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Find training and tutorials for Office and Office apps, including Outlook, OneDrive. Word. Excel. PowerPoint. OneNote. SharePoint. Microsoft Teams. It's a game designed to help you learn how to get the most from Office Experience the best of Office with the latest versions of Word, Excel. Some of Microsoft's early products included hidden Easter eggs. Microsoft formally stopped . It's never too late to learn to play the piano. You can hurt yourself if you a hidden flight simulator. Microsoft Word contained a hidden pinball game. Video training for Word You can download these video tutorials or watch them online. You can watch video training tutorials for Office or select a specific Microsoft Office application like Word, Excel, or Access. And it's all free.

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Back to: Do Zimboes dream of Electric Sheep? Forward to: Blatant Advertising. I hate Microsoft Word. I want Microsoft Word to die. I hate Microsoft Word with a burning, fiery passion. Our reasons are, alarmingly, not dissimilar Microsoft Word is a tyrant of the imagination, a petty, unimaginative, inconsistent dictator that is ill-suited to any creative writer's use.

Its pervasive near-monopoly status has brainwashed software microsoft office 2013 tutorial game to such an extent that few can imagine a word processing tool that exists as anything other than as a shallow imitation of the Redmond Behemoth.

But what exactly is wrong microsoft office 2013 tutorial game it? I've been using word processors and text editors for nearly 30 years. There was an era before Microsoft Word's dominance when a variety of radically different paradigms for text preparation and formatting competed in an open marketplace of ideas.

One early and particularly effective combination was the idea of a text file, containing embedded commands or macros, that could be edited with a programmer's text editor such as ed or teco or, later, vi or emacs and subsequently fed to a variety of tools: These tools were fast, powerful, elegant, and extremely demanding of the user.

Programs like WordStar led the way, until WordPerfect took the market in the early s by adding the ability to edit two or more files at the same time in a split screen view. Then, in the late s and early s, research groups at MIT and Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center began to develop the tools that fleshed out the graphical user interface of workstations like the Xerox Star and, later, the Apple Lisa and Macintosh and finally the Johnny-come-lately imitator, Microsoft Windows.

An ongoing war broke out between two factions. One faction wanted to take the classic embedded-codes model, and update it to a graphical bitmapped display: But another group wanted to use a far more powerful model: In a style sheet system, units of text -- words, or paragraphs -- are tagged with a style name, which possesses a set of attributes which are applied to the text chunk when it's printed. Steve Jobs approached Bill Gates to write applications for the new Macintosh system inand Bill agreed.

Arguments raged internally: In the end, the decree went out: Word should implement both formatting paradigms. Even though they're fundamentally incompatible and you can get microsoft office 2013 tutorial game a horrible mess by applying simple character formatting to a style-driven document, or vice versa.

Word was in fact broken by design, from the outset -- and it only got worse from there. Over the late s and early s Microsoft grew into a behemoth with a near-monopoly position in the world of software. One of its tactics became known and feared throughout the industry: If confronted with a successful new type of software, Microsoft would purchase one of the leading companies in the sector and then throw resources at integrating their product into Microsoft's own ecosystem, if necessary dumping it at below cost in order to drive rivals out of business.

Microsoft Word grew by acquiring new subsystems: All of these were once successful cottage industries with a thriving community of rival product vendors striving to produce better products that would capture each others' market share.

But one by one, Microsoft moved into each sector and built one of the competitors into Word, thereby killing the competition and stifling innovation. Microsoft killed the outline processor on Windows; stalled development of the grammar checking tool, stifled spelling checkers. There is an entire graveyard of once-hopeful new software ecosystems, and its name is Microsoft Word.

As the product grew, Microsoft deployed their embrace-and-extend tactic to force users to upgrade, locking them into Word, by changing the file format the program used on a regular basis.

Early versions of Word interoperated well with rivals such as Word Perfect, importing and exporting other programs' file formats. But as Word's domination became established, Microsoft changed the file format repeatedly -- with Word 95, Word 97, inand again in and more recently. Each new version of Word defaulted to writing a new format of file which could not be parsed by older copies of the program.

If you had to exchange documents with anyone else, you could try to get them to send and receive RTF — but for the most part casual business users never really got the hang of different file formats in the "Save As And "fast save" made the picture worse, by appending a journal of changes to the application's in-memory state. To parse a.

This isn't a data file format: In microsoft office 2013 tutorial game 21st century they tried to improve the picture by replacing it with an XML schema It's hard to imagine a corporation as large and [usually] competently-managed as Microsoft making such a mistake by accident This planned obsolescence is of no significance to most businesses, for the average life of a business document is less than 6 months.

But some fields demand document retention. Law, medicine, and literature are all areas where the life expectancy of a file may be measured in decades, if not centuries. Microsoft's business practices are inimical to the interests of these users.

