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Wolverines' Jim Harbaugh brings daughter on recruiting trip, go-karts

Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about. On Monday, Jim Harbaugh was visiting mata hari maya er highest-ranked player left on the Michigan football recruiting board: A link has been sent to your friend's email address.

A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Please read the rules before joining the discussion. If it's January, Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh must be doing something new in recruiting. But hello by adele song Monday, he was in Leesburg, Ga. The group spent the day go-karting and bowling. Addison appeared to be near the same age as Solomon's young sister.

Mother of Leesburg Ga. He was wowed by the Wolverines in June, when they held a satellite camp at his high school. He also cited that his mother would be more involved going forward in his recruitment. Solomon made an official visit to U-M in the fall. And his mother told Webb that she loved Monday's visit. He took an official visit to USC last weekend.

Share This Story! Wolverines' Jim Harbaugh brings daughter on recruiting trip, go-karts On Monday, Jim Harbaugh was visiting the highest-ranked player left on the Michigan football recruiting board: Post to Facebook. Check out this story on Freep. Cancel Send. Rhm vol 247 recruiting Jan. Here's a look at Michigan's football rhm vol 247 recruiting class, starting with Aubrey Solomon, a five-star defensive tackle from Lee County Ga.

Aubrey Solomon is listed at 6-feet-4 and pounds. He's ranked the No. Courtesy of Lee County High. Bradley Robbins is a two-star kicker from Westerville Ohio South. He also had scholarship offers from Illinois and Rutgers, among others. Courtesy of Westerville South.

Nico Collins is a four-star wide receiver from Pinson Ala. He's listed at 6-feet-5 and pounds. Mark Almond, Associated Press.

Nico Collins is rated by rivals. He's considered the No. Mark Snyder, DFP. Oliver Martin is a four-star wide receiver from Iowa City West. Michael Zamora, Des Moines Register. Oliver Martin is listed at 6-feet-1 and pounds. Oliver Martin is ranked the No. He's also considered the No. Reese Strickland, Des Moines Register. Jordan Anthony is a five-star linebacker from Bradenton Fla. IMG Academy. Courtesy of IMG Academy. Jordan Anthony is listed at 6-feet-1 and pounds.

He's considered an inside linebacker. Jordan Anthony is ranked the No. Cesar Ruiz is a four-star center from Brandeton Fla. Cesar Ruiz is listed at 6-feet-3 and pounds. Cesar Ruiz is ranked by rivals. Deron Irving-Bey is a three-star strongside defensive end from Flint Southwestern. Ryan Garza, Detroit Free Press. Deron Irving-Bey is listed at 6-feet-5 and pounds. He's ranked by rivals. He also reportedly had scholarship offers from Michigan Rhm vol 247 recruiting and Tennessee, among others.

Donovan Jeter is a four-star defensive tackle from Beaver Falls, Pa. Courtesy of Beaver Falls High. Donovan Jeter is listed at 6-feet-5 and pounds. Chuck Filiaga is a four-star offensive tackle from Aledo, Texas. He's listed at 6-feet-6 and pounds and ranked the No. Courtesy of Sports. Tarik Black is a four-star receiver from Cheshire, Conn. Courtesy of Cheshire Academy. Tarik Black is listed at 6-feet-3 and pounds. Tarik Black is ranked by rivals. He's the No. Salwan Georges, DFP. Donovan Peoples-Jones rhm vol 247 recruiting 6 feet 2 and pounds.

He is the Rhm vol 247 recruiting. Rivals has him No. Donovan Peoples-Jones tallied six catches for yards and two touchdowns in Cass Tech's Division 1 championship victory in rhm vol 247 recruiting November at Ford Field. Donovan Peoples-Jones has a Sports. At 5 feet 10 and pounds, Ambry Thomas is the No.

Kirthmon F. Dozier, DFP. Tom Hauck. Benjamin St-Juste originally committed for U-M's class but reclassified to because of academic needs going from Canada to U-M. Courtesy of Cegep du Vieux. Benjamin St-Juste is listed at 6 feet 3 and pounds. He's ranked by sports as the No. Salwan Georges, Detroit Free Press. Jaylen Kelly-Powell, right, is listed at 6 feet and pounds. Special to the DFP. Jaylen Kelly-Powell, left, is rated by the Sports composite as the No.

