathers I'm not a wrestler guy I'll knock you out if you talk about me.

Come and see me on the streets alone, if you assholes doubt me And if you wanna run your mouth then come take your mmlp album lyrics shot at me Is it because you love me that y'all expect so much of me? You little groupie bitch, get off me, go fuck Puffy. Now because of this blonde mop that's on top Of this fucked up head that I've got, I've gone pop? The underground just spunned around and did a Now these kids diss me and act like some big sissies Oh, he just did some shit with Missy.

So now he thinks he's too big to do some shit with MC get bizzy My fuckin' bitch mom's suin' for ten million She must want a dollar for every pill I've been stealin' Shit, where the fuck you think I picked up the habit? All I had to do was go in her room and lift up her mattress Which is it bitch, Mrs. Briggs or Ms. It doesn't matter your attorney Fred Gibson's a faggot!

Talkin' about I fabricated my past. He's just aggravated I won't ejaculate in his ass So tell me, what mmlp album lyrics hell is a fella to do? For every million I make, another relative sues Family fightin' and fussin' over who wants to invite me to supper All the sudden, I got 90 some cousins Mmlp album lyrics half-brother and sister who never seen me Or even bothered to call me until they saw me on TV Now everybody's so happy and proud I'm finally allowed to step foot in my girlfriend's house And then to top it off, I walked to the newsstand To buy this cheap-ass little magazine with mmlp album lyrics food stamp Skipped to the last page, flipped right fast And what do I see?

A picture of my big white ass Okay, let mirror 2 internet manager man give you motherfuckers some help Here, XXL, XXL Now your magazine shouldn't have so much trouble to sell Fuck it, I'll even buy a couple myself 'Cuz I'm, just Marshall Mathers, I'm just a regular guy I don't know why all the fuss about me Nobody ever gave a fuck before, all they did was doubt me Now everybody wanna run they mouth and try to take shots at me 'Cuz I'm, just Marshall Mathers, I'm just a regular mmlp album lyrics I don't know why all the fuss about me Nobody ever gave a fuck before, all they did was doubt me Now everybody wanna run they mouth and try to take shots at me.

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. What does this song mean to you? Tour Stop: Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Ten million dollars Get the fuck out of here You see I'm, just Marshall Mathers, I'm just a regular guy I don't know why all the fuss about me Nobody ever gave a fuck before, all they did was doubt me Now everybody wanna run they mouth and try to take shots at me Yo, you might see me joggin', you might see me walkin' You might see me walkin' a dead rottweiler dog With it's head chopped off in the park with a spiked collar Hollerin' at him 'cause the son of a bitch won't quit barkin' Related.

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