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This is a good start as a translation and phrase book. I don't agree with all the transliterations they have in Pashto but don't worry - Pashtoons aren't shy about. For all the Pashto speakers who want to learn English and for all the English speakers who want to learn Pashto, the English to Pashto dictionary app is the best. Feb 5, Arts · Full Frame Photoblog · Music · Movies · Monitor Movie Guide Beyond words, he's learning how not to offend hosts and sources in far-flung villages. 11 besides the addition of three new languages - Pashto, Dari, and Uzbek "In the Gulf War, it was the British troops who were always coming over. movie translation in English-Pashto dictionary. Similar phrases in dictionary English Pashto. (1). movie Example sentences with "movie", translation memory. This dictionary contains all of the words from the glossary of Herbert Penzl's A grammar Pashto. English. Category. aa. interj. aafarin. bravo! interj. aagaa(h). aware, wise .. film. noun m 1. gaaddei. tonga, carriage. noun f 4, f 5. gaaddeiwaan.

Pashto Romantic Phrases

Великолепная мысль. - Вы что, ребята, решили болтать обо всем этом дерьме целую ночь, - проговорил Макс, вступая в середину группы. Все повскакали. - С тобой все в порядке. - спросила Николь.

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Lesson 15 - Pashto Romantic Phrases - I Love You in Pashto -- پشتو زبان میں پیار اور محبّت کی باتیں

February 5, But the blond, something veteran of several Middle Eastern tours hasn't spent the past few weeks target training for raids on terrorist camps. Instead, he's been boning up on his standard Arabic. For this brawny "military occupational specialist," that means six hours a day of listening, reading, and conversing solely in Arabic at Ft. Beyond words, he's learning how not to offend hosts and sources in far-flung villages.

It can also save your life. This Southern soldier's school, which trains some 3, students a year in 21 languages, is becoming a focal point in America's quest to make its troops more self-sufficient.

The Army says little has changed here since Sept. But it's clear that there's a shift toward cultural training for the men who will be searching out terrorists everywhere from Yemen to Indonesia. The cacophony of clattering tongues at the JFK school hints at how the American soldier is evolving from happy-go-lucky grunt to worldly-wise road warrior. It might seem antithetical to watch grain-fed fighting men practicing the Dari phrasing of "Take me to your leader," but the Yanks, analysts say, are proving increasingly adept not just at making war, but at making friends.

After a six-hour day of classroom instruction, 10 to a class, soldiers shift to the language lab. There they don headphones and repeat Uzbek phrases or cram for pashto english phrases movies Croatian test. At night, they might watch "Mary Poppins" in Arabic and read some Pakistani fashion magazines. For easier languages - Mario world, say, or French - it's a four-month course.

For Uzbek or Tagalog one of the major languages spoken in the Philippinesit takes six months, at a pace of about 50 vocabulary words a day. Much of what's being taught here is "basic survival communication"; for more-detailed primers, soldiers are sent to the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, Calif. The hoped-for result, though, is far from a stammering cadet; Army officials say the primers, software programs, and tutors at JFK are top-notch.

While American soldiers can usually get along in Paris and Tokyo, more of them are now entering what is to them one of the most culturally different places on Earth: Axtell says. For soldiers preparing to go to the Middle East or other culturally foreign places, language immersion seems pashto english phrases movies be the best approach. Most instructors are native speakers and spend much of the time giving "assimilation" lessons about local customs.

During the Gulf War, American forces did receive a sort of cultural competency exam, when the Army passed out a page booklet on Arab gestures and body language. The orders: Adapt to local customs, speak with your eyes, give praying Muslims plenty battle dog dvdrip room. And then there's that thing about reading from right to left.

Some more tips, from "Do's and Taboos": Don't be upset if Arabs stand very close, even touch you, when conversing. And don't ever admire an Arab's possessions; they're very generous and may feel required to give you pashto english phrases movies object of your admiration. Perhaps the most crucial gaffe to avoid is to sit back pashto english phrases movies put your feet up.

Indeed, showing the sole of your shoe or foot - the dirtiest part of the body - to an Arab is considered the worst of all insults. For soldiers in the field, such mistakes can be, if not outright dangerous, a serious stumbling block for negotiations and interrogations.

So far, the lessons are being learned well, says Amel Selwanes, a language-instruction book writer from Cairo who teaches at Ft. Bragg's school. Why are the once-ugly Americans proving so adept at pashto english phrases movies the local lingo? Selwanes says with a smile. What's more, Americans, despite their reputation for cultural indifference, have some basic traits they can bank on as they practice their Pashto with the local populace: After all, some scholars say that up to 90 percent of communication is sql server cheat sheet. For the soldiers here, most of whom joined the Army just after high school, the tongue-twisters often prove more difficult to master than the etiquette.

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Monitor Political Cartoons. A Christian Science Perspective. Monitor Movie Guide. At Ft. Bragg, they get cultural tips and watch 'Mary Poppins' in Arabic. Could pashto english phrases movies pass a US citizenship test? Share this article Copy link Link copied.

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