Kimberly P. Mitchell, DFP. Kwity Paye is a three-star defensive end from Warwick R. Bishop Hendricken. Courtesy of Bishop Hendricken High. Kwity Paye is listed at 6-feet-3 and pounds. Kwity Paye also reportedly had scholarship offers from Boston College, Rutgers and Syracuse, among others. Joel Honigford is a three-star offensive tackle from Sugarcreek Ohio Garaway.

Courtesy of Sugarcreek Garaway. Joel Honigford is listed at 6-feet-5 and pounds. Joel Honigford is an offensive lineman who also kicks for his high school team.

Rhm vol 247 recruiting Hudson is a four-star defensive end from Toledo Central Catholic. The 6-foot-5, pounder originally committed to Kentucky and also reportedly had scholarship offers from Alabama, Miami Fla. Associated Press. Andrew Stueber is a three-star offensive tackle from Darien, Conn. Courtesy of Darien High.

Kingshighway Blvd. The sigma-2 receptor, whose gene remains to be cloned, has been validated as a biomarker for tumor cell proliferation. Here we report the use of a novel photoaffinity probe, WCto identify the sigma-2 receptor binding site.

WCa sigma-2 ligand containing both a photoactive moiety azide and a fluorescein isothiocyanate group, irreversibly labels sigma-2 receptors in rat liver; the membrane-bound protein was then identified as PGRMC1 progesterone receptor membrane component Immunocytochemistry reveals that both PGRMC1 and SWa fluorescent sigma-2 receptor ligand, colocalizes with molecular markers of rhm vol 247 recruiting endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria o plano ta formado HeLa cells.

Overexpression and knockdown of the PGRMC1 protein results in an increase and a decrease in binding of a sigma-2 selective radioligand, respectively. Sigma-1 and sigma-2 receptors were initially characterized in the mid's using radioligand binding studies 1. The sigma-1 receptor was purified, sequenced and cloned from guinea pig brain inand shows no sequence homology with any mammalian proteins cloned to date 2.

Ligands binding to the sigma-1 receptor modulate the release of neurotransmitters; several of these compounds have shown promise as antipsychotics, antidepressants, and drugs blocking the effects of psychostimulants 34. Recent studies indicate that the sigma-1 receptor is expressed in postsynaptic sites, regulates ion channels, and may function as a protein chaperone rhm vol 247 recruiting - 8. To date, the sigma-2 receptor has not been purified, sequenced or cloned.

Although its structure is not known, the sigma-2 receptor has been validated as a biomarker for tumor cell proliferation both in vitro and in vivoand as a target for chemotherapy. Several studies have shown that: However, since the sigma-2 receptor gene has not been cloned, the exact role this receptor plays in tumor and rhm vol 247 recruiting cell proliferation is currently unknown.

Our group has developed sigma-2 selective ligands, including [ 3 H] RHM-1, [ I] RHM-4, and SW to directly identify, locate, and quantify this protein using a variety of receptor binding and molecular imaging techniques rhm vol 247 recruiting - 151820 - Progesterone receptor membrane rhm vol 247 recruiting 1 PGRMC1 is overexpressed in a variety of tumors in comparison with the corresponding normal cells, and thus represents an important biomarker for cancer progression and a potential target for anticancer drugs 23 - PGRMC-1, which exists in phosphorylated and dephosphorylated states during cancer cell proliferation 26regulates cell growth and proliferation through interactions between its Cytochrome b5 binding domain and other potential binding partners which include Insig-1, PAIR-BP1, and P proteins 2327 - Recent studies suggest that PGRMC1 is a biomarker of cell proliferation and an excellent therapeutic target for inhibiting tumorigenesis 2432 Interestingly, proteomic studies also showed that PGRMC1 is expressed in high levels in the proliferative cells of human endometrium The purpose of the current study was to identify the protein or rhm vol 247 recruiting complex that contains the sigma-2 receptor ligand-binding site as the first step in determining the role of this receptor in cell proliferation, and defining a new target for the development of novel tumor imaging agents and cancer therapeutics.

