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My top Reggaeton songs. I will adjust over time. If you like this list check out my other lists: Salsa Top , Merengue Top , Cuban. Rolling Stone chronicles Latin America's most influential pop songs, from the whose single “Obsesión” scored Number Ones across France, Italy and .. In the book Reggaeton (Refiguring American Music), German. Songs like “Gasolina,” “Oye Mi Canto,” and “Culo” popularized reggaeton, even for the gringos. All of a sudden, it was cooler than ever to be a. Reggaeton is dead in the same way hip-hop is dead -- the popular stuff no longer resembles the gritty, lo-fi ups and downs of the working class. 28 Essential Reggaeton Songs From The Early s To Now .. prominent reggaeton producers Luny Tunes and Eliel, and released in 2002 reggaeton songs

Despite the seemingly inappropriate nature of all of this, there was definitely an undeniable sense of togetherness, brought about nothing other than reggaeton.

There was something about the sandungueo reggaeton of the early to mids that really catalyzed a movement. All of a sudden, it was cooler than ever to be a young Latinx; we had hijacked all that was mainstream. Please be advised 2002 reggaeton songs this piece could never fully encapsulate those years in all their glory — a fragment in time as special as this could 2002 reggaeton songs be replicated. However, I hope to at least bring you some nostalgic joy by recounting some of the fire bangers you may have heard at a getty in — in no particular order.

These songs, in my opinion, most appropriately represent this moment in reggaeton. Feel free to share any we missed in the comments, and let our Apple Music playlist take you back. This extraordinary 2002 reggaeton songs is the crown jewel of 2002 reggaeton songs genre, and we applaud him for setting the bar where it needed to be for other reggaetoneros. Ah, a song about a shark. Sharks are fantastically big ocean creatures, and all the more frightening. Yeah, you should probably stay away from sharks.

Wait, what was that? You 2002 reggaeton songs him to bring you to the shark? Are you okay, sis? How many unplanned pregnancies was this song responsible for? This shit is the musical manifestation of the eggplant emoji. The only thing stopping me from catching a body is the collection of lit-ass abuelas featured in the music video. This track was, quite frankly, the collaboration to end all reggaeton collaborations.

Almost all the artists involved in the production of this song were massively popular at the time of its release. We can thank production duo Luny Tunes for fostering musical coalitions like these.

You would think, judging by the soft, sweet chords of the intro, that this song would be a wholesome, romantic number. Does that make it any less beautiful? Did that stop year-old me from obnoxiously screaming the lyrics anytime it came on?

Absolutely not. Is 2002 reggaeton songs just me? Even though Zion is singing about how he misses his shorty, this is a somewhat laughable tune. Zion hits all 2002 reggaeton songs right high-notes while Lennox whispers in octaves so low that only certain breeds of dogs can hear him — the combination is unmatched. Regardless, this song is flames.

Whenever you heard those bachata guitar riffs, you knew it was time to get down. Also, the video has horses. Usually, the feeling is debilitating.

How, then, is a perreo-bop like this one possible in such 2002 reggaeton songs agonizing state of mind? 2002 reggaeton songs was not supposed to be listening to any of these songs in middle school. Sure, the other songs talked about ass, tits, and grinding, but this one was promoting fornication in the most straightforward way possible.

Look at Tego. No, no, no — look at this ICON. From award-winning records, acting, and an outspoken commitment to black visibility in Latin America, Tego has really done it all. Before going on to become super-woke philanthropists, Residente and Visitante gave us life with this blessed banger. Equal parts comedy, equal parts ass shaking. Shorty was two-timing and tricking on her vacation with her homegirls. Did she even go on the vacation?

Or 2002 reggaeton songs she just booed up with Don Omar on the low somewhere Uptown for a week? Who knows, really? Believe me, it is scalding hot. This song internet browser icons ing released on the earlier end of the s, but you can bet our ass that this was still played at any function in the following decade. Ivy Queen was truly the boss bitch of reggaeton, and this is a boss bitch banger.

Consider it. Social media aside, this song slapped. Even though they were already well-known in the scene, they had extremely popular record releases in the year to follow. Last but not least, we have this OG Don Chezina track, which flooded our emails by way of a dancing purple hippopotamus, and infused our get-togethers with high-energy perreo dance moves that vaguely resembled the use of a wheelbarrow.

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