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Nova style-rev 775 the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Games Apple Computer. LOT 1 Spain ; see Mionnet, vol. Nova style-rev 775, in Baetica ; Mt. Gades ; Mionnet Supp. The ear of the horse might appear to be so adjusted as to form a wing to the genius. For a more nova style-rev 775 account of this unique representation in antiquity, see an interesting paper by the Duke De Luynes, in the Uevfie Numismatique forp.

On Iho other hand, it must bo admitted, that on the generality of these coins the little nova style-rev 775 does certainly ajipear to form, or constitute, the horse's head, esiiecially on all those of copper. The fact therefore seems to be, that the style of work of the bulk of these coins being that which is technically called harharouf. Two uncertain coins of Spain: Cabellio, in Gallia Narbonensis ; IHt. Massilia ; Mionnet, p. Nemausus, Augustus and Agrippa ; Mt. Massilia ; Mt.

Another; of different style, y? Ill, No. Neapolis; Mt. Neapolis ; Mt. Neapolis ; with Head to the left, and parazonium behind ; rev. Wi grs. It is probably that of the river Sarno personified. Suessa, in Campania; Mt. Allier, pi. Horse galloping to nova style-rev 775 right, above ia a star of 16 points: Hyrium, in Apulia; Mt.

Hyrium, in Apulia ; usual type: Its specific gravity would prove this. Campania, uncertain town ; obv. It not only presents us with the type of a new Campanian town Neapolis in conjunction with the inscription ROMANO, as might be expected, but also is of a size, and carefully adjusted to a weight, which, though not hitherto known, might very fairly be presumed to exist.

Compare the obverse with Mionnet, vol. Campania ; Uncertain gold coin, purporting to be of this neighbourhood; nova style-rev 775. Head of Bacchus to fionna fights ipa right, with wreath of ivy, and berries in front of the head ; rev. The falsifier seems to have, in part, copied the type of a silver denarius of the Vibia family, see Morell.

Another; 3It. Hyrium, in Apulia ; Mt. Taras in a biga, to the right, holding a trident; above is a star, and under the horses, a dolphin ; fine ivorJc and condition, and very rare: Eagle with wings extended, standing on a thunderbolt, to the right ; in the nova style-rev 775, the head of a spear, and A P.

Taras seated on a Dolphin, to the left, holding in his right hand a diota, and in his left a trident; very good ivork and condition, and very rare: TAR A2. AUier, pi. Female Head to the right, in archaic style, the hair bound with a diadem ; rev. Horse to the left, and scallop shell underneath ; compare Mionnet Supp. It will be observed that this coin is half the weight of lot See a paper in the Numismatic Journal, vol. Tarentum ; obv.

Female Head to the right ; rev. Scallop Shell ; see Combe Michel sardou zenith 2007. Horseman to the right, with buckler ; two spears in his left hand, and a third in his right ; in the field, h ; under the horse, KAA ; rev.

Horseman to the left, with buckler on his left arm; in the field, Two, different ; Taras, with tripod in ,7. See Supp. See also Eckhel. Anecdoti, tab. Grecques in6d. Combe, Vet. Head of Minerva to the right, with a winged sea horse on the helmet; behind, 2, retrograde ; rev.

HE retrograde. Lion run- ning to the right ; very rare, extremely fine work and con- dition: Heraclea ; obv. Hercules on one knee, with a club in his hand, strangling the lion ; very fine work: Head of Minerva to the right, the helmet orna- mented with a centaur, or male marine monster; rev.

Compare 3Iionnet, pi. Lion running to the right: Hercules kneel- ing on nova style-rev 775 knee, strangling the lion ; the beauty of the workmanship on the reverse of this little coin cannot he sur- passed: Uncertain coin of this neighbourhood ; obv.

Head of Minerva to the right, with wing on the helmet ; rev. Bull tossing, and going to the right, a winged genius floating above ; in the exergue, four ill defined Greek or Oscan letters: Hercules strangling the lion; differs from all the preceding: Head of Minerva to the right, but the helmet ornamented with a wreath of olive ; rev. Nova style-rev 775 strangling the lion ; differs from all the preceding: Heraclea ; five coins, obv. Head of Minerva ; rev. Hercules strang- ling the lion ; all differently grouped on the reverse, afid of different grades of merit: Ear of bearded Wheat;?

Metapontum ; Mt. Metapontum; 3It. Metapontum ; ohv. Head of Minerva to the right, with a wing on the helmet ; rev. Metapontum ; obv. Ear of bearded wheat ; in good condition: Ear of bearded wheat ; extremely beau- tiful worh and condition: Head of Nova style-rev 775, to the right, with ear-rings and necklace, but without veil, or corn ; the firasat cover by raisa indonesia beautifully ar- ranged; rev.

Ear of bearded wheat ; most beautiful. Ear of bearded wheat ; a very beautiful and well preserved coin: Metapontum; Mionnet, pageNo. MET A. INIetapontum ; two others, usual types: IIO M. Another; ohv. Another, different: Thurium, in Lucania; usual type; well preserved: Another; well preserved: US grs. Sybaris; Mt. Head of Rome, iii. Prow of a vessel. Head, generally styled, of Janus, with i.

Prow of a Vessel, i. Prow, s.

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Its seems like we live in the Age of. Toggle navigation. The History of the Punjab concerns the nova style-rev 775 of the Punjab region the Northern area of the Indian Subcontinent that straddles the modern day countries of India and Pakistan. Read More.