Here we describe a novel strategy developed for the identification of the sigma-2 receptor. The sigma-2 receptor photoaffinity probe, WCan analogue of RHM-1, contains an azide moiety for the photo-affinity tagging of the sigma-2 receptor, and a fluorescein isothiocyanate group FITC for protein visualization.

WC was utilized to directly label the sigma-2 receptor binding site in rat hepatic membrane homogenates. Proteomic studies and consequent studies were carried out to determine the molecular identify of the sigma-2 receptor binding site and if it corresponded to any previously identified proteins.

PGRMC1 was identified as the putative sigma-2 receptor binding site. The results of our studies provide strong experimental evidence supporting the localization of the putative sigma-2 receptor binding site within the PGRMC1 protein complex.

The synthesis of sigma-2 receptor photoaffinity probe WC, which contains an azide moiety for the photoaffinity tagging of the protein and a FITC group for protein rhm vol 247 recruiting, is described in detail in the supporting online material Supplementary Figs. S1- S3. WC was incubated with rat liver membrane homogenates, and the WC -protein complex photo-crosslinked. The protein supernatant was enriched and separated by gel electrophoresis Fig.

Labeling of this protein band with WC could be rhm vol 247 recruiting by well-characterized sigma-2 receptor ligands Supplementary Fig. The protein structure shows the peptides bold detected by mass spectrometry as well as the Cytochrome b5 domain underlined. Three other proteins, glutathione-S-transferase alpha type 2, glutathione S-transferase mu 1 with 2 matched peptidesand NADH dehydrogenase ubiquinone flavoprotein 2 with 1 matched peptidewere identified from the proteomics study.

Based on the localization of sigma-2 receptors within the plasma membrane 93536endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria 2122these proteins were excluded as potential candidates since they are all intracellular enzymes which happen to overlap with PGRMC1 protein band. Similar results were also observed in mouse mammary 66 tumor cell membrane homogenates Supplementary Fig.

Error bars in acd represent SEM. Because PGRMC1 is a known protein, a number of rhm vol 247 recruiting biology tools are available to study the relationship between the expression of this protein and the binding of sigma-2 selective ligands in cancer cells. Cells treated with nontargeting siRNA were used as controls.

These data are consistent with the expression of sigma-2 receptors in 66 and 67 cells 9. Studies have shown that sigma-2 receptor ligands can induce caspasedependent cell death 14 In the current study, functional assays were conducted to examine the ability of the PGRMC1 to regulate caspase-3 activation by the sigma-2 receptor ligand, WC Fig. Error bars in b represent SEM.

The intracellular localization of PGRMC1 and sigma-2 receptors was compared using confocal microscopy. Both the sigma-2 receptor probe Fig. An additional set of high magnification images are shown in Supplementary Fig. For imaging sigma-2 receptors, live cells were incubated with SW and either MitoTracker or ER-Tracker and then imaged by confocal microscopy.

Antibody stained HeLa cells were then coverslipped and imaged by confocal microscopy. In recent years, considerable effort has been focused on the identification of cancer biomarkers which could be used in early detection, patient prognosis, and prediction of response to different types of chemo- and radiotherapy.

In many regards, the sigma-2 rhm vol 247 recruiting possesses a unique ability to serve as both a diagnostic and therapeutic biomarker of solid tumors. The fold higher density of sigma-2 receptors in proliferating breast cancer cells versus quiescent breast cells in vitro and in vivo 911 suggest that measuring the sigma-2 receptor status of solid tumors should provide an assessment of the proliferating: Furthermore, preclinical studies of sigma-2 receptor agonists have shown promise as chemotherapeutic agents since they are capable of killing tumor cells via a variety of mechanisms including caspase- and non-caspase-mediated apoptosis.

However, the widespread acceptance of the sigma-2 receptor as a cancer biomarker has been hampered by the fact that the molecular identity of this protein was not known. The goal of the current study was to complete a series of steps aimed at determining the molecular identity of the sigma-2 receptor. The first step involved the development of a sigma-2 selective photoaffinity probe which could irreversibly tag sigma-2 receptors in rat rhm vol 247 recruiting membrane homogenates, the tissue source used in sigma-2 receptor binding assays.

The photoaffinity labeling and mass spectrometry sequence analysis indicated that a strong candidate protein for the sigma-2 receptor was PGRMC1. A review of the literature revealed a number of similarities between the expression of PGRMC1 in cancer cells and normal tissues and the density of sigma-2 receptors in the same cancer cells and tissues.

The availability of siRNA, cDNA, and monoclonal antibodies for PGRMC1 provided the tools needed to study the relationship between the expression of this protein and the binding of sigma-2 selective ligands in cancer cells. Therefore, this study is the first to report that the putative sigma-2 receptor ligand binding site is located within the PGRMC1 protein complex. The identification that the putative sigma-2 receptor binding site resides within the PGRMC1 protein complex is significant for a variety of reasons.

First, it provides a link between receptor binding studies using sigma-2 radioligands and a known protein, the PGRMC1, which has been validated as a biomarker of cancer and cell proliferation. Second, it provides a gene whose expression can be examined across a wide panel of tumor cells.

The genetic mutations and single-nucleotide polymorphism SNP of PGRMC1 can also be readily examined in assessing the possible roles of this gene in normal cell function and in malignant transformation. SVSW and WC, and siramesine were synthesized by our group according to published methods 122139 Haloperidol was purchased from Tocris Bioscience St.

The mouse mammary tumor 66 cells were grown as previously described 9. The cells were harvested from T75 flasks after 6, 12, or 18 days in culture.

Hepatic cells membrane homogenates rhm vol 247 recruiting prepared from the liver of male Sprague-Dawley rats as previously described The position of the predominant band of the ligand-labeled protein in the gel was determined using a horseradish peroxidase-conjugated goat anti-FITC antibody Biodesign International Inc. The 24 kD band on the silver stained gel was excised and trypsinized; the trypsinized protein solution was further confirmed as rhm vol 247 recruiting with WC an antibody specific for FITC.

Proteomic study of the protein solution indentified film al kahfi somalangu proteins, the rhm vol 247 recruiting kDa putative progesterone binding protein and the 25 kDa Dx protein, which share the same genetic name, progesterone receptor membrane component 1 PGRMC1. The FITC positive protein band was found at rhm vol 247 recruiting weight of 24 kD, which was determined using the protein standards.

The 24 kD band was excised and trypsinized. HeLa cells were plated on 6-well plates at a cell density of 1. HeLa cells were plated in mm dishes at 1. Transfection was carried out according to the guidelines of the manufacturer.

After 24 h, the cells were collected for the sigma-2 receptor binding assays. The PE- conjugated antibody was excited at nm, and the emission collected using a nm filter.

The 7-AAD was excited at nm, and the emission collected using a nm long-pass filter. The labeled cells were then coverslipped and imaged by confocal microscopy as previously described 21 SW was excited using the nm line from an argon laser, and rhm vol 247 recruiting emission collected through a nm band-pass filter. MitoTracker and ER-Tracker were excited using the nm line from a helium—neon laser, and the emission collected through a nm long-pass filter. We thank Dr. Leslie M. Hicks, Ms.

Jeanne Speichinger and Ms. Competing financial interests: Charles, MO has a licensing agreement with Washington University School of 100 top private server cabal for the commercialization of rhm vol 247 recruiting labeled sigma-2 receptor radiotracers developed in the laboratory of RH Mach.

RH Mach has no financial interest in Isotrace Technologies, nor is he a paid consultant for the company. Therefore, the authors declare are no competing financial interests.

Author contributions: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Nat Commun. Author manuscript; available in PMC Apr Chang rhm vol 247 recruiting, 5 Richard S. Hotchkiss5 William G. Hawkins4 Kenneth T. Wheeler6 and Robert H. Justin Rhm vol 247 recruiting.

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