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More By A$AP Ferg. See All · Still Striving. Trap Lord. Always Strive and Prosper. Trap Lord. Still Striving. Always Strive and. Work REMIX Lyrics: I gotta close the window before I record / 'Cause New York don't know how to be quiet / Stand up! / Coogi down to the. Work (Remix) by A$AP Ferg and A$AP Rocky feat. French Montana, ScHoolboy Q and Trinidad Jame$ - discover this song's samples, covers and remixes on. r/hiphopheads: Everything hip-hop! The latest mixtapes, videos, news, and anything else hip-hop related from your favorite artists.

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Klaar voor de start songtekst youtube er I'll probably rewatch it all before the new episodes. If you would like to do the same, add the browser extension GreaseMonkey to Firefox and add this open source script. If you're asking why he's on this record, it's because he's interesting. Admittedly French had a line that I'll be calling one of my faves and I fucking hate French: If you're asking who he is, he's one of the biggest a$ap ferg work remix stars out right now.

Last update: October All you motherfuckers that been hatin on Fergs shit since the get go, hahahahahaha, eat crow niggas, Ferg brought the heat. Hell yeah. I remember at one point people were saying Rocky had to drop ASAP and specifically mentioned Ferg as bringing him down. Here you can find most recent hip hop and rap songs 25-06 rifle info they usually post iTunes quality have Fun.

The beat is actually produced by a good friend of mine. He also worked with Rocky on 4 tracks, a$ap ferg work remix, and said that one of them is going to be featuring Rihanna! The others will be next. They all want a shot at carving their own lane and that shit isn't gonna happen if Flocko gets on every track and video.

Nast killing a a$ap ferg work remix recently. While I agree hes next after Ferg, Ferg is definitely the one stepping up right now.

Admittedly French had a line that I'll be calling one of my faves and Prototype 100 save file fucking a$ap ferg work remix French:.

Mikes goes to Jesse's house and finds the guy who stole his bag of money, Mike says hes going to kill the guy but Jesse calls his bluff because Mike took the time to cover his face. Ohh, yeah I've seen all of Breaking Bad, that particular scene I forgot about. I'll probably rewatch it all before the new episodes.

Schoolboy killed it. Really would have liked to see Rocky with a longer verse and not smushed right up against the ending. I meant that he should be on every possible track these days Not that he's missing stuff he does. Q killed it. Of course. Umm correct me if I'm wrong, but is A$ap ferg work remix just say "we the first to claim we faggots". The perfect song to motivate me for my last all-nighter of college.

I'm finna a$ap ferg work remix this final. Video coming this week. Lots of behind the scenes footage here: Okay so maybe it's just because I'm kind of a French Montana stan, but I actually think he fucking bodied this. Perfect subject matter and flow on this beat.

People hate on French because he's not very talented, but I like him for fun coke rap, as opposed to a duo like Clipse, who make not-fun coke rap. I love Clipse, just pointing out a difference. Same, I think he killed this and I think Trinidad was ass. Maybe because I just don't like dude. I thought everyone did well, although Montana's verse was more reminiscent of the original than the remix. That being said, everyone went in pretty hard, excited for more from the trap lord.

I love when rappers shout me out in there tracks, "All my Domincan Niggas, got me speaking spanglish" che boy. Loved the original, but this shit is next level. Does he have any solid solo work? This remind anyone of Karate Chop? Anyway Ferg's voice kinda turns me off but the rest were fine even Montana. Can somebody explain the order that they rap in? I know Ferg is first, but then I'm not sure. Maybe it's because I'm so tired.

Just off first impressions, expectations, and flow. I havn't had time to go deep into the lyrics a$ap ferg work remix. Are you really asking who Trinidad James is or are you saying wtf is he doing on this record? If you're asking who he is, he's one of the biggest rap stars out right now. If you're asking why he's on this record, it's because he's interesting. If you would like to do the same, add the browser a$ap ferg work remix GreaseMonkey to Firefox and add this open source script.

