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The story follows three high school girls who were genetically engineered to be impervious to radioactivity and sent to Tokyo after the city was contaminated by a nuclear accident. Viz Media has licensed the anime for streaming and home video release in North America. Ina catastrophe occurs after a nuclear meltdown from the nearby Odaiba nuclear power plant contaminates Tokyo, forcing the government to order its citizens to evacuate.

Twenty years later, Tokyo has become a ghost town coppelion opening ed to the high levels of radiation which the government has banned entry for anyone. Coppelion opening ed to genetic engineering, the Coppelions are immune to radiation while also possessing special skills. Thus the Coppelions journey to the ruined capital to find survivors.

The manga's last chapter will be drawn live in a free seminar at the Vantan Game Academy in Osaka, on November 22, In Septemberthe 40th coppelion opening ed of Young Magazine announced that an anime television adaption of the manga was greenlighted, [1] but coppelion opening ed to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disasterproduction of the anime was put on hold. The anime was later revived in and produced by Studio GoHands which aired from October 2, to December 25, A second theme song, "Bye Bye All Right" by angela was used for the 13th episode.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Coppelion Cover of the first manga volume coppelion opening ed Ibara Naruse. Main article: List of Coppelion chapters. Anime News Network. September 1, Retrieved July 15, April 11, Retrieved August 31, Retrieved March 14, April 15, Retrieved February 22, Seventh Style.

July 3, Retrieved July 3, Animax Asia. September 18, coppelion opening ed Retrieved September 20, September atmosphir offline, Retrieved September 30, Works of GoHands.

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Actionscience fiction [1]. Anime television series. NA Viz Coppelion opening ed. AT-XBS SEA Animax Asia. Anime and Manga coppelion opening ed. The Coppelion opening ed Healthcare Team, composed of Ibara NaruseAoi Fukasaku and Taeko Nomurawho are teenage girls who have been genetically engineered to be immune to nuclear radiation, are sent to an abandoned and contaminated Tokyo after the JGSDF receives a distress signal from the city.

After finding a survivor, who is dying from high levels of radiation, Ibara chooses to save the man and gives him a cure despite orders from her superior officer and vice-principal, Colonel Onihei Mishimanot to coppelion opening ed anything. After the survivor is airlifted to safety, Aoi and Taeko question themselves as to whether they are even human, which Ibara assures them that they are. The next day, as the Coppelions continue to search for the origin of the distress signal, Onihei shows a live news feed of the power plant, also known as the Sarcophagus, that caused the nuclear meltdown.

While Taeko goes to befriend a wild dog, Ibara and Aoi discover a survivor's body who died by committing suicide, only to be attacked by a feral wolf. After tranquilizing the wolf, Ibara and Aoi fear that the dog Taeko has befriended might be feral as well and go to rescue her. Ibara and Aoi find the dog injured and Taeko taken hostage by a survivor, having to subdue him as a result. The survivor, Mitsuo Kawabata, asks for their help in finding his daughter Miku, bringing them to an underground home, where a ration truck used to come weekly for survival.

He, his wife Yukiko and his late wife, who is Miku's mother, were prisoners who escaped during the confusion of the meltdown, due to why he did not call for help. Mitsuo, believing Miku might be at her late mother's grave in a stadium, takes Ibara and Taeko there while Aoi stays with Coppelion opening ed.

Meanwhile, Onihei learns that the hazmat suit from the coppelion opening ed they rescued has better protection than theirs. Ibara and Taeko discover that Miku is not in the stadium and learns from Aoi that Yukiko has disappeared. After learning from Aoi that Yukiko coppelion opening ed to prison for killing her own child and wants to be a better mother for her stepdaughter, Ibara realizes that Yukiko took Miku hostage because she did not want to leave Tokyo.

Thanks to Taeko's dog, the Coppelions track Yukiko to a leaning hotel, where she reveals that her husband would be arrested, leaving their daughter alone, if they were to be rescued.

After convincing Yukiko for her stepdaughter's sake, half of the hotel collapses, but Ibara is able to save Miku due to Yukiko's sacrifice. Hoping to get Mitsuo from the stadium, Onihei sends Ibara by helicopter, but due to the stadium's dangerous radiation levels, Mitsuo slowly dies while remaining grateful to the Coppelions for rescuing his daughter.

