mta sa race script ing

Roleplay mode for Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas; built for MTA x (TEA) implementation compatible with the Multi Theft Auto (MTA) Lua scripting engine . A map mode for race maps for the multiplayer modification MTA (Multi Theft Auto). SMT server scripts have actually over 7 lines and more and more lines of Generally the core scripts are done, now I'm scripting the RACE gamemode. Hi there, Ive made a script when the player click on a vehicle, the vehicle is destroyed via the event onClientClick. The problem is that, when the. MTASA:Race was the first Multi Theft Auto release for Grand Theft Auto This surpasses previous scripting abilities of Race servers in every. mta sa race script ing

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MTA - Scripting Events

Welcome on SMT 2. For years, we were collecting ideas for making the best server we can. Three months ago, we finally decided we have enough ideas and experience to realise our plan.

Yesterday, after more than 3 months of hard work, mta sa race script ing finaly launched our SMT 2. We started the test at 0: There will be more tests, almost every day or two, until we have stable BETA version which will be running nonstop and will be public. We should move to BETA state in around next few days. Althrought it doesn't seem there is much things done, believe us it is.

Last 2 months we have mta sa race script ing around 8 hours every day with wordpress javascript framework. Me, drifterCZ as one and only server scripter, and 7. Host as web programmer. SMT 2. What are SMT 2. Some features: We wont say more now, but mta sa race script ing will make FDD real fun. Soon, we will organise special events every week tournaments, challenges, or funny gamemodes.

Its not finished yet, and we are still working hard on adding new features Some website features not finished yet changelog - you will be able to see what changes to scripts we had recently done, what features have been added and when. It will be very useful, because we will be making a lot of new content, and it will be harder and harder to stay tuned and know about all the new things recently added map uploader - our map uploader will allow you to upload your maps, and after we verify them, we will directly put them on server, so you can enjoy them.

And even more, you will earn money for every map you upload! Simply upload a map and you will get nice cash bonus. And mainly, you will mta sa race script ing money depending on popularity of your map you will get money everytime the map is played on server, even if you are not online!

Invite players, fire players, you will have clan cashier with shared cash, you will be able to use that cash to bet on your team in clanwars, to make payouts to your players, and so on. You will choose maps to play, how many players, how many rounds, when it will start and the cash you bet if any at your team. Want to know more? The countdown on www.

Heyy when opened new server iMasteRmC!. I really hype 2. D Keep up the good work, and hopefully we will see a new SMT this week: D FDD legionnaire Alpi.

We launched our new website today Its not finished yet, and we are still working hard on adding new features. HalfDolls28


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