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Darude,, Sandstorm (Original Mix), , 7,, David Carradine and . Ganja Kru, Presents Dark Light, Dark Light, , 95,, Get wild .. VA, Nu Latin CD, Asere-Tengo Ganas, , 8,, VA, Nu Latin. 15 May SONY SOUND FORGE 8 MP3 PLUGIN ACTIVATION CODE The for free, rip ringtone kru ganas mp3 song from the youtube music. Khushboo bollywood hindi movie mp3 songs download free hindi music free hindi music download star cast rishi rehan avantika thomas. CLUB HD-MP3 . seven days fast and furious | kru ganas | mp3 of pullover by kcee ft wizkid | angrej punjabi movie | superchunk this summer | eminem and nate. My Mp3. by | Public | Non-collaborative. 42 tracks - 2 h 14 min Composers: Yusry - Norman - Edry. Masih Bersama · Kru.

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Mata tak terpejam mencari apa yang kau mahu Tapi mulut ku berdiam tak mahu bergaduh Baik telinga dengar saja semua perintah ku junjung Biar hati calar-balar tetap bersabar Ganasnya cintamu Kau mahu itu aku begitu Kau mahu ini ku pun begini Jangan melawan nanti hukumannya bermuncung Selalu sungguh hatiku mengeluh Entah kenapa masih setia Tragis oh tragis bertemankan sadis Mungkin kerana sayang ku tidak menentang Gelengan pun dah menjadi angguk Tragis oh tragis sylwia grzeszczak zdobywamy mp3 sadis.

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Foreward So why is LSD so long? There are in fact myriad reasons, some practical and some profound that tie directly into our concept of this entire project. For starters, all the art that we include in our galleries is shot in its brief, transient lifespan over the 3 months or so between issues, and since the very essence of graffiti and wider kru ganas mp3 art is in its fleeting, ethereal glimpse of the sublime, it is critical to document the moment before circumstance has its wicked way.

But it runs far deeper. One of the fundamental flaws within any subculture, be it political, artistic or musical in kru ganas mp3 is intrinsic insularity. The revolutionary nature of building a movement based on one particular strain of thought or one particular expression of the kru ganas mp3 arts rarely feeds back into a sustained flourishing of ideas, but rather rides the initial wave of originality and iconoclastic power before settling into a safe and often blinkered rhythm.

We lock ourselves into certain genres, certain styles and certain headspaces with a sour view of those outside our chosen kru ganas mp3 and an all too human sense of self satisfaction with what we have so tirelessly built.

But as we refine the power of subculture and work the unprecedented scale of global interconnectivity to our advantage, it becomes ever more important to look beyond the frontiers of our own reality and push hard for the next spark, the next epiphany, the next voice and the next explosion of conscious experience. Which just blissfully misses the entire point. In our kru ganas mp3, restricting oneself to a particular dimension of the modern underground actively serves to undermine its wider evolution.

Of course we all have our tribal loyalties and our comfort zones but it is for precisely that kru ganas mp3 that we have to explore and expand our horizons and open ourselves to external currents that will crystallise in our own perceptions and our own flashes of creativity. In this issue we explore extraordinary art of all persuasions, colours, conceptions and angles and music that is steamrolling the cutting edge ever further into possibility.

But within our wholly undefined and fluid scope, we also discuss the nature and dynamics of power systems with the kru ganas mp3. Noam Chomsky, open a window onto the nature of censorship and its subversion in the internet age, hitch an astral ride to the healing mysteries of Amazonian shamans, explore the nature of the repressive Iranian regime, open the floor to our wildly eclectic blend kru ganas mp3 lunatic columnists and discuss the quantum theories of inner space and outer space before plunging back into the crucible of conscious creativity with our featured artists and musicians.

So yes, the pieces our long but bulging with artistic and conceptual insight. Long story short Coco Edwards - www. Vegas - www. Best Ever Dark, haunting and imbued with a a melancholy mystery, Best and Ever have flourished from their roots in writing into painting multi kru ganas mp3 spray masterpieces. Framing a sepia surrealism and a dualist exploration of the human condition in the visual poetry of stunning realism, their work sings a soft lament for ephemeral fragility and masked vulnerability, capturing fragments of skewed pathos in a searching vision.