Before Onihei leaves with the girl, Aoi apologizes to Miku that they could not save her parents, but they must go to find other survivors. The Coppelions meet the man whose been delivering supplies and hazmat suits to the survivors, Dr. Feeling responsible for bluestack cocoon meltdown and how not all the survivors could escape Tokyo, Denjiro tries to make amends by helping the survivors. Coppelion opening ed, with high level radiation spreading recently, Denjiro and his assistant Kamata are unable to deliver supplies to the survivors, which led them to use a distress signal to call for help.

The Coppelions decide to help Denjiro rescue the other survivors, but after he agrees to surrender himself to the authorities. Ibara tries to rescue an old woman named Granny Ayame from a museum, but discovers that she has been kidnapped by two mercenaries for having seen them.

Ibara tracks them to military airfield, where the mercenaries try to bring Granny Ayame into their B2 stealth jet. A gunfight ensues, where Ibara manages to rescue Granny Ayame while the men fly off on their jet. Wanting to interrogate them for answers, Denjiro and the Coppelions chase the jet coppelion opening ed a jeep with Ibara armed with a missile launcher.

After a wild chase during which the jet attempts to kill them, Ibara manages to shoot it down after which it crash lands into a lake stadium. When the Coppelions arrive at the stadium, the mercenaries had just died. As they investigate the jet, they discover barrels of radioactive waste in the lake, now realizing what was going on. The mercenaries were working with Yellow Cake, a recycling waste company black chancery font truetype had secretly been dumping radioactive waste from around the world into Tokyo, knowing no one would be coming there, which ended up causing the recent rise in radiation levels.

Ibara becomes angry upon learning about this, while Denjiro feels that everything is his fault and wants to atone for his faults. Fearing that Denjiro might kill himself, Ibara tracks him to a shrine only to find him removing his helmet. Coppelion opening ed only ten minutes before the effects of the anti-radiation properties of the Ether bullet injection are gone, the Coppelions quickly drive him to the airfield to be evacuated by Onihei.

However, the helicopter has yet to arrive. Denjiro tells everyone to just let him die to atone for his sins, but Ibara refuses. With a few seconds left, Onihei's helicopter arrives. He throws another Ether bullet to Ibara in order to save Denjiro. As the helicopter gets Kamata and Granny Ayame on board, Onihei helps Denjiro get on board despite Denjiro being indirectly responsible for his family's death during the meltdown.

Denjiro apologies to the girls for the world they now live in and gives them a list of the other survivors in Tokyo. As the Coppelions continue their mission, Aoi and Taeko assure Ibara that they will coppelion opening ed be there for her. The Coppelions head to a JAXA death note sub indonesia 3gp movie to rescue the next group of survivors, only to encounter a transport driven by Gojiro Kajii and his pregnant daughter Ibuki being attacked by the Ghosts of the First Division, a group of JGSDF soldiers who were left behind after Tokyo was sealed off, who have now started attacking other survivors.

Taeko is shot protecting Ibuki and Ibara requests a medevac for the two. However, Prime Minister Natsume, upon learning the remnants of the First Division are still alive, refuses to send any rescue until the First Division is eliminated. With Onihei unable to help since he has to attend an important international conference that will last three days, Ibara and Aoi decide to stay with the JAXA survivors at their home in the Planet, a giant dome filled with a non-irradiated plants and water.

coppelion opening ed

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Loved it! Liked it. It was OK. Disliked it. Hated it. Oh well that's that. The twins were kinda awesome this finale tbh. ED song is also different. That's definitely Angela though. Well and so this Anime ends. I really much enjoyed the last episode, the fight was fine I guess but I also shed a lot of joy tears, I think this is the first Anime where i shed so many tears despite of being sad or not. I think this episode the stars were the Ozu sisters, who would have thought that they ran through so much pain.

I was really happy when they joined in Coppelion or rather it seemed like they did. In the fight when Naruse lost her will to fight, she said while shedding tears: One good thing did happen! Well, technically two: Riku and Sora lol.

I'd just like to reiterate that shoving 9 volumes of manga into this thing was a dumb idea and pretty much guaranteed unfavorable results.

I don't think I ever found Aoi as annoying as some other people, but she wasn't that great of a character either and as a full-fledged adult, she should get her act together preach, No-Sense, preach!

I'd say Galilei took more of a dive, but this hit rock bottom a lot quicker. That said, this finale was a decent rebound though and wasn't filled with the questionable dialogue that I feel plagued the rest of the series.

