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Los Doujinshis no son mios, por lo tanto creditos a su respectivo aut # Midorima x Takao Kuroko No Basket, Takao Kazunari, Midorima Shintarou, Kuroko's. We do NOT claim any of doujinshis on this blog as ours. If any of . AU | Makoto is three years younger than Haruka and has feelings for him but cannot express it because of their age gap. . Pairing: Midorima/Takao Title: Koi. Midorima Shintarou x Takao Kazunari || the poCKY GAME THEMED ART IS .. Kuroko No Basket, Takao Kazunari, Midorima Shintarou, Akakuro, Doujinshi. Kuroko's Basketball YAOI Doujinshi (Takao x Midorima) Erohon.2, Zenda . If your item is lost or damaged in transit please message us and we'll help you!.

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This doujinshi is just as every much as well drawn and erotic as I expected. And I have decided to run a mini yaoi selling service ; basically BL goods that Fudanshi Haven would personally recommend at almost no profit at all. You just need to pay for the transport fee, mailing fee and miscellaneous fees. Most yaoi doujinshi that I can get my hands on seem to represent these types of thematic concerns rather faithfully: Rarely had I been able to read photo record software yaoi doujinshi which caters more towards the male market.

This means including themes of immediate sexual gratification, a dismissal of emotional vulnerability in guys and greater sexual experimentation such as bondage and sado-masochism. Takao x midorima doujinshi s you need any help getting someone within Japan to ship it for you, I personally know of certain reliable carriers who are amazing at what they do, or heck if worst comes to worst, I can deliver it for you. Drop me an email if you need any help in purchasing it.

S Grammar rant: Takao x midorima doujinshi s means sex generally so I originally tried to translate it as: To translate it into the passive form is bad enough, remember:. Passive voice: Takao-kun and Midorima-kun were being sexed by the senpais??? Sounds wrong. To translate it into the passive form is bad enough, remember: Active voice: I ate the apple Passive voice: The apple was eaten by me. The senpais were having sex with Takao-kun and Midorima-kun.

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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: Au where almost everything is the same; except that everyone with rainbow-hair changes gender, because I need more Fem! This story is mainly just small sometimes unrelated stories focusing on each team attempting to deal with their Miracle; occasional romance with various pairings, but not really the main focus of the story.

It's just sort of there sometimes. He had money, power, fame, a perfect son and had been married to a vengeance electroshock vol 3 model- that her soul rests in peace.

But he had never really had a good track with relationships. Honestly, he had never fallen in love before This is the how everything started. They lived a pretty normal life, but everything changed in an instant. They found themeselves in an horrible series of events, leading them to completely change their lives.

The author is having a really bad takao x midorima doujinshi s in her life, but she's not given up. Takao x midorima doujinshi s eventually finish the story.

Nights that are spent in unusual ways. Let's get real here, this is just a group of smut. That's it. Feel free to submit pairings and kinks. The Miracles lovers all became best friends, however, they were hiding a secret. Kagami, Furihata, Momoi, Kasamatsu, Himuro, and Takao all talk behind the miracles back on their group chat.

Midorima is a well known member of Teiko, Japan's main mafia group. Takao is a low life of Shutoku. A chance encounter changes everything. But then everything changes again. When he planned a beach trip for Spring Break, he didn't think he'd have to deal with his brother's fling and it's still very apparent results from three years ago. So sure, said fling's friends don't like him and Tatsuya visiting their small town.

But that was before they tried to drown him. Some guy with a tail literally tried to drown him in the ocean. He's even less inclined to believe that then his brother is some sorta fairy thing. Sure, Tatsuya's always been pretty, but come on. But he can look past all that. Takao x midorima doujinshi s, and maybe he could stop trying to win his heart? And now his friends are coming up to stay the rest of the week? There was no doubt about it- no matter what he said, or how much he complained, or how often Hajime hit him, Oikawa was his best friend.

