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Issues with Adobe Creative Cloud products and Windows 10 - build - Microsoft Community

Microsoft and Adobe today each released updates to fix critical security holes in their software. The second is a fix MS specifically for a critical bug in IE 8 that miscreants and malware have been using to break into Windows computers.

Dear Microsoft: Please stop asking people to install Silverlight every time they visit a Microsoft. I realize that Silverlight is a Microsoft product, but it really is not needed to view information about security updates. In keeping with the principle of reducing the attack surface of an operating system, you should not be foisting additional software on visitors who are coming to you for information on how to fix bugs and vulnerabilities in Microsoft products that they already have installed.

A new version of Flash v. If your version ms mr how does it feel adobe Chrome is not yet updated to v. Also, Adobe has released new versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat that fix penginderaan jarak jauh least 27 security holes in these products.

See this link for more detail on those patches. Adobe said it is not aware of any active exploits or attacks in the wild targeting any of the issues addressed in these updates. As always, please drop a note in the comments section if you experience problems applying any of these updates. This entry was posted on Tuesday, May 14th, at 3: You can follow any comments to this entry through the RSS 2.

Both comments and pings are currently closed. As someone who has to update 8 computers because the rest of the people have no idea how to do any of this I am very happy these updates from Windows and Adobe happened almost at the same time. Or not? Part of this is because Microsoft now issues the Ms mr how does it feel adobe Flash Player updates for IE10, and those can be synchronized with the updates that Adobe issues for Flash Player on other platforms.

Adobe also issues advisories irregularly on other days, so you have to pay attention to Adobe more than just once a month. Please consider making it your standard graphic for such articles! Putting this out here. Gen according minecraft optifine cape VirusTotal.

Every time I go to krebsonsecurity. The difference, of course, is that Flash is only required to view ads on this website, not the content. During the dotcom era sites could make edicts about the format ads could use, but since then you have to take what the advertisers give you. Microsoft, on the other hand, requests you install Silverlight for reasons that make little sense.

Given the well-known vulnerabilities of Flash Player, if you also run the workalike Silverlight you can have twice the fun! I am so frustrated! When I went to disable the MS fix-it, I found no icon to disable the fix-it.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to disable the fix-it I applied against my better judgment. However, since the workaround is no longer needed, customers may wish to undo the workaround after installing this update. See the vulnerability workarounds in this bulletin for more information on how to undo this workaround.

I wonder: How many person-years of productivity are siphoned off the U. Patching is the lesser of 2 evils. This is why we should all patch as soon as possible to reduce the likelihood of infection. Thank you. And if its a firmware update?

Bye bye system. Dealing with students is akin to herding cats. Just a personal opinion: I too pity administrators with lots of Windows boxes to maintain, but tools to distribute patches ms mr how does it feel adobe central location are available from Microsoft for free, and from other vendors cheaply that address this issue. If you have thousands of users it is easy to justify the effort of automatically installing fixes.

Trying auliya mere rasta dikha mp3 dailymaza install security updates when a user is about to use software is a bad pattern. Patch on starting an application is almost certainly a worse problem than the problem it is trying to solve! The proliferation of systems that patch themselves sensibly, and across all applications, as updates become available is a welcome trend, although Android Play Store seems to be running an experiment to see just how frequently applications can be updated before people buy an iPhone.

Thanks, Steve. I had been to that site yesterday. The link that took me to the Disable Fix-it was not on the site yesterday. All I found was: No link to enable me to disable fix-it.

It should be noted that Silverlight is installed, without your informed consent, into Firefox…along with other Microsoft rubbish. They will re-enabled without consent at update time.

Linux does not haves the merry-go-round fix and repair problems…I recommend this strategy for those fed up with the insanity. Powered by WordPress. Privacy Policy. Subscribe to RSS. Follow me on Twitter. Join me on Facebook. Krebs on Security In-depth security news and investigation. May 14, at 3: Thanks, as always, for keeping another Patch Tuesday sane. May 14, at 4: May 14, at 6: Nothing to worry about.