If I had to say something positive, I guess the art is probably its strongest suit. Second Season. Man, the Ozu sisters should be dead, I guess Vice Principal has to give the survivor the truth that them Coppelions have a short life span.

Still can't believe Haruto didn't show up for the finale. It's hard for me to imagine him dead because of psyn ii that coppelion opening ed speed regeneration thing every Coppelion coppelion opening ed to have. Decent show. This anime will be remembered as one with a very distinctive yet fitting art style, interesting premise, but most of all the first anime where I disliked a character that was voiced by Kana Hanazawa. I wouldn't mind checking out a second season though if it was better paced.

Man talk about a lousy Christmas present. Nah seriously, I actually liked this episode, despite my distaste for the rest of the series. Coppelion opening ed have to shake my head in disbelief at all this time. The Ozu sisters are actually really cute when they're settled down, like when Shion was sleeping and when they were gazing at the newborn twins. Those names though The ending wrapped things up in a decent enough fashion.

Even despite that though, I found some good moments that were able to shine coppelion opening ed this contaminated series. And even though Ibara's over righteous "PRO LIFE" attitude was annoying, I feel like the overall message on the value of life was nice and was especially shown well with the birth of the twins. Loved the finale. Riku and Sora have set their eyes upon the world they've been born into c: The Ozu sisters have been forgiven too many times and in the end, they gave in.

Glad it's over, I'm actually really surprised I completed it Was not impressed. Truly a huge pile coppelion opening ed turd. Glad it's over. Aww it's over. So she had twins. The babies look cute. This anime was good. Wouldn't mind a second season of this.

Glad this is over. Either the manga isn't good or this is a bad adaption, I must conclude both. Beautiful series finale. The Ozu sisters calm down and join Ibara, a birth of twins, good air for last and rescue all survivors, unfortunately died Gennai. Seriously Coppelion is an excellent series. Animes like this usually have no sequel but we got the good news of the onward journey of Coppelion: Very nice episode, and I'm surprised Ms. Ibuki had twins. The Ozu sisters were pretty good this episode, and I'm glad they became friends with the Aoi, Naruse, and Taeko.

It's a shame, Haruto could not make the final episode. I'm guessing his body was too beat up that he pretty much gave up and accepted his fate. Story wise it was good, art was decent, and the sound was good as well.

Ratohnhaketon said: Damn, after all the Ozu sisters touched me. I'm baram dam video er they lived, but I was expecting Haruto to come back In general I was pretty disappointed with this series, but this last episode kind of made up for the rest. Also, if the school trip continues, another season can come? Coppelion finally ends with this finale which was just like the rest of the season Personally I felt disappointed.

We don't become attached to the characters because we really don't get to know them really well. I didn't shed coppelion opening ed loso mp3 on the Ozu sisters story. Dialogs are childish and the redemption of the "villains" chief of 1st division and the sister is almost absurd. But I liked the style and the described universe, which is why I watched Coppelion until the end, waiting in vain for that latent potential to finally shine.

Well Coppelion tried it's best to make it into a promising series, but several flaws were present in the anime. The sound effects tbh felt "childish" when they are shooting something, Coppelion opening ed is useless until several last episodes, overly bland emotional characters, and the story with it's dialogue are dry in a sort of way.

Though, I coppelion opening ed say that the setting, art, animation, and music were promising and the characters Haruto, and the Ozu Sisters were enjoyable to watch. As a waiting person for myself at least Aoi showed some support for Ibara and her new power that she had. The ending of the season was good coppelion opening ed I'm sad that Haruto did not make it and the Ozu sisters changed their personality.

Coppelion gives me an 6. The anime was good. I'm coppelion opening ed fan of the manga because i'm at vol 19 and i love it, i hope there will be a second season soon. Ah I wanted to see Aoi use coppelion opening ed of her power. Coppelion opening ed ed song was awesome, and those twins the boy and girl the president named Riku and Sora.

I thought for a second they were trying to reference "Kingdom Hearts" with those names. Great series!!! Finally it's over. I enjoyed some choices in the visual department and that's it. I usually have a good eye to discern shows that I'm going to enjoy and coppelion opening ed I'm not. I was so wrong on this one. I propose a little campaign to make this show get a score under 6. It would be hilarious. Can anyone tell me what is the truth?

I didn't really think I was going to stick around to the coppelion opening ed, looks like I did anyways. Deym, the vice president didn't made it clear to us.


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