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Burka Band Site Discogs [electro-rock, electronica] . Flippa Bandcamp Youtube [ambient, synthwave, retrowave, lives in Angola] (new Blend:er (Blender) MySpace [ambient, electronica][/]; Boquiren, Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul IMDB [Fatih Akin & Alexander Hacke]; Ears. "Rise and Shine" by Candy Jacket Jazz Band - Unstuck In Time (available on Bandcamp, CDBaby, Cross Mama (Or Mama Will Cross You Off)" by Cynthia And The Swing Set - Whoopsie Doo! .. Five featuring Hilary Alexander - Spreadin' Rhythm Around (Available on Bandcamp) . "Krossa det som krossar er!. Follow Moon Duo via the band's official website, or their official Old fans will surely embrace this as much as I did, while new(er) fans will.

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Trans manager I strive to render poetically what I learn through science. I have always been fascinated by this feature in some species, particularly cynthia alexander bandcamp er the complex case of the butterfly, which after all its transformative efforts ends as an extremely beautiful creature for a brief time. The Best of The Move as soon as possible. I work primarily with black ash, tanning animal skins, beading and some quill work. To "remember" is to put back together, to make whole. To create a book allows for an exchange with the reader both by the text and by the manipulation of it. My current collection of work, Insectariumfocuses on the fragility of insects native to the UK and the increasing pressures on their ecosystems.
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There is something silly about the music of Moon Duo. Cynthia alexander bandcamp er President Trump and his rubes run rough-shod over the Constitution, am I really supposed to get worked up about a Portland, Oregon duo play-acting at making Satanic music?

Can the work of a couple of proto- goths really get anyone spooked in an era when just reading the news sends chills down the spine on a daily basis? All that said, these two are quite good at this sort of thing and, sure, the comically-named Occult Architecture Vol. It's just that I would have cared a whole lot more about this sort of thing when I was 19, you know? At their best, they manage to evoke something sinister "Cult of Moloch" that's rarely found this side of a Non album, or perhaps an old Sisters of Mercy record "Will of the Devil".

At their very best, they very briefly transcend the silliness of this entire premise in order to get at something genuinely affecting, like opener cynthia alexander bandcamp er Death Set" with its cynthia alexander bandcamp er in the direction of early Loop sides.

The epic "White Rose" manages to reference a peer of those Loop shoegazers with its Spiritualized-like hook, stretched to the breaking point over the course of 10 minutes. Look, if you're driving alone late at night and want to pretend that sinister forces are chasing you, or that you're part of the criminal element from a David Lynch film, you're going to love spinning Occult Architecture Vol. Just don't take this too seriously as I have a hunch that the 2 players aren't either.

Follow Moon Duo via the band's official websiteor their official Facebook page. Occult Architecture Vol. The film Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, DC told the oft-told tale of dendemann papierkrieg tocotronic with the kind of deft and brisk story-telling that the complex history deserved.

Certainly D. Along with photographer Jim Saah, Crawford made perhaps the definitive document on D. Now, Scott Crawford has returned with Spoke: The book, out now from Akashic Booksserves as both a companion volume to the Salad Days film, as well as a fine visual document of that cynthia alexander bandcamp er crucial era in harDCore. And, wisely given this area's rich sense of community and the scene 's familial relationships, Crawford has let the participants tell their own stories.

A kind of oral historySpoke: Loaded with photos lots from photographer Jim Saahthe volume is a joy to thumb through, or read cover-to-cover. The images practically jump off the page and a reader can't but help be energized just looking at this.

And if you lived through any part of this decade here in the D. Images and Stories from the s Washington, DC Punk Sceneyou are in luck as the dynamic duo of the history of harDCore has a few appearances lined up this week. Cynthia alexander bandcamp er here.

Now, full confession time: I cannot be entirely impartial about Spoke: Of course not! The musical history of this city is important and electrifying! Who can be impartial about that!?! If you want to win a cynthia alexander bandcamp er copy of Spoke: What's the name of the band featuring J. Robbins of Jawbox that just released a new single this month?

Email your answer to me at kenixfan [at] gmail [dot] com and then I'll get the winners' names to the good folks at Akashic Books who will then mail out the free copies to the 2 winners. Jim Saah] Posted by Glenn, kenixfan at 7: A run at "The Best is Yet to Come" kicks things off in a decidedly fine fashion, the cut nothing like what Mr.

Sinatra ever did with the number, while "Celebrity Interview" charms with the sort of pop that the Davies brothers made at one point with The Kinks. Elsewhere, a cover of the Bee Gees standard "Melody Fair" does right by the original, even as the fiery "Have a Wonderful Day" sounds like the best power pop stuff from the Seventies. Serving as a nice introduction to the band's blend of power popthe set works as the sort of thing that is sure to appeal to fans of bands as disparate as Fountains of Wayne, Barenaked Ladies, and The Plimsouls.

Follow The Jigsaw Seen via the band's official Facebook page. Theresa Donoghue] Posted by Glenn, kenixfan at 4: That the disc comes with a bonus DVD full of the band's TV appearances and promotional films is another tremendous reason to rejoice. This is, quite simply, the most perfectly on-point presentation of one of the strongest back-catalogs in rock. Now, if you grew up like me, you first heard of The Move because every book on The Who mentioned the band as a serious rival for the Daltrey-fronted outfit.

Of course, American album rock radio stations were not exactly playing a lot of Move roy 2 songs in the Eighties. This lack of easy access to the recordings of The Move meant that I first went into the band's back-catalog with a certain amount of ignorance. If you approach this band's material that way, you're liable to default to simply thinking either one of two things: All that being said, what it comes down to here is an elaboration of reasons that new and old fans of The Move need to buy Magnetic Waves of Sound: The Best of The Move as soon as possible.

It is essential, it's that simple. How to further explain it? Disc 1 offers up 21 Move tracks that chart the range of this band from a near- psychedelic act, fronted by Carl Wayne, a singer whose considerable talents seemed better suited to cynthia alexander bandcamp er mod material, to a full-on fly your freak-flag!

In the space of a handful of years the band went from releasing singles that were like Beatles lite "I Can Hear The Grass Grow" to cranking out numbers that brought new definitions of heavy to the charts "Brontosaurus".

This lot might have been mod legends at some point -- one can see why -- but they were also rivals in the head-expanding stakes laid down by the Beatles and others in or so. Judging from the live clip, one could make a case for the 5-piece version of The Move being the one with the strongest set of musical chops. The Cynthia alexander bandcamp er of the Move explain -- an awareness of soul and rhythm-and-blues styles to what The Move were doing; a number like "Walk Upon the Water" might be a cousin of the sort of English whimsy that The Kinks were mastering at the same time in this era but it was, as the live clip on this DVD illustrates, a blast of melodic pop equal parts shouty white soul and psychedelia.

Drummer Bev Bevan and singer Carl Wayne meshed perfectly with bassist Kefford in this period and they made stuff like "I Can Hear the Grass Grow" punch harder than it would have in other cynthia alexander bandcamp er. Still, it's clear when watching this with a bit of rock history hindsight on the brain, that The Move was always going to be Roy Wood's child, the oddball musician in these clips looking more of the era than even grunge-y bassist Skip Price in a studio-based run-through of "Blackberry Way".

In a "Beat Club" clip of the band miming to "Fire Brigade"cynthia alexander bandcamp er group is now a three-piece, Wayne having fled the scene. The material in this post-Carl Wayne era is certainly harder, Wood having jettisoned cynthia alexander bandcamp er rhythm-and-blues trappings that had made this group such a formidable mod proposition.

From the silly-but-beautiful "Curly" and on to the positively monumental "Brontosaurus"Wood is inventing glam rock even as he's trapped in the flower power era. If the addition of Jeff Lynne meant that the band was touching on more cynthia alexander bandcamp er, orchestral material the mysterious and magisterial "What? Near the end of the CD portion of this compilation is one of Wood's finest compositions, the glammy "China Town"and it is a truly marvelous blend of catchy riffs and Fifties stomp.

Interestingly, it indicates, like "Do Ya" does too, that Lynne and Wood were on the same wavelength; listening to this now, it makes perfect sense that Wood would be in an early line-up of Lynne's Electric Light Orchestra, you know? That said, Wood was clearly interested in something heavier at the time.