Yuhong Bao. May 14, at 5: The Silverlight requirement is for the videos on the page only. Carsten Hansen. May 15, at May 14, at 7: Amen in regards to the unnecessary Silverlight offer! Thankfully, I only have to put up with it once a month.

May 14, at 8: Today was also the release of Firefox version KB Goods. May 14, at Robert S. May 15, at 1: James C. May 15, at 6: May 15, at 7: May 15, at 2: May 15, at 8: May 16, at Agreed, totally. May 17, at 8: Today the link was there. All done. Bill Long.

I disabled the fix-it after I installed ms mr how does it feel adobe update. Get rid of all Adobe products and do not use them… I removed Flash Player sometime ago and have little issues using the Internet…. Dunbar Pappy. May 18, at 6: Your ms mr how does it feel adobe account may be worth far more than you imagine.

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ms mr how does it feel adobe

Augmented Reality AR empowers designers to place digital designs anywhere in the world, allowing their designs to respond to voices, body gestures, the physical dimension of a space, and even kouzan brush font other objects, she elaborates. Immersive technologies, such as AR and Virtual Reality VRalso call for a new way to design, thus creating a completely new design discipline. At Dekko, Ms. Miesnieks and her team pioneered new tools for designers by prototyping new solutions with the use of AR; for example, navigating a retail store or event, visually searching for information ms mr how does it feel adobe an object or a place one can see through a mobile device, and designing new ways to communicate remotely in a more human way using the physical space, voice and bodies.

The work they did led to major breakthroughs in understanding how AR was going to impact how people interact with each other, and even led them to build the first real-world multiplayer game. Working at Dekko provided Ms. Miesnieks with the skill set to lead a team charged with exploring a new design discipline.

At Adobe, before any design project is set into motion, designers begin by asking themselves three critical questions, Ms.

Miesnieks says. What problem are we solving? Why Adobe? Designing the tools of the future at Adobe requires Ms. Miesnieks and her team to conduct extensive research that will uncover the pressing problems that they will need to address using emerging technologies. This work requires a ms mr how does it feel adobe with a diversity of skills, empathy and unrelenting curiosity.

Miesnieks places curiosity on top of the requisite traits a designer must possess. He should always be looking for new ideas, inventing better processes, experimenting with new technologies, and inspiring experiments that align with customer needs. In addition to being curious, a designer needs to be deeply empathetic to human needs and have a desire to solve challenging problems.

Although she acknowledges the value of design education, she puts emphasis on flexibility as an important qualification. You have to be able to improvise and adapt, and be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. Creation never ends, and even if your part is over, someone else along the line could add to it — maybe the community adds to it. I love that about the design process, but it requires being flexible and being comfortable with ambiguity.

Diversity of experiences is important as well. We need to start thinking about design as something universal and inclusive. Design impacts almost every aspect of our daily lives, so we need designers who are able to design for a world that is full of amazing, multi-faceted people from all walks of life, and design ms mr how does it feel adobe needs to empower those diverse experiences. I encourage people to learn from failure.

Miesnieks has witnessed the rapid change in design along with the technology that helped bring them to reality. The potential of immersive technology is endless, she asserts, and it will allow us to share emotional experiences and create empathy for the reality of others.

Miesnieks surmises that the direction in which all of this is headed will be driven by the next generation of designers and the tools that they have at their fingertips. Like a SWAT team of inventors, we develop the tools, technologies and techniques that designers will need to create the immersive realities of the future. Guestimates vary on the number of muscles required to smile — 43, 17, 26 — but Dr.

Ernest Rex Tan knows that a genuine smile ms mr how does it feel adobe from a deeper source where…. Leny Suparman tells a detailed and absorbing story of KOP Limited, and how it is developing into a fascinating constellation.

A family that bonds over their love for whisky, the Anwars have derived much joy from their Cask of Distinction. Copy to Clipboard. Silka Miesnieks. Unrelenting Curiosity. Beyond the Skill Sets. Immersive Media As Disruptor. What's In A Smile? Up next What's in my portfolio: Wendy Long Very long long long. Back Search anything and hit enter.

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