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Youtube: . Apparently Cry went to the emergency room for a gallbladder infection, video of him explaining it So it still would be possible to blackmail him with a face reveal. Cry has never revealed his face, but his name and location are known. As a YouTube gamer, Cryaotic does what he does regardless of his subscriber count, . See more ideas about Cryaotic, Markiplier and Pewdiepie and cry. Markiplier, otherwise known as one of the craziest gamers I have ever seen on YouTube .. does any one else realize he is drawing pinkie pies face on him? .. Pewdiepie And CryCryaoticSeptiplierHilariousFunnyMarkiplierFace RevealCry Youtube. Cry has never revealed his face, but his name and location are known. As a YouTube gamer, Cryaotic does what he does regardless of his subscriber count, . See more ideas about Cryaotic, Youtube gamer and Septiplier. Pewdiepie Fan Art, Cryaotic, Youtube Gamer, Another example of the perfected duck face!.

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Cry's true face

Basically Ziegs was a female streamer who hung out with the crew and got bullied and belittled a lot by Chey. People either noticed and stayed quiet, or thought it was funny, so it got swept under the rug until Ziegs posted that she's quitting and that Chey's behaviour has almost driven her to suicide.

Cry played the "I never knew it was so bad" card. Snake was suspicious of what was going on but generally remained neutral. Ziegs' post: Basically Coyotenimation on Youtube makes small animated highlights of streams. He made one called In the Room link dr engrave software https: What's interesting is that Cry commented in this video saying like "not cool, man" but bless gurugossiper I found there the image of the comment from coyote http: Jund is famously disliking of Chey and they butt heads a lot on tumblr.

Cry just sort of whines like "guyz plz stop" but doesn't do anything publicly. About his family life. A random reddit thread that was criticising Chey, but not titled as Chey, just "streamer's cryaotic face revealed youtube er, still pretty hilarious though https: So yes, she claims that "to the law" she was a minor but not emotionally illegal. Basically her way of saying she was 16 and Cry is five years older than her so do the math she states that in the tags.

Ive only ever heard of him on lolcow Suzy thread. Does he have a big following? Shouldn't the thread be about his girlfriend instead? His girlfriend goes hand in hand with the topic, I guess. He's essentially anonymous and faceless and fangirls go bonkers over his voice, to a very disturbing degree. He was super tight with Pewds and the PewdsxCry ship was alive and very well but it seems they wanted to simmer it down so it's basically a niche fandom now.

I haven't liked her from the start, she has always been rude to Cry and his friends even when they are on stream. I don't know why he stays with her, it seems like an abusive relationship to me. I didn't know that they started dating when she was 16 though, that's kind of gross.

If that's true, then the relationship may be toxic both ways then. I just called it Cryaotic for simplicity and because he would pop up sometimes in discussion. Kind of like how Game Grumps popped in Suzy's threads and now it's mixed. Basically, it's Cry and the late night crew, which Chey is a part of. Similar to Snoozy and GG.

He started streaming during the time Pewdiepie got really well known and he is very different from him. While Pewdiepie back then made a cryaotic face revealed youtube er of sexist and rape jokes, cry was the opposite.

He has a calming voice and states a lot of how he cryaotic face revealed youtube er about women's equality and human rights overall. He's also active in his fanbase. Aside from never showing his face, people tend to like him. I personally watched him back in or and thought he was a decent youtuber, even though he's an awful gamer. He isn't very political and doesn't over exaggerate his reactions like Markiplier. He was niche was a while, but got steadily more popular throughout the last 3 years.

I actually had no idea he hit over 1 mil subs until recently. I also felt Cry was kinda creepy tbh. How has Ziegs been after all this? Any updates on her? They both resemble her and really don't, it's weird. Chey is partnered now with Twitch and got 3k in donations the other day, I saw on her twitter. Like damn, why does such a bitchy person get such attention? Like, not in a "nobody's perfect" way but in the way cryaotic face revealed youtube er that one friend you have who cryaotic face revealed youtube er cool but continuously does small things that really piss you off, but they aren't enough to make you cryaotic face revealed youtube er them from your life.

He has a fucking hot voice cryaotic face revealed youtube er provided entertaining banter throughout. Do we have any photos of his actual face?

What does Cry see in her? Everything I've seen from her has just screamed "massive jealous bitch". I used to think people didn't like Chey before I knew who she was solely because Cry had a girlfriend but no, she's an absolute cunt of a person. But I'm totally down with believing it's him. Wouldn't surprise me if Chey got with him solely because noone else wanted her, and she wanted the attention.

If you watch the "cryaotic reads" stuff he has a really cool story telling voice. It's pretty nice. Never understood why people did. I guarantee he's fat. Her sidebar is just fanart of her and her boyfriend, and most of the posts seem to be her talking about him in some way.

Her latest posts are defending the legality of their relationship?? Fucking kek. I thought Snooze was bad, but at least Snooze isn't a cunt. Thank you for the extensive OP post, OP. I'm going to have a good time drinking this milk. I had no idea Cry was such a cow. Like… no, dude, that's not how it works. It doesn't give you a free pass to be a bitch to people.

I feel bad for her mother passing away. And I get it must be tough being Cry's gf with all the crybaby creepo female fans, but the only thing that she makes herself to be is cry's gf, likes swimming, lives in las vegas. That's it. And being a mega bitch to his friends. I've heard from elsewhere that she has a rep for driving away female mods for the streams. I can't recall where the link came from though.

But I was never made aware of my actions. Not once was I ever told about how you felt. Not once. You spoke to Cry once and then left. You gave him an ultimatum and cryaotic face revealed youtube er him to be a miracle worker. I have no idea who these people are, but that Chey's reply link is fucking vicious.

How can anyone defend this bitch? Cue people defending her because they have been blinded by internet culture. Time and cryaotic face revealed youtube er again she gets involved in drama and they still defend her. Now she's twitch partnered and she calls the people who criticise her "haters".

She's doing quite fine for being an ass to others. What he looks like, what his house looks like, his accounts, his family, his pets. She's got so much knowledge that she could destroy him if she wanted. Heck, I think some of his closest online friends don't even know his face or name. I mean he has to constantly pay websites to delete his information.

No events. No invites. Refuses any sponsorship or offer with a company if it cryaotic face revealed youtube er showing his real identity even a little. The guy is super invested in his privacy, even if he was just ugly. Really popular, but never really releases any information about his name, face, family life, etc. Its good because it builds mystery and I think it draws a lot of people in, but then you end up missing out on a lot stuff.

He's been invited to events and interviews for the game, but end sup turning them down and shit. Maybe that's just because he was cute tho. And you can't blame that on BPD. Looks like a bird…. Glasses and face full of pimples. Basically the picture of the ideal nerd. Just look at his homely ass girlfriend.

I think he's mainly avoiding posting his face because bera ivanishvili hip hop valsi has batshit crazy fans who will all leave him once they see his ugly mug.

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