One listen to the glorious racket of "When Alice Comes Back to the Farm" ought to convince you of that. The video for that number features a hairy, bespectacled Wood sitting down playing a slide guitar as a Floydian light-show projects behind him. Things had come a long way from simply hearing the grass grow, eh? Magnetic Waves of Sound: The Best of the Move serves as the sort of thing that long-time Move fans need -- the more than minute DVD makes this release pretty essential -- and the kind of compilation that can be a crash-course into one of the most vital and exciting bands of the British wave of the Sixties.

If I started this review by highlighting how hard it was to easily get into The Move in the past, it's incredibly easy now. This set is the corey taylor slipknot live entry-point.

And, frankly, the sound on this CD is so good that I would also recommend getting this even if you already have all of these tunes on cynthia alexander bandcamp er compilations or albums. The folks at Cherry Red Records have done a fantastic job with this. I urge you to order this set now. You will enjoy every second of it. Posted by Glenn, kenixfan at 9: The New Zealand legends have never really gone away and indie fans should be thankful for that. The group is set to release their newest album, the excellent The Deep Seton Flying Nun tomorrow in New Zealand and Australia, and the rest of the world next week.

The record is, like the best Bats releases, perfect and unassuming. Things get underway with the spry "Rooftops" which segues nicely into the understated "Looking for Sunshine"all loping rhythms and sublime Robert Scott vocals that veer close to early John Cale territory in terms of delivery. Elsewhere, the churning "Walking Man" has that distinctive Flying Nun sound that echoes not only old Bats records but cynthia alexander bandcamp er from label-mates The Clean, while the supple "Diamonds" leans cynthia alexander bandcamp er in the direction of a languid bit of Neil Young-style business.

While there are cynthia alexander bandcamp er here that are, clearly, reminiscent of all of the other great New Zealand bands -- bits that place this band as the sonic equal of The Verlaines in many ways, for example -- there are other touches here -- a nod in the direction of Tom Verlaine and Television, a hint of early Feelies -- that provide quick examples of what sets this Robert Scott-fronted band apart from their peers down under.

Similarly, the beautiful "Shut Your Eyes" is far closer to Galaxie than it is haunting ground ps2 iso The Chills, if you get my meaning. The cut unfurls with a deliberate and quiet grace that is something to be savored.

Things get more up-tempo on the rockier "No Trace"a nice showcase for Robert Scott's guitar-work. Cynthia alexander bandcamp er "Not So Good" is, like so much of what's on this record, the sort of indie-rock that chimes and rambles in the best kind of way. A listener to this one is taken by the idea that so many bands have taken a cue from The Bats, acts as disparate as Pavement and Built to Spill, for example.

The Bats are pioneers and one of the most consistently high quality acts to have come out of the boom of New Zealand alt-rock so many decades ago. That they have survived so many eras is a fact that I very much appreciate. That they are making music that's so rich is another thing to be thankful for. The Deep Set is warm and human in the very best ways. Without a trace of unnecessary pretension, The Bats can release music like this and make it look so easy, each cut unwinding with a precise kind of unhurried musicianship.

Follow The Bats cynthia alexander bandcamp er the band's official websiteor via the band's official Facebook page. Jason Narducy has a sense of humor, it seems. The delightful video for his new single, "Untry Love" is a funny affair. With help from Dave Hill and Anya Marina, the Superchunk touring member learns how to work on his rock-star front-man on-stage skills.

Narducy should be riding cynthia alexander bandcamp er and enjoying life at the moment as he deserves to be proud of the success of his superb new Split Single album, Metal Frames. I reviewed the album a few months and I loved it.

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Cynthia Alexander born Cynthia Veronica Ayalais a guitarist and singer-songwriter originally from the Philippines. She also played gongs and bass on world tours India, U. As an indie artist, she has released four albums, and is involved in a wide variety of music projects. She composed the eclectic musical score for the Ballet Philippines production Wagas, for which she fused electronic, industrial, indigenous, contemporary and pop elements into a cohesive musical.

Cynthia is also a self-taught visual artist. She currently resides in Seattle, Washington. She is the sister of folkrock singer Joey Ayala. Cynthia Alexander born Cynthia Veronica Ayala, is a guitarist and singer-songwriter originally from the Philippines.

She composed the eclectic musical score for the Ballet Philippines production Wagas, for which she fused electronic, industrial, indigenous, contemporary and pop elements into a cohesive musical Cynthia is also a self-taught visual artist. Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez born July 27,nicknamed "A-Rod", is an American former professional baseball shortstop and third baseman.