They spoke to LSD You originally started out as graffiti writers, tell us a little about the journey from writing on walls to creating photorealistic wall impressions. You were a kru ganas mp3 of the 54 Crew, writer Busk tells us you guys used to paint trains whilst completely naked. Would you mind sharing a funny story about painting in your birthday suit? I started painting letters in Ever. How long has it taken to prefect your photorealistic techniques? What does photorealism involve?

Actual photorealism relies on the artists ability to translate the information into solid technique with the can. A lot of socalled photorealists only have one without the 92 clipes flash back completo yahoo, and you can tell when people have made the mistake of painting what the kru ganas mp3 something should look like rather that studying the actual forms.

What inspires you most? Sadness, mental illness, the fragility the human body,depression disease. External inspiration can come from seeing our peers creating stuff.

How often do you paint on the streets? The unfortunate kru ganas mp3 of this is that the scene has been saturated by countless chancers with very little talent, and a buying public that seem patently unable to tell the difference between a piece of art created with passion and integrity and one that merely emulates someone successful with the sole purpose of making a quick buck Some of the work contains what might be deemed as a spiritual component, would you call yourself spiritual?

The human face is featured throughout your works, what does the face represent to you? We concentrate on the hands and faces because they are visually the two main tools humans use for communication. Dualism also plays prominence in your works, are you doing this consciously or subconsciously? Without doubt, but it would be somewhere nicer than the UK.

I would do it in broad daylight kru ganas mp3 I knew I could pay my fines. The general public are joining forces to lobby London Councils to protect works created by Banksy. What does an artist of your standing think of the governments decision to protect just one artist out of thousands? I hope that the current glut has peaked, and now the genuinely talented people will be able to continue to do their thing. Should we expect to see you at many shows this summer?

No gallery kru ganas mp3 planned at all, we just want to spend the summer painting large scale pieces and travelling as much as possible. What do you get if you combine a PHD in quantum physics, a sublime understanding of the fabric of reality, a myriad of creative talents, pure psychedelic dancefloor mayhem and a cracking bloke.

Well you get our newest kru ganas mp3, Steve Hedflux Young who will be bending our minds and spirits alike from the next issue. A phenomenal producer, Steve has woven a visceral web of relentless driving bass, synth wizardry, rhythmic groove and filthy psychoactive frequency into an explosion of imagination anchored firmly on the dancefloor. We spoke to Steve about everything from music to the mysteries of consciousness and connected so instinctively that Steve will be joining LSD on our next issue to help map the fringes of understanding Could you give us a little background on yourself I grew up in Scotland, in a small town called Webroot antivirus crackle, near Dundee.

From that point I was hooked on buying records, and DJing as much as i possibly could. My first taste of raving was at about 16, I looked old enough to get myself into kindle fire 1st generation cyanogenmod Rezerection parties - it was happy hardcore and gabba all night long.

In about I got really into breaks, then in psytrance and the whole gamut of psychedelic music. The first track I was really happy with was finished in In parallel, I went to university in St Andrews in to study theoretical physics - I always had an obsession with stretching my imagination into the most abstract places; mathematics and electronic music are good ways to do that.

I have worked in the IT industry for the last 5 years, although I have maintained a studious interest in esoteric knowledge ever since. What was the pull into electronic music. However, later in life I have started to get into more non-electronic music, especially folk, medicine music and world music.

At what point do the physical world and consciousness meet and is there any rational explanation for their interplay.

My current thinking on this relates to the Pineal gland - a small pine-cone shaped sack in the center of your brain. Descartes, who studied this To me it feels like a window into the future. This integration of Soul and body gives us the capacity to pull new realities into our experience kru ganas mp3 expressing our will with thoughts, feelings, words, and movements.

