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And judging by my experience with the mono-project, I highly doubt they ever Core on FastCGI, or that they have any idea what FastCGI-support. Mono is a free and open-source project to create an Ecma standard-compliant. NET Framework-compatible software framework, including a C# compiler and a. In July , Ecma submitted the Standards and TRs to ISO/IEC JTC 1 via the. Mono, the open source development platform based on Framework . The best way to install Mono is to use the official packages. The Mono project has released precompiled packages for Linux (Red Hat, SuSE, and Fedora Core). mono project

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The Mono system is comprised of the compiler, runtime, assemblies code librariesand documentation. Mono project addition to these components, you will need a development environment and a build system. This chapter will cater to those needs too, whether using a graphical IDE or integrating Mono to fit snugly into your favorite and long-established editing environment.

Mono is distributed in three logical components: The exception is the coverage of ASP. NET, which allows you to develop web ouvrez votre esprit pour recevoir pdf and web services.

Starting at the beginning, how do you get mono project hands on Mono? This lab describes how to obtain and install Mono, and the major accompanying assemblies. The majority of the labs in this book can be completed using the packages installed as part of this lab. Where additional downloads are required, they will be noted in each lab concerned.

The best way to install Mono is to mono project the official packages. In addition, Linux distributions with their own download channels such as Debian or Gentoo have incorporated Mono into their usual repositories. Keep an eye on the online errata for this book for any corrections. To make life easier, Fedora Core users can set up a yum channel. The download page explains the interdependencies of the packages. To obtain a functional Mono development environment, install the following packages: Fedora Core users can use yum install to download and install these packages.

Alternatively, you can download the RPMs and install them manually using rpm -i. Red Carpet can be mono project from http: Once installed, you can obtain the Mono packages from the Mono channel.

Like Microsoft. NET, Mono requires Windows or later to run. To install Mono on Windows, download and run the installer from the download page at http: Gtk is included in the installer.

The installer will deposit all the necessary files in C: Batch files that wrap each of the Mono executables will be installed in C: The dialog box in Figure will pop up after the installation to remind you to do this. You can use the batch file setmonopath. Mono requires Mac OS X For GtkX11 is also required. The X11 installer package will deposit everything needed to run X11 on your system. Having installed X11, you must mono project and install Mono and Gtk. Get the installer packages from the Mono download page at http: Be sure to read the documentation accompanying the packages.

You should also find Mono available through the fink and DarwinPorts software installers. Mono is supported on more platforms than there are binary packages. Mono project these platforms, you must compile Mono from source. Instructions for building from source can be found in the release notes. Mono itself is relatively straightforward to compile on Linux and Mac OS X, and is covered in this section. For Windows, you should check the release notes for mono project instructions.

The minimum prerequisites for compiling Mono, aside from a functioning C compiler, are the development files for GLib. These will probably be available as libglib2. They can also be compiled using the source code packages from ftp: Additional prerequisites for certain features are mentioned in the release notes but are not required for the labs in this book.

Configure and mono project Mono using the following commands:. Now that Mono is installed, you must configure some environmental variables before you can use Mono. Use the following commands, substituting your own paths if necessary: Download Gtk source code from http: Mono project Gtk is somewhat more involved than Mono and is not covered here.

If you are able to install the prerequisite libraries for compilation from source, it is likely that you have enough skill to handle mono project compilation mono project. If you want to compile a mono project version of Mono from source code, see Section 8. Using the Windows compatibility assemblies? The purpose of these assemblies is to smooth the mono project of Microsoft. NET applications onto the Linux platform.

The Windows. Although this book does not cover the compatibility mono project in depth, you may quite reasonably want to install them.

Details on compiling them from source are mono project in the release notes. The addition to class assemblies and documentation, the Mono distribution contains a variety of tools for creating and executing Mono programs. This lab takes mono project through a guided tour of the most important tools. To get going with Mono, you must learn how to use the various command-line tools, especially mcs the Mono C compiler and mono mono project Mono virtual machine. You can compile, embed resources, and link Mono programs by using mcs.

Try compiling the Hello World example from Section 2. The result should be mono project file called Hello. The mono command executes a compiled Mono mono project in the virtual machine. The Hello. Find out which version of Mono is installed by running mono —version. The output will look something like this:. Include this version information if you need to mono project questions in any of the forums listed in Section 1. Not every platform on which Mono runs has the JIT mono project implemented yet.

A slower alternative to mono is available in the form of mintwhich interprets the CIL bytecode in real-time as the program is executing. Monodoc is the Mono documentation viewer, through which official Mono API documentation is available. It can be run with the command monodoc. As well as the official Mono APIs, any third-party assembly may also install its documentation so it can be viewed from Monodoc. These are sent to a central server and a human editor merges them into the official documentation repository.

Figure shows Monodoc in action. There are times when documentation may not be easy to find for a particular assembly. This is where monop comes in. For example:. On Windows, you put it in C: With Mono and. Information on gacutil can be found in Section 2. The names of the commands? As all Mono programs compile mono project a file with. The answer is that Mono uses wrapper scripts to call the mono runtime program, to make the commands seem more natural in a Unix environment. On some Linux systems, such as Debian, the Mono packages use a neat trick called binfmt.

This allows the system to execute Mono. If using binfmt, you just need to make a symbolic link to the. To find out more about the command-line applications Mono mono project, try these following options. The quickest but not always the most informative way is to run the command with the —help. Mono also ships with manual pages for use with the Unix system manual reader, man.

For example, the function of the mysterious soapsuds command can be discovered by running man soapsuds. MonoDevelop is a port of the SharpDevelop. Both MonoDevelop and SharpDevelop are free, open source applications.

Real men may use mono projectbut productive ones use an IDE. While Section 1. For the Mono 1. MonoDevelop provides modern programming aids common to most IDEs, such as class browsing, integrated API documentation, build system, code completion, and support for multiple filetypes. The integrated documentation is a great aid in navigating the many new APIs that Mono makes available.

Source code and precompiled packages of MonoDevelop can be obtained from the project web site at http: