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"Strong Persuader" by Robert Cray. "Still Got the Blues" by Gary Moore. Puller58 · 1 decade ago. 0. Thumbs up. 0. Thumbs down. Report Abuse. The Robert Cray Band "Strong Persuader (Right Next Door)" pflp-info.dee. com/watch?v=jP2EvSNHq Steve · 5 years ago. 1. Thumbs up. used =[ cassette tape ] THE ROBERT CRAY BAND / STRONG PERSUADER England about delivery in Japan about payment in Japan. Don't expect a pre-fab set list when the Robert Cray Band his the Saenger Michael Smith, Published p.m. CT July 7, “ Smoking Gun,” from his breakthrough, Grammy-winning album “Strong Persuader,” to. Buyee - Bid for 'Robert Cray / ロバート・クレイ / Strong Persuader / 日本語解説付 / 1CD, Blues, CDs, Music' directly on Yahoo! Japan Auctions in real-time and buy.

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After his band gently fades out on his Eighties hit "Right Next Door Because of Me ," Robert Cray leans into the microphone to deflect any continued association between himself and the song's marriage-ruining main character.

Robert Cray Band's 'Strong Persuader': When his Grammy-winning album Strong Persuader came out inCray was a little more forthcoming about similarities between himself and the "young Bob" mentioned in the song. Being happily married with robert cray strong persuader yahoo six-year-old daughter might have something to do with his changing tune. And like many maturing artists, Cray, 60, prefers to focus on more serious matters, leading to songs about war in Iraq and, on his latest album, Nothing But Love, the recession.

While touring to promote that album, the blues-soul hybrid is already writing his next one, which promises robert cray strong persuader yahoo have even more political material.

I talk about the thing in general. Cray was more specific about his beginnings, his brief role as a fictional musician in the movie Animal House and a few more things about "Right Next Door. A lot of the songs from the last album deal with hard times, and I know you had a lot of hard times starting out.

How do you most identify with those people you wrote about? For us, the hard times were in relationship to where we were at the time as a band. I don't really consider those hard times.

Those are learning days. The thing about hard times on the new record is about what's going on nationally, with the mortgage crisis that took a lot of people out of their homes and people losing their jobs.

Where did it all start? Was it a slow build, or was there one thing that helped you out? Inwe had just done this run at this one club in Eugene — four days — and the club owner said, "Albert Collins is coming through, and he doesn't have a band. Would you mind backing him up? And so when Albert came tr3s monos amor mp3 s, we got to meet Albert and became his backup band for about a year and a half. I saw somewhere that Albert Collins actually played at your high school graduation?

I was already a fan. After the show was over, I walked up to him and I said, "Thanks robert cray strong persuader yahoo playing the gig. In '76 we were playing with him. Did you remind him?

I did. He said he remembered, but I don't think he did. When you were in Animal Housedid you think that was your big break? That was filmed, I think, in '76 or ' I was living in Eugene, Oregon, and some lady asked me if I wanted to be in a film. It was after a gig was over at this club, and I sarcastically said, "Yeah, right.

Nobody knew what it was. We weren't told the working title of the film. It was cool being on a movie set and robert cray strong persuader yahoo, and seeing a lot of locals in the area being picked up to be extras as well. And I'm going to go into this story: We had the Cray Band, and there was a local group called the Nighthawks with Curtis Salgado, a singer-harmonica player. We had a splinter group, and we called it the Cray-Hawks. And on Monday nights, we would play at the Eugene Hotel. Curtis was the harmonica player-singer who wore Ray-Bans.

So eventually, Belushi came on and did his Joe Cocker impersonation. He sat in with the band. You hadn't ever heard that before? What'd you think? I thought it was kind robert cray strong persuader yahoo stupid. But he was a nice guy. What do you like about the new stuff so far? There's political stuff in there once again.

It's unavoidable. But that's basically all I can say right now, because nothing's ever really finished until I'm at the microphone singing it.

Robert cray strong persuader yahoo always change. All of a sudden, at the last moment — "Oh, this is how it's supposed to go. The early hits had those songs about betrayal, the singer being the bad guy. How did that affect people's image of you?

People thought that I was that guy. The thing was, in the Strong Persuader days, Bruce Bromberg and Dennis Walker, they were producers, but they were also songwriters. Dennis Walker wrote a lot of songs on his own, but we also co-wrote together a lot of things. Bruce Bromberg was more of the lyricist, and then we as the band put the music to his stuff, like "Smoking Gun" and "Night Patrol. And I love Dennis's songwriting because they did — they painted pictures.

But I added the "young Bob" in "Right Next Door," and now I'm associated with that, so that's kind of a hard thing to live down. This article originally appeared on Rolling Stone: Robot Comic: Did Trump get some wall funding or not? Entertainment Home. Follow Us. Pat Pemberton.

Rolling Stone October 3, What to Read Next. Yahoo Music. Robert cray strong persuader yahoo Celebrity. Entertainment Tonight. Meredith Videos. Yahoo TV. Associated Press.

Congress advances border security bill without Trump border wall. Entertainment Weekly. Yahoo View. The Wrap.

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Yahoo Robert cray strong persuader yahoo. I need a really great sexy blues song that is only instrumental.

Can you give me some ideas? Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes No. Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. Best Answer: Source s: Add a comment. OK - instrumentals only, and sexy, and blues? It isn't instrumental but it cannot be ignored imho. There are some instrumental versions of blues songs you might like if you can find them.

Robert Cray's "Strong Persuader" is good too. I'm laughing at what some people consider to be "blues" songs. Jimi Hendrix Blues. Lenny or riviera paradise by Stevie Ray Battle net hearthstone are bluesy. Anything by Earl Hooker Super cool blues harp from the master.

Last Date, Floyd Crammer not sure about the spelling of his last name. Pagination 1. Existing questions. What are some good blues guitar songs instrumental? In your opinion, what's the greatest instrumental song ever? More questions. Whats the sexiest instrumental robert cray strong persuader yahoo Does anyone know any depressing instrumental blues songs?

Answer Questions Does God like that humans sing songs for him? Im a beginner to the drums so this might be a stupid question but is there a certain letter tunning for the drums on your drum kit? Why key harmonica, did Bob Dylan ask for, to see if anyone in the crowd had one? Should I use a low gain amp to the play the Blues or would a high gain amp be alright? Does God like that humans sing songs for him?

What is blues music? Whats a good "Cathartic Release" for diminishing the "blues" in these Winter days and nights? Best electric guitar strings robert cray strong persuader yahoo use on a Gibson Blues Hawk?


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