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Thank you for taking the time to explore the avrprojects website. Here you can find projects about AVR 8-bit microcontrollers. We hope you`ll find these pages. To get started you can either create a new project from scratch or open an existing example. In both cases you can configure your software components and . The project generation wizard will appear. This dialog provides the option to specify the programming language and project template to be used. This project will. Atmel Studio IDE» Creating a Project in Atmel Studio 7. Creating a Project in Atmel Studio 7. Atmel Studio 7 has a New Project wizard that steps you through. Projects tagged with "ATMEGA". Browse by Tag: Select a tag. Select a tag, ongoing NTSC Video on Atmel Mega/ · Bruce Land · k. Create new Assembler project · Project context menu · Assembler Options AsmToolchainOptions Import Project Template · Debug Object File in Atmel Studio.

These special features help students, hobbyists and engineers make innovative AVR projects. A soil atmel project meter is used for indicating the water content of a given soil sample. As crop production requires water at different stages and in different amounts, it is important to measure soil moisture from time to time. This project driver cce w125 soil moisture content in irrigation farms by measuring the resistance to the flow of electric current between two metallic probes.

These probes act as sensor elements that register moisture and change it into an electric value. This value is further processed atmel project information by an electronic display. Details about the project are available at: A radar system consists of a transmitter, transmitting a beam towards a target, which is reflected by the atmel project as an echo signal.

The receiver receives and processes the reflected signal to provide such information like the presence of a target, distance, position moving or stationary or speed, which is displayed on a display atmel project.

Radar systems have a number of defense as well as civil applications. Air traffic control uses radars to track aircraft on the ground, in the air and to guide planes for smooth landings.

More details about this project are available at: This system can be used to take attendance for a student in school, college, and university. It also can be used to take attendance for workers in working places. Its ability to uniquely identify each person based on their RFID tag type of ID card make the process of taking attendance easier, faster and secure as compared to conventional method. An alternative way of viewing the recorded attendance is by using HyperTerminal software.

A prototype of the system has been successfully fabricated. Radio frequency technology is used in many applications. More details about this project is available at: RFID based attendance system. This simple fingerprint sensor project using Atmel project is very useful in door security, forensics, crime investigation, personal atmel project, attendance system and much more. In the future, there could be many more applications like atmel project based driving license, bank accounts operation and so on.

The whole system works on a simple matching algorithm. A water-level atmel project has two units: A long spiral atmel project is used for enhancement of its range. The contactless sonar sensor is placed at a strategic location on the tank so that it always gets the reflected signal from the water surface. The calculated tank level is transmitted with a coded authorisation to the receiver unit.

The circuit uses two 9V batteries—one to power the Arduino board and the other to power the motors. Regulated 5V supply for rest of the circuit is provided by the Arduino board itself. LED on the board indicates a presence of power supply. The main purpose of the circuit is to switch on the fan connected to DC motor when the temperature is greater than a threshold value.

The microcontroller continuously reads the temperature from its surroundings. The temperature sensor acts as a transducer and converts the sensed temperature to electrical values.

This is an analog value which is applied to the ADC pin of the microcontroller. The analog atmel project is applied to one of the input ADC pins. Thus atmel project occurs internally using successive approximation method. The output of Analog MQ-8 Hydrogen gas sensor value is compared with a threshold value continuously.

If the Analog MQ-8 Hydrogen gas sensor output value is greater than the threshold value, the buzzer starts beeping. Only when the accuracy of a clock is needed, as an application of high precision counting, an external crystal is attached. At high pulse the controller sends an alert by turning the buzzer ON which makes noise. After that, only an authorized person can turn off the alarm.

The correct combination will be programmed in the controller. So only the person with the correct code can turn OFF the atmel project which was set by the vibration. More details about this are available at: The line follower robot needs the mechanical arrangement of the chassis.

Assume a two wheeled robotic vehicle with a castor wheel. The two IR sensors are mounted on the robot facing the Earth. When a robot is placed on the fixed path, it follows the path by detecting a line. The robot direction of motion depends on the two sensors outputs.

When the two sensors are on the line of a path, the robot moves forward. If atmel project left sensor moves away from the line, robot moves towards the right. Similarly, if right sensor moves away from the path, the robot moves towards its left. Whenever robot moves away from its path it is detected by the IR sensor. More about this project are available at: The circuit has four sections: The system is housed in the CPU chassis of a desktop computer and is powered by W ATX power supply for error-free operation and proper power delivery to the system.

The system has a standby mode indicator. More about this project is available at: A high precision digital thermometer is atmel project in this project. Working of the circuit is very simple. The temperature sensor i.

LM35 continuously monitors room temperature and gives an analogue equivalent voltage which is directly proportional to the temperature. This analogue data is given to Arduino. The Arduino converts this analogue voltage value to digital temperature readings. This value is displayed on the LCD. The rate of change of temperature capture can be programmed in the code. The output displayed on the LCD is an atmel project reading of room temperature in celsius.

Shadow alarms qualcomm atheros ar5005gs driver usually used for protection against theft. A shadow alarm is a device that sounds an alarm when a shadow falls on it. Described here is a simple circuit of atmel project Arduino-based shadow alarm. This compact shadow alarm unit is capable of sensing a moving shadow in a restricted area and is easily install-able on a wall, window or door to protect your valuables from theft.

It consists of an Arduino board, power supply, light-dependent resistor LDR sensor, buzzer, relay driver and a few other components. Arduino Uno board is the heart of this circuit. More detail about this project is available at: In order to rectify this problem, we will go for density atmel project traffic lights atmel project. We have to arrange one IR sensor for each road; these sensors always sense the traffic on that particular road.

All these atmel project are interfaced to the microcontroller. Based on these sensors, the controller detects the traffic and manages the traffic system. We know that sound vibrations cannot penetrate through solids. Atmel project what happens is, when a source of sound generates vibrations they travel through the air at a speed of meters per second.

These vibrations when they meet our ear we describe them as sound. More about this is atmel project at: GSM based messaging. This project uses the Arduino Yun, ATmega32u4which is a special Arduino that is perfect for network-connected devices. The Yun has two processors, one of which runs the Linux operating system and can connect to wired or wireless networks.

Atmel project second processor is the same as the one used in Arduino Leonardo. It has great compatibility with Arduino libraries and hardware.

This project uses an infrared LED and receiver to send and receive remote control signals. Circuit connections of this vehicle tracking system project are simple. One of the interesting projects among AVR projects is Arduino based tilt detector. An accelerometer, which is an electro-mechanical device, can be used for various atmel project like tilt detection, obstacle detection, motion inputs, earthquake sensing, etc.

Tilt detection is a simple application of an accelerometer where a change atmel project angular position of the system in any direction is detected and indicated through four LEDs. An Arduino Uno board is used to process the data received from the accelerometer and switch on the corresponding LED to indicate the direction of tilt. One of the useful projects among AVR projects is electronic voting machine; this helps in privacy and prevents malpractice during voting.

This project designs a simple voting machine using ATmega32A microcontroller. More about this can be found on electronic voting system. Let us know mulawin movie you liked this list of 20 AVR projects. If you have some of your own, you would like to add to this list of AVR projects, let us know in the comments below. For reference:


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