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To fill out this checklist, please add the following code to the template call:. What follows the Universal Tree picture is a discussion of LUCA, the root of the tree of life, and the genetic code and doesn't really seem all that relevant to 'organism' to me. I do think a short paragraph about the origins of organisms might be appropriate with perhaps a link to history of life or tree or life or common descent or genetic code depending on what is said.

But we should not just move this section elsewhere, because most of what is in this section is very controversial and some of it even conflicts with what is said in other parts of the article for example, the universality of the code. I would say that LUCA is still the dominant paradigm in biology for better or organism alkopoligamia itunes and here it reads as though it is definitely refuted. There are many different ideas of LUCA.

The cited article by Doolittle argues that there never was a single cell with a genome that had ancestral copies of every gene around today. This is not at all the same as saying there is no single cellular ancestor which might still be true. Many perhaps most? A quick search shows a organism alkopoligamia itunes number of papers trying to determine the properties of LUCA, etc. Obviously some people like the author of this section think that is a bad argument, but that is interpretation, not encyclopedia fact.

At present the first line of the definition of the Wikipedia page about what is an 'organism' suggests the following: All known types of organism are capable of some degree of response to stimuli, reproduction, growth and development and self-regulation homeostasis. Moreover, a concise definition should not know exceptions, which implies that it must be able to deal with 'difficult cases'.

If one analyses some of the concepts in the present definition of an organism cited above we encounter words such as 'contiguous', 'living', 'all known types of organisms are organism alkopoligamia itunes of some degree of response to etc. The use of that such a thing must be a 'living system' does not seem to solve the problem, because one now needs a definition of what is 'living'.

In the discussion section of wikipedia about organism alkopoligamia itunes definition of life, I have suggested that a circularity arises if Wikipedia indicates that organisms are living systems, and that living is defined as a property of organisms.

On the organism alkopoligamia itunes talk page a solution was suggested which starts with defining the concept of the organism first. In order to define what is organism alkopoligamia itunes organism, a ranking is used of the structural complexity of unitary systems. This ranking is based on an innovative interpretation of the classical 'scala naturae', a 'ladder for complexity'.

This novel ladder has been called the operator hierarchy. Based on the operator hierarchy, all the types of unitary systems, called operators, can be ranked. Next, a choice is made to indicate specifically those types of particles on the complexityladder that are minimally as complex as organism alkopoligamia itunes cellular type of organisation as 'organisms'. Based on this approach, an entity is an organism because it shows the properties that come with a specific level of complexity on the 'ladder' of the operator hierarchy.

This results in the following suggestions for definitions: A bacterial cell is an operator and an organism as long as it can in principle realise autopoiesis based on its cell membrane and autocatalytic set of chemicals. A bacterial or eukarytoic multicellular organisation is an operator and an organism as long as it realises autopoiesis based on the cooperation between cells as defined by plasma strands. A neural network system is an operator and an organism as long as its dynamics allow it to survive based on a sensory interface and second order neural interactions.

And it is neither problematic to include infertile organisms basler camera ace these show the structural properties for survival which is considered a sufficient condition. Of course, reproduction is necessary for multiplication and may lead to evolution, but these derived aspects can be viewed as being not of primary importance for a jellema bouwkunde google of the organism.

Moreover, the fact that not every organism reproduces debunks the assumption that reproduction is a necessary condition organism alkopoligamia itunes an organism. More information about this innovative approach to defining what is an organism, and what is life, can be found on the following website: I hope the above suggestions will contribute to the Wikipedia website, by offering innovative thoughts about how one can define what is an organism and what is life.

Kind regards dr. Gerard Jagers op Akkerhuis Is a human being considered to be only the sum of an interlocking set of molecules? This viewpoint would seem to exclude the supernatural component believed in by religious people. Should we mention that some scientists, as well as other academics such as philosophers and theologians, dispute this? Might we also mention that no one so organism alkopoligamia itunes has been able to "assemble" molecules into a living unit? This might be relevant to the discussion of whether life is more than the sum of its natural parts.

I am not advocating any particular point of view; I'm just asking whether other viewpoints are allowed mention in this article. If you're not saying it has that limit, then, does this mean you don't object if I mention the lack of that limit in the article?

It has been asked when Thomas Cavalier-Smith proposed the clade "Neomura". Perhaps it was already in For sure, in his paper Cavalier-Smith, T. The origin of eukaryote and archaebacterial cells. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences However, I'm not sure if he used it in exactly the meaning required.

In December a new article was created at Life form which has now been moved to List of life forms. I do not think we need a separate article for Life organism alkopoligamia itunes any more than for Life on Earth.

I have now redirected all the spelling variations on life form to this article. I can't microsoft infopath for mac that protozoa, for example, would fit within this definition in organism alkopoligamia itunes of the normal meaning of growth and development.

It is clear from http: In my opinion the article should refer to the various definitions and to the implications arising from each. LookingGlass talk Everything Is Numbers talk Calling a dead organism a living system, may well represent a big issue in the present context, because it causes a lot of confusion. As a solution the following suggestions may help. A dead organism may with preference be called a 'corpse'.

A corpse is no longer an organism, even though it still has the appearence of its former organismic organisation. A corpse lacks the properties by which it can be recognised as an organism. As was indicated above, in the chapter on "An innovative approach to defining 'organism' and 'life'", a new scientific framework exists, called the Operator Hierarchy, that uses a modern 'ladder of complexity' the steps on the ladder are based on the combination of closed structural and functional topology.

With this approach, subsequent types of organisation can be ranked according to complexity, in a strict way, from quarks to organisms with brains. Using this ranking as a basis, it becomes possible to define what systems are organisms. For this purpose one selects only the systems in the Operator Hierarchy from the level of the bacterial organisation and higher.

In the past years, this way of defining the organism organism alkopoligamia itunes been discussed in a range of scientific papers. More information about this methodology can be found here: And after one has defined what is an organism or more specifically, what system types plural can be indicated as different types of organismsone can proceed with using this information as a basis for a definition of life.

Kind regards, Gerard Jagers op Akkerhuis This section, as it stands today, is not in organism alkopoligamia itunes with the article about the Last universal ancestor LUA.

As it stands, this section promotes a pseudoscience. I have just modified 3 external links on Organism. Please take a moment to review my edit. If you organism alkopoligamia itunes any questions, or need the bot to ignore the links, or the page altogether, please visit this simple FaQ for additional information.

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Be politeand welcoming to new users Assume good faith Avoid personal attacks For disputes, seek dispute resolution. Article policies No original research Neutral point of view Verifiability. Index1. Organism has been listed as a level-3 vital article in Science.

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