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Welcome a$ap ferg work remix Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. I assumed everyone agree dhe was the most talented in the group. I felt that Ferg was the only verse worth mentioning. You heard it hear first. Admittedly French had a line that I'll be calling one of my faves and I fucking hate French: When they mask up, comin' for your ice When they bare-faced, they comin for your life Not a real complex line, but I like it a lot.

This is tight though. Shit needs to drop soon. That's his problem, he always sounds aight. Really liked Q and Rocky verses. Yeah I replayed it twice and I was like "wtf? I feel ya. Who produced this shit? Even I want to throw down a verse over this haha. Wouldn't mind Bodega Bamz replacing him. Have you heard females welcome by him? Its tight. Might be for this.

Real talk. I like Ferg, but I had no idea he had that in him. U mad? I'd rather listen to 1 train. Better chill out young blood. Popped a molly I'm sweatin'? The beat is tight. That helps.

a$ap ferg work remix

ASAP Ferg - Work (Remix) feat. ASAP Rocky, French Montana, Trinidad James & Schoolboy Q

Sign In Register. Trap Lord. Got me feelin' like Jim Jones I'm a pimp though, no limp though Couldn't copy my style in Kinkos Put in work, run up on a killer then I put him in the dirt Run up in the buildin', semi gon' squirt That's what a nigga get when they getting on my nerves I ain't lyin' - lay 'em on the curb Riding on a killer who be coming at Ferg!

French Montana] Haaan! That ain't Kanye, that's Montana Loose cannon, he shot me so I had to do it Put him in the dirt, put him in it first I just sold a swammy with ten hommies on it Her ass fat, you could park ten Tahoes on it When they mask up, comin' for your ice A$ap ferg work remix they bare-faced, they comin for your life Baby don't pray for me pray for the weak I'm drinkin' lean, it help me sleep Illuminati?

I'm from the streets Never sold my body, we takin' bodies [Hook] Put in work, put in work Put in work, put ufomammut oro opus primum adobe in the dirt [Verse 3: Trinidad James] Shout out that motherland, 12 years old with guns in hand They don't ask no questions, nigga, all they do is bang bang bang They don't ask no questions, all they do is bang bang I said I do this for them shottas, Trinidad I love ya I do this for them shottas, Jamaica I'm your brother I know a bitch from VI, yeah yeah a$ap ferg work remix that's my partner You got a problem with it, then, then, then, then that's your problem I fuck with Asian niggas And I fuck with Migos I fuck with Haitian niggas, all they speak is Creole I said all I a$ap ferg work remix is real, y'all niggas might hate me but That don't get no deal, I said no that don't get no deal I just now got my deal, but I been gettin' this money No green card in this struggle, immigration give you nothing [Hook] But work A$ap ferg work remix it in a$ap ferg work remix Work Put it in work Work Put it in work [Verse 4: A lotta niggas died, should've been from Hoover Street No I do not have a car, but I could buy one every week Pimpin' like I'm 33, move keys like I'm 36 Ship O's like I'm 28, Tacoma know I'm pushin' weight O-X-Y I'm in your state, eatin' off your dinner plate My heart a$ap ferg work remix where Santa stay, super fly, I need a cape Bitches throwin' pussy back and forth, they on my dick Passion drippin' off her lip, she say she never had a crip Uh, put in work, all big booties make ya twerk All big titties lift your shirt, show a player what you're worth Yeah, put in work, spray his ass in front the Church Deacon said I did my shit, the a$ap ferg work remix said, "That nigga turnt" Pop my collar on my shirt, make these bitches go berserk Shippin' units, Captain Kirk, takin' xannies poppin' percs Might not last, I'll bomb ya first, turn your backseat to a hearse Back to the lab with mother Earth, had to give Young Ferg a verse [Verse 5: Ratchets, designer jackets The same niggas who jack it be the first who claim we faggots My bitch is a movie actress, side bitch won a beauty pageant Got a chick that worked at Magic, but I'm so damn fine ossi huber songs a bitch look average See my daddy in heaven, right next to Ferg's You know what's up I'm throwin' bucks Loaded Lux, put in work.

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