It is essential to develop your awareness of thoughts and feelings both your own, and those of others. It connects you to the source of your creativity. There are also magickal non-physical realms of consciousness which are accessible to each and every person through a variety of techniques and technologies, though much of this knowledge is esoteric, occult or muddied in propaganda. But seek and ye shall find. How has your background on the edge of science influenced your approach to music A crazy sound appeals to me in the same way as a big equation.

Its unusual, complex and full of mystery, 7daystodie alpha 6 it has internal consistency and logic to it. In fact, a synthesised sound literally is an equation, expressed by the movement of the speakers over time.

Synthesizers and FX are an expression of mathematical kru ganas mp3, and sampled or recorded sounds are the raw observed data from nature. My preference for theoretical physics over practical physics is mirrored by my love of synthesised music over recorded music. I love how synthesized sounds are purely born from the human mind - in a way they feel more human to me than natural sounds.

Its interesting that in quantum physics, the equations which represent the behaviour of an electron in an atom, are very similar in structure to an equation describing, for example, a frequency modulated sine wave with an exponential decay on the volume envelope. Its cool to think kru ganas mp3 the processing in sound design is the same kind of processing the universe performs on physical energy when it forms atoms and molecules.

Art then becomes an imperative, because language is inadequate to describe your experiences. There has always been kru ganas mp3 close interplay between music and science throughout history. Are inner space and outer space the same thing? The stars above, and everything you know is actually inside you. We are the container of our experience - everything is within.

Its amazing to have someone contact you from a country you know nothing about, tell you that they and hundreds of their friends love your music, and want to pay you to come and play at their party! Despite those deep roots, I have generally found people welcoming and friendly - a little crazy sometimes perhaps ;- I completely trust where my music leads me, it has brought amazing friends and experiences into my life.

I believe that as long as you express yourself truly through music, it will lead you to where you want to be. Do you see dance music da te n chizda matii games a portal to a heightened state of consciousness or is it just fucking wicked? Erm, both!? How do you view the relationship between the mind, the soul and the technology in music Technology extends the will of the mind, and the capacity and influence of the imagination.

It responds to our kru ganas mp3, and processes information in a very precise and powerful way, then the output is ultimately fed back into our mind through a monitor. So its a kind of neuro-feedback. I think where the Soul comes in, is in the choice of settings on the kru ganas mp3 - the mind figures out how to operate it, and the soul chooses a particular expression which you commit to, and becomes a piece of your art.

How is your approach to remixing different from your original stuff With remixing, I dont feel like I am producing so much for myself - it feels more like a gift to the original artist kru ganas mp3 label, since you are working with their sounds. With my original stuff, I I am not really concerned with what anyone else might think, so my creativity flows much better. Does analysis destroy beauty or accentuate it Well, if we were to catch a Butterfly, anaesthetise it, cut it open and analyse it in an effort to find the source of its beauty, would we find it?

I suppose it depends whether you get off kru ganas mp3 looking a insect entrails or not. I think beauty is in the relationship between the subject and object. I look at my cats and I am drawn into their endless mystery and beauty - they are just fountains of happiness and joy in my life. However, a person who long ago made an agreement with themselves that they hated cats, is unable to see the beauty and the mystery that I can see, because that belief they hold serves as a barrier to the formation of beauty in their experience in kru ganas mp3 to cats.

We all tend to miss so much beauty around us because we have analysed, labelled and judged kru ganas mp3 in our mind, so when we see them, all we see is the label and the mental associations. I think true beauty can only be experienced without thought. What does quantum physics tell the switched on layman about the fabric of reality I can only give you my take on it, there are kru ganas mp3 But I believe it tells us that observation is creation, that kru ganas mp3 attention, combined with our intention, is a force which converts possibilities ideas into physical reality.

The academic view of an electron is that kru ganas mp3 it is unobserved, it exists as pure potential - a spectrum of possibilities - then when it is observed it randomly collapses into one of those possibilities, and an observed reality is created. But I dont believe that randomness is the deciding factor in that process.

kru ganas mp3

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