mailbox app acquired by dropbox

The mail-management app will stay as its own standalone app. mailbox Dropbox announced on Friday that it had acquired Mailbox, The Mailbox app launched only a little less than a month ago, where it. Dropbox Acquires Mailbox (March ) Maybe they sold it because for an app with no monetizing strategy as of now, they were really. Mailbox is a completely redesigned inbox that makes email light, fast, and mobile -friendly. Logo of Mailbox acquired by Dropbox. Mailbox acquired by. A month later, at the height of the app's popularity, Dropbox bought it for a reported $ million. At the time, Dropbox CEO Drew Houston said. mailbox app acquired by dropbox

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Dropbox acquire Mailbox in $100 Million dollars

Mike Isaac and Liz Gannes. Dropbox announced on Friday that it had acquired Mailbox, the startup focused on changing the way users handle email on the smartphone. The Mailbox app launched only a little less mailbox app acquired by dropbox a month ago, where it gained much attention for attempting a new take on the way users access email on their mobile devices. Beginning with the iPhone and Gmail, Mailbox allowed for different ways of accessing emailincluding resurfacing a message after a few days or hours, and color-coding organization.

Users were also prompted mailbox app acquired by dropbox swipe in different ways to carry out different actions. However, the company had trouble dealing with demand, with many would-be users downloading the iPhone app but unable to use it while they waited for their turn to be let off the list.

Some 1. Even without letting all of those people in, Mailbox is already delivering 60 million emails per day, the company said. As with any sort of startup like Mailbox, the business model immediately came into question: How was a small email app supposed to start generating revenue? Tagged with: RapGenius and Google: Tales in Growth Hacking Gone Wrong. Tweets Are the New Black: Diabetes Data Beamed to Your Phone.

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