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So Many Tinz. By Mr May D. • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. So Many Tinz - Mr May D. Featured on Collywood Music Afrobeats Kickers. Check out So Many Tinz by Mr May D on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on pflp-info.de3 [Download]. Feb 13, Earlier this year, Mista May D dropped his new video, Gat Me High. Today he drops the awesome new single, So Many Tinz and was produced.

May D - So Many Tinz (Produced by Fliptyce)

Clarity and Help for Fellow Witnesses. Compare 1 Timothy 2: Compare John They believe the Watchtower contains Gods truth, directed by Holy Spirit.

Without it one cannot understand the Bible. They claim to be Christian but the vast majority reject Christ Blood and flesh and they do this in a ritualistic fashion every memorial of Christ death by passing the bread and wine among themselves and not eating it. Even the speaker must touch the plate or the cup and reject it for all to see.

Compare John 6: They use the name Jehovah over Yahweh but will agree Yahweh is more accurate. Compare Romans may d many tinz Compare Jude They claim they were approved and chosen by Christ Jesus in to do Gods will. However their teachings at the time and mistakes since then may d many tinz this could not be true. Compare Matthew They let their loved ones die imposing their doctrinal ban on blood transfusions based on the law covenant. However people broke the law covenant when lives were at stake.

Such as saving a life of a sheep or human on the sabbath. King David broke the law to save his men. Compare John 5: This they started in in order to control their members. Compare 2 Thess. They are known as being false prophets for their many false predictions going back over years.

They predicted the end would come inand the generation alive in may d many tinz not die off before the end. The truth has nothing to fear. Maybe you became a JW years before these facts were accessible like they are today online. We encourage you to look online and ask questions.

This was written by a former Jehovah Witness. Please read John Please print this out on a colorful piece of paper and may d many tinz a few at your local laundry mat. I have found that God has expressed the most compressive resume prophecy regarding how He sees His people during the latter days through the mouth of the prophet …that is Hosea They sacrificed to the Baals and they burned incense to images.

Even if they call to the Most High, he will by no means exalt them. How can I hand you over, Israel? How can I treat you like Admah? How can I make you like Zeboiim? My heart is changed within me; all my compassion is aroused. For I am God, and not man— the Holy One among you. I will not come in wrath. When he roars, his children will come trembling from the west.

Dennis Quote. I can totally agree with these points. They very clearly state that Jesus is may d many tinz intercessor 1Jn. An intercessor is actually a mediator between two parties. Amos Quote. Hi Brother Amos. This is also a point of disagreement I have with my Bible Student friends.

It is important to note though, may d many tinz some who might identify themselves as Bible Students would also disagree on these points as we do. I would have to say 1 Christ not mediator is the worst in my view and spawns many of the rest. This also ties into 4 Memorial and New Covenant and has at times given me concerns whether they are actually christian or not.

I know Jehovah reads the hearts of those confused by this WT doctrine, but He also warned us to not be decieved. Another thing that troubles me is that when something is presented in the WT it isnt offered as a possible explanation, its THE explanation.

From that point on you have to believe it and teach it regardless of conscience, scripture or logic. Jayme Quote. Agreed Br. There are more than a few similarities between the JWs and the pharisees. All of this thinking has made the JWs just like the pharisees to place less importance on the most weightiest matters of christianity such as mercy, charity, lack of a judgmental attitude, and humility.

I agree with you Andrew, brings to mind Matthew Where do you get this facts? They do not believe they are apart of theThey are not the bride of Christ. They will say they look to Christ but in reality they do not.

I know they talk about the k having only the heavenly call. But when you say mediator for them only, are you saying Jesus died only for them?. Like I said, I have not touch this subject. Would like to know more. Can you guys email with your email, I have more questions. The new covenant will terminate with the glorification of the remnant who are today in that covenant mediated by Christ.

During the millennium Jesus Christ will be their king, high priest and judge. Thank you Jayme, did that explain it or you Lurk? In reference to 9: Charles May d many tinz. I tried to contact you via email to address the problem but it came back undeliverable. First try updating Opera to the latest version. If that doesnt work you may have to consider using IE or Firefox, both of which display may d many tinz site properly.

JJ Quote. If I may chime in here: The Church is covered under the blood of Christ, and is reckoned as pure by means of that blood.

Mp3 album republik terbaru neymar world of imperfect mankind still requires a mediator. Victor Fajardo Quote. Victor, in support of your use of Jn 6: These thoughts are all very reasonable.

I would also like to point out the vast and extensive-No Fun Rules. They are so prevalent many are unspoken rules. And if you were raised in the truth you know what I am talking about.

Eric Ramos Quote. If they deny that Jesus is your mediator then How is it possible that they could be members If the ? Wouldnt that be another to add to the top ten list? Berto Quote. Well I am not a JW yet but I have a husband who has been with them since and frankly I go, study, read, and pray there is a lot of truth in their organization, they have unity, teach the same thing world wide and I maintain my beliefs to my self. If I may d many tinz wrong oh well.

I would rather follow this than most May d many tinz beliefs since Yeshua was not born Dec. I partake of communion on Passover regardless of their beliefs. There is a lot of Paganism in Christianity today. You must work out your own salvation with fear and trembling if this is what you must do. Fallingwaters Quote. If mk9 pc compressed dare speak against, or contrary to the WT, they meet with phobic reaction apostate!!!

Mmmmm…what kind of unity is that? Rupunzelsawake Quote. This being said there will come a time when the WT will say may d many tinz you must be one of them or your husband will disfellowship you.

Inneh Recording artiste; a young talented singer from Edo State Nigeria. He has been working underground in the musical line for years and decided to make it official this time. He is here with a banger to thrill his fans and the world at large. His hit single "Into You" is a song to chill out with and relax your soul. This guy is amazing, he is blessed with a unique vocal and he sure knows how to make good use of it.

Ikechukwu popular known as coco boi ice Nigerian singer artist, I'm a native of Nkporo in Abia state but based in Lagos state started music at age of 9 years I started with church program so I meet one man called Felix Agu, on two days after that day we when to studio that was my first day of experiencing studio. You had to be there live. The band played about 3 songs off their upcoming album due sometime next year.

You can hear supporting vocals from a. Iorkongusu Richard aka Budees is a music act held from Benue state of Nigeria. Budees is proficient in Music, Budees made music tours like Nigerian Idol, Star Trek and he trends his fans with good music, Budees is gradually becoming a household name in the middle belt synonymous with good music.

Off the heels of his sophomore co. Monday Leo Omale was born may d many tinz 12th Febuary in akure ondo state, hails from Idoma tribe in Benue state. He speaks English, yoruba, idoma and a little Igbo.

I'm from May d many tinz state. I love to sing, chart, and make friends I plays three musical instruments Piano, Guitar, and Saxophone I always hope for better future in music. Instg lilblacksliu. All Rights Reserved. Player not supported. Download Flash player. Quick play "QP". Click any "QP" button to play song here. To comment on any artist below you have to join as a Member OR Artist. May d many tinz and be Hypactive.

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