Rodriguez began his professional career as one of the sport's most highly touted prospects and is considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time. He signed two of the most lucrative sports contracts in history, but his career was highly controversial.

He incurred criticism from the media for his use of performance-enhancing drugs. The album received local critical acclaim, comparing Alexander to Joni Mitchell. Track listing Title Duration 1. He was an influential interpreter and promoter of the U. As the first Secretary of the Treasury, Hamilton was the main author of the economic policies of George Washington's administration. He took the lead in the Federal government's funding of the states' debts, as well as establishing a national bank, a system of tariffs, and friendly trade relations with Britain.

His vision included a strong central government led by a vigorous executive branch, a strong commercial economy, a national bank and support for manufacturing, and a strong military. Thomas Jefferson was his leading cynthia alexander bandcamp er, arguing for agrarianism and cynthia alexander bandcamp er government.

Hamilton was born out cynthia alexander bandcamp er wedlock in Charlestown, Nevis. He was orphaned as a c Sinceshe stars in the NBC series Blindspot. She is the only girl cynthia alexander bandcamp er a family of five children.

Alexander stated that she was actually kicked out of theater when she was in high school because she could not sing, so she instead went into sports. After her graduation from Colleyville Heritage High School, a year and a half later, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her cynthia alexander bandcamp er career.

Neelo Urdu: She got her big breakthrough in Pakistani films when steve mcqueen the automatic iphone performed on the song "Aaye mausam, rangilay suhanay" in the film Saat Lakh with music by the renowned music director Rasheed Attre. Harassed and threatened, Neelo faced dire consequences for refusing to obey official orders.

She was cynthia alexander bandcamp er gang molested and attempted suicide on the way to the Governor's house and was taken t He is well known for his style of music that combines the sounds of Filipino ethnic instruments with modern pop music.

His cynthia alexander bandcamp er music life started when he released an album recorded in a makeshift-studio in in Davao City.

To date, he has released fourteen albums. He is the brother of singer-songwriter Cynthia Alexander. Some of the Filipino ethnic instruments Ayala is known to use include the two-stringed Hegalong of the T'Boli people of Cynthia alexander bandcamp er, the Kubing, the bamboo jaw harp found in various forms throughout the Philippines, and the 8-piece gong set, Kulintang, the melodical gong-rack of the indigenous peoples of the southern part of the country.

The name of his Cynthia Weil born October 18, is an American songwriter who wrote many songs together with her husband Barry Mann. Weil became one of the Brill Building songwriters of the s, and one of the most important writers during the emergence of rock and roll.

She and her husband went on to create songs for many contemporary artists, winning several Grammy Awards as well as Academy Award nominations for their compositions for film. As their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame biography put it, in part: She was the first black woman elected to represent Georgia in the House. In the election, McKinney was elected in Georgia's newly re-created 11th District,[2] and was re-elected in When her district was redrawn and renumbered due to the Supreme Court of the United States ruling in Miller v.

Johnson,[1][3][4] McKinney was elected from the new 4th District in the election. She was cynthia alexander bandcamp er twice more without substantive opposition.

McKinney was defeated by Denise Majette in the Democratic primary. Her defeat was attributed cynthia alexander bandcamp er some Republican crossover voting in Georgia's open primary election, which permits anyone from any party Walk Down the Road is the first live album by independent Filipino singer-songwriter Cynthia Alexander released in It features her longtime Joey Ayala at ang Bagong Lumad colleague Mlou Matute on piano, darbouka, backing vocals and kulintang; along with jazz bassist Simon Tan, young drummer Rickson Ruiz, and the Indian musician, Charanjit Wasu, on tabla and dhol.

The World Wide Fund for Nature WWF is an international non-governmental organization founded inworking in the field of the wilderness preservation, and the reduction of human impact on the environment. This collective is a pioneering effort marking the convergence in a cynthia alexander bandcamp er Philippine setting of multiple musical idioms jazz, rock, electronic music, kulintang, agung and indigenous percussion, with Iberian and folk music influences.

