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Lyrics for Randy Orton Theme Song by WWE. I hear voices in my They council me They understand They talk to me You got your rules an. Any link post not featuring wrestling itself, or in relation to a wrestling show or the wrestling industry, .. Orton hated that theme, no way is it coming back. I'm always surprised to hear that people like Randy's current music. . His old theme was pretty sweet, that opening note into the song was pretty cool. Old Joe Clarks/Strings Arr. Orton - Passers By. Vienna Teng/String Randy Orton 11th WWE Theme Song - Voices'' With Download Link. Randy . WWE: Randy Orton Old Theme Song - "Burn In My Light" (2nd WWE Edit) WWE Randy Orton Titantron HQ And Theme Burn In My Light Download Link. 5 Worst Theme Songs in WWE History. Kyle Schmitt· May 5, Randy Orton. Since taking over what would become WWE more than Randy Orton Old WWE Theme Song Burn In My Light HD + Download Link + Lyrics + TitantronGeorge Popham. Год назад. WWE Randy Orton Old Theme Song.

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Nightcore [Burn In My Light] Randy Orton(Old Theme)

Pyro, lighting effects, extravagant video screens, and, perhaps most importantly, killer theme songs contribute to a show that relies as heavily on theatrical stagecraft as it does the scripted wrestling matches.

The perfect theme song tells you everything about a wrestler. If good enough, a theme song can turn an oiled-up, spandex-clad bodybuilder into the King of Kingsand make the presentation of fake fights transcendent.

Unless it sucks. Why This Rules: An instantly memorable guitar riff combines madham pularumbol song inspired vocals to create a masterpiece of time and place. This song captures the essence of a mids action hero. Tells WWE Fans: Randy orton old theme link Real American fights for his life and the rights of every man. Courage is the thing that keeps us free.

These five WWE theme songs do nothowever, fight for the rights of every randy orton old theme link, nor do they refuse to take trouble for very long. Join us as we dissect the worst WWE theme songs of all time. Why It Sucks: Sounds Like: Just ask Orton himself whether he hated it:. I hated it from the first day I heard it. They even tried to tweak it a bit and I still hated it. Somewhere, a teenage boy is snorting back hot tears and vowing revenge on the poseurs who think they own the local Hot Topic.

The Superstar: He mooned opponents and their sisters. He wore black see-through trunks with a thong underneath.

And he entered the ring to a song that made his anal obsession cringingly clear. The lyrics. A bluesy session vocalist swallowing his pride for a one-night gig. Heidenreich, a towering blond titan with an unstable personality and limited moveset. The Song: Why This Sucks: This theme music is one word repeated endlessly.

But not repeated repetitively. The Superstars: Their manager was The Genius, a pompous pedagogue who wore a graduation cap and gown to the ring before reciting his pre-match poetry. This musical structure mashes together at least three failed melodic concepts. Even the most generic heavy metal bash-fest would have been superior to these lethargic keyboard licks piled atop each other like docile garbage. The hideous auto-tuned vocals.

Some terrible theme songs work because they earn the crowd reaction randy orton old theme link the performer is seeking. This phenomenon occurs when fans boo a character because they dislike the performer himself.

The aural equivalent of this gruesome X-Pac injury. Even a performer who enjoyed two of the greatest theme songs in wrestling history with the New World Order and D-Generation X can strike out hard with the wrong anthem.

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randy orton old theme link


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