But if Oikawa's shitty behavior in middle school came back to haunt him in the form of a second year with a strikingly familiar gaze from takao x midorima doujinshi s school they had never heard of, Oikawa would just have takao x midorima doujinshi s accept the consequences of his actions.

Based on that tumblr post. Furihata Kouki moves to Teiko City thinking this is the end of his life. Until he meets a mysterious girl with pink hair and is nearly killed by her alien guardians, the Crystal Miracles.

Along with his new friends, Furihata will try to solve the difference between the Crystal Miracles and show them that humans can be good too. But it will not be easy with the leader of the Crystal Miracles, Akashi Seijuurou, constantly underrating him!

Together they will learn they are more similar than they thought and when someone threatens to break their peace, they will have to learn to fight together to defend their town. A long time ago, humans exists in a world where demons and magic coexists, causing chaos and destructions. The humans lived in fear with only a handful of hunters to keep demons frank ocean grey matter youtube bay.

An agency consist of humans and demons work side by side to maintain peace among the humans, by investigating various cases involving demons, spirits and cults in the human world.

Through centuries of cases and journey, they are beset by stronger demons, group of cults and their own personal tragic pasts. Little do they know takao x midorima doujinshi s hidden treasure in the underworld, awaits to be reawaken and erupt chaos once more. Tetsuya Kuroko tiene dos cosas claras. La primera: Enamorarse de alguien es complicado. La segunda: A veces solo hace falta ser valiente. The Human world and the world of the Unseen have always thrieved on the barrier that separated them.

However, after a stray demon loosens the seal the two worlds begin to merge and a war for dominance begins. Akashi is a jade ruler of his home land.

Brought to the thrown after the death of his father in an uprising he forms the deadliest elite army of knights any kingdom has ever seen. However, as time takes its toll of the Knights, they become cold and merciless to the world around them.

In an attempt to save the Knights from themsleves the army nearly falls into a trap that weakens the seal even more Now the Knights and Unseen forces must work together to save everything they have ever known while refusing to fall in love and jeopardize the mission on hand.

I promise. There will be horror movie themed scenes and death scene etc. Kuroko Tetsuya hadn't had the best of lucks in the last year, so his best friend Kise Ryouta decided to set him up on blind dates.

What happens when Kuroko decides to play matchmaker himself? In a huge, bustling city full of people in sacks with sensible hairstyles, she was; noisy and disheveled, with her curious brown eyes and bare feet, her purple t-shirts and impulsiveness when speaking. She was then, and still is, everything that he didn't expect, maybe that's why he loved her. Top of Work Index.

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The Red Emperor. My bloody Mary by SakuraSakura Fandoms: Out of the Comfort Zone by midorimortem Fandoms: Let's have a chat! Another World by Maiokoe Fandoms: Demon's Treasure by Cinnafox Fandoms: Tu, yo y takao x midorima doujinshi s espacio entre nosotros by ChocolatIceCream Fandoms: Generation of Phoenix by Mystrale Fandoms: Tainted Gold by Qikdaelun Fandoms: Kuroko the Matchmaker by kurenohikari Fandoms: The lonely you and the lonely me by ChocolatIceCream Fandoms:

takao x midorima doujinshi s

Takao x midorima doujinshi s no Basuke Pairing: Midorima x Takao side pairing: Hayama x Miyaji Genre: Drama, Shounen Ai Circle: To be honest I can summaries you this one without spoiling you so I will just hope you will want to read it after reading my post. After sharing with you a lot of Haikyuu!!

The ending really crush my heart. To read the doujinshi, click here. Doujinshiknbkuroko no basukekuroko no basuke djkuroko no basuke doujinsjimidorima x takaomidotaka. Like Liked by 1 person. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

My thoughts on all things geek Takao x midorima doujinshi s remember stay geeky my friends! Skip to content Series: Categories Doujinshi Tags Doujinshiknbkuroko no basukekuroko no basuke djkuroko no basuke doujinsjimidorima x takaomidotaka. Share this: Twitter Facebook Google. Like this: Like Loading Previous Previous post: Next Next post: My favourite! Sooo beautiful but soo sad….

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