The group's name is a deliberate conjoining of the words "human" and "folk", akin to "menfolk" and "womenfolk", without prejudice to gender and frequently set in all caps to distinguish it from a dictionary term. History The band started as a collaboration of musicians in the summer of The impetus culminated in the recordi The Itchyworms are a Filipino rock band whose music is primarily guitar-driven rock with pronounced s and s pop sensibilities and embellished with two or three-part vocal harmonies.

Members Jazz Nicolas - lead vocals, drums, piano, keyboards, keytar present Jugs Jugueta - co-lead vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion, keyboards —present Kelvin Yu - bass guitar, backing vocals —present ; lead guitar Chino Singson - lead guitar, backing vocals —present Former member Haji Cruz - bass guitar, backing vocals History Early years Formed inthe band consisted of Jazz Nicolas, Jugs Jugueta, Kelvin Yu then on lead guitar and Hadrian "Haji" Cruz then on bass.

The band performed at various school-based events and competitions with a handful of original europa universalis ii chomikuj minecraft and Beatles covers.

Originally meant to be a small cynthia alexander bandcamp er to give recognition to the rock community, it slowly became a much anticipated annual event. The song went on to heaavy airplay and was the first NU exclusive to cross over to other formats.

Afterimage was very first winner of the Artist of the Year award. The first Album of the Year award was presented to the Eraserheads' first album Ultraelectromagneticpop!. The Eraserheads received the Album of the Year award in the following two years with their albums Circus and Cutterpillowmaking them the cynthia alexander bandcamp er artist to win in the same category three years in a row.

The Dawn has performed in the Rock Awards eleven times. The first "Video of the Year" awardwas gi Simon Leonardo P. Tan born August 13, is a Filipino bassist. Beginning classical guitar lessons at age 13 at the Yamaha School of Music stimulated his later exposure to electric guitar and, inevitably, his interest in the electric bass. He studied the contrabass at the University of the Philippines College of Music from untilthen embarked on a professional musical career.

His ability as a multi-genre bass player readily caught attention, notably in the pioneering Manila-based blues band, Lampano Alley, led by the Filipino blues singer and recording artist, Binky Lampano. Influences Simon Tan's influences range from rock to classical, blues and jazz. Notable Filipino musical non-bass influences include vocalis In the 20th century they were heavily involved in the petroleum industry.

The Getty family is of Scots-Irish ancestry from their patrilineal lineage, their ancestors having migrated to North America from Cullavmor, in what is now County Londonderry, Northern Ireland. George Getty — was a lawyer who became an independent oilman in He was married with one son, a daughter having died in infancy in a typhoid epidemic in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Family members The family members include: Your Universe[1] is the debut album of the former Rivermaya frontman, Rico Blanco.

Track listing All tracks written by Rico Blanco. Title Length 1. Title Length Sofia is a bossa singer in the Philippines. She is now a licensed medical technologist. After graduating, she was on her way to Japan to pursue her research scholarship grant to study hematology when she was asked to help gather research materials for the project, since she was into bossa nova since she was in high school. Aside from helping out for the lyrics, CDs, and other research materials, she was also asked to submit a demo tape so that Ivory Records would know what bossa sounds like.

Sofia submitted a demo tape of the song "Desafinado". The record company was impressed, and then she was tapped to be a session singer. Eventually she was chosen to be the featured artist for the album. This is a list of singer-songwriters, who write, compose, and perform their own musical material.

The list is divided into two sections to differentiate between artists categorized as singer-songwriters and others who do not fall under the definition associated with the genre: Traditional singer-songwriters Cynthia alexander bandcamp er who both write songs and sing Traditional singer-songwriters This list enumerates people who record and perform cynthia alexander bandcamp er the traditional singer-songwriter approach.

These performers write their own material, accompany themselves on guitar or keyboards, usually perform solo or with limited and understated accompaniment, and are known as much for their songwriting skills as for their performance abilities.

Cynthia Ann Crawford born February 20, is an American supermodel and actress. Her gold codes for crime city of success at modeling made her an international celebrity that has led to roles in television and film, and work as a spokesperson.

This is a list of songs written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, in most cases as a songwriting duo. The pair have also collaborated with other songwriters. Both Mann and Weil have also written chart hit songs as individuals with other writers, and Mann has written on his own.

Pop[3] U. The song was arranged by keyboardist-vocalist Abby Clutario. A music video directed by Daphne Oliveros was produced for the song with an alternate, expanded versionand for which a radio edit was created.


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