Nor is Microsoft Word easy to use. Its interface is convoluted, baroque, making the easy difficult and the difficult nearly impossible to achieve. It guarantees job security for the guru, not transparency for the zen adept who wishes to focus on the task in hand, not the tool with which the task is to be accomplished. It imposes its own concept of how a document should be structured upon the writer, a structure best suited to business letters and reports the tasks for which it is used by the majority of its users.

Its proofing tools and change tracking mechanisms are baroque, buggy, and inadequate for true collaborative microsoft office 2013 tutorial game preparation; its outlining and tagging facilities are piteously primitive compared to those required by a novelist or thesis author: The reason I want Word to die is that until it does, it is anthology 1 beatles songs. I do not write novels using Microsoft Word.

I use a variety of other tools, from Scrivener a program designed for managing the structure and editing of large compound documents, which works in a manner analogous to a programmer's integrated development environment if Word were a basic text editor to classic text editors such as Vim.

But somehow, the major publishers have been browbeaten into believing that Word is the sine qua non of document production systems. They have warped and corrupted their production workflow into using Microsoft Word. And they expect me to integrate myself into a Word-centric workflow, even though it's an inappropriate, damaging, and laborious tool for the job. It is, quite simply, unavoidable. And worse, by its very prominence, we become blind to the possibility that our tools for document creation could be improved.

It has held us back for nearly 25 years already; I hope we will find something better to take its place soon. Weird thing is, I've been having more problems with Scrivener than I have with Word on novels and novel-length documents. And so it goes, I'm afraid.

Scrivenor's fun, but Word's easier to save in version trees mailed to drop boxes. Ah well, I still remember the days when single-character screwups in the WordPerfect code could corrupt a whole document, or when translating bidai song video PC Word to some old Mac format and back would lead to corrupted email attachments that would fill up all spare memory on my hard drive as microsoft office 2013 tutorial game tried to download.

Just imagine calling microsoft office 2013 tutorial game service now and microsoft office 2013 tutorial game them to delete the email from the queue. Or the mutating horror that was three people commenting on one document, about fifteen years ago.

Happy fun times. Now I just worry about taking more than four hours to format aword document for a print on demand service.

That really sucks. Not to mention the danger of summoning up a Being of Utter Darkness by inadvertently running a Microsoft Word Macro that someone embedded in your Normal Template. I warned my Science Ed Lecturer about it. And about Powerpoint. And did she listen? And now no-one's heard from her in weeks! Microsoft office 2013 tutorial game even the gurus with job security hate it.

I've been using Word regularly for twenty years now, and I tend to wind up becoming in charge of managing documentation in any office where I work by virtue of being the only one that can get documents to look consistent in Word.

The tragedy of it all is that its microsoft office 2013 tutorial game sheet functions are fairly powerful, if buggy, but I've never found a way to convince normal users to use it in a way microsoft office 2013 tutorial game doesn't introduce a ton of errors. It has three major issues for making document managers pull their hair out: I've lost track of the number of documents I've been given to fix because they started apply formatting incorrectly, and finding that the document had dozens of styles all ad hoced to look similar, line breaks mixed with paragraph returns, and tabs mixed with clusters of spaces Microsoft office 2013 tutorial game only solution is often to completely strip out all formatting, paste into a clean document, and hope when given back the users won't immediately mess it all up again.

So then, inevitably, I finally convince my managers to switch to something like InDesign which was more appropriate to what they wanted to do in the first place Which is to say, even for the business case documents that it's best tuned for, Word is generally heavily overdesigned for what most users need, introducing tons of problems that they might not even understand other than that they sometimes have to waste hours fighting with a document to get it to look right.

Companies these days will outsource infrastructure to the cloud or jobs to countries that pay lower wages if it will save a few bucks. The days of close level IT support are gone and any product that's needlessly complex and requires a higher ratio of technicians to uses will be chucked faster than you can say WordPerfect. Software choice is often personal - but if the microsoft office 2013 tutorial game were as good as or better, we'd see the alternatives overtake Word the same way microsoft office 2013 tutorial game Chrome has overtaken Microsoft office 2013 tutorial game.

Word is even "hampered" by the fact that you have to pay a lot of money for it whereas the competition gives itself away for free. Is it really that Microsoft has managed to pull of some insanely elaborate conspiracy to force everyone to use their product? Or is it that they spend billions of dollars each year studying how people use their products in an attempt to stay far enough ahead of the competing products that companies that will do anything to save a buck perform assessments on how their people use the product and find that the cost of moving to an alternative, even if it is free, exceeds the cost of updating to the newest version of Office?

Sorry, couldn't resist that last comment. But I agree completely with Charlie. I've been using editors and word processors even longer, almost 40 years now. At one time I had to be a Word guru for my wife, who wrote several novels and a slew of short stories on an original model IBM PC with it.

One of my tasks was keeping a small set of styles working as Word versions played Calvinball with the rules. Never again. Hey, I love Microsoft Word! By androxplorer file manager apk I mean Word 5.

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