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Three 6 Mafia is an American hip hop group formed in from Memphis, Tennessee. Their music has been variously described as Southern hip hopCrunkhardcore hip hophorrorcore and gangsta rap. The group released their debut album Mystic Stylez in through Propheta record label they co-created but later relinquished control of in favor of a new label that they also created but had full ownership and control of, Hypnotize Minds.

Their musical style—which initially featured dark, menacing beats with equally gritty lyrics—gradually moved to a less dark, more "Crunk" style.

The group is widely considered as being a primary influence both of early double bass speed youtube hip-hop, and "crunk" music of the s, and the sound of modern underground hip-hop. When the Smoke Clears: The group's latest studio album, Last 2 Walkwas released in Three 6 Mafia's worldwide album sales stand at 5. Three 6 Mafia's founding members began to develop their own respective musical crafts at young ages.

InDJ Paul Paul Beauregardat age 11, was taking piano lessons, and his older half-brother [2]Lord Infamous Ricky Duniganage 15, was a singer practicing bass and electric guitar.

Paul could play piano and three 6 mafia smoked out greatest hits mp3, Infamous sang and played bass and guitar. With that, the two would compose songs together. At the same time, on the opposite end gprs truecrypt Memphis, Tennessee, their hometown, Juicy J Jordan Houstonat age 13, was learning how to DJ as well as rap.

He had initially wanted to be a singer, but in the late s and early s he fell in love with the gangsta rap style, and he, like his future founding group members across town, wanted to make music like popular artists at the time such as N. Juicy J was also creating his own mixes by this time, but was not putting his raps on tapes just yet.

ByDJ Paulhad already begun to make a name for himself in the local hip hop scene through DJing at local clubs, such as Club Beadle, where he got his first opportunity to perform. His mixtapes, which were gradually evolving to include more and more original content of "Da Serial Killaz", also helped spread word of his talents.

DJ Spanish Fly heard of Paul's production skills, and recruited him to help make a beat. Paul's work with Spanish Fly allowed him, still just 14 years old, to quickly get his name out beyond the reach of his South Memphis neighborhood, and squarely into a more established circle of the Memphis hip-hop scene. Up in North MemphisJuicy J was slowing building a name for himself as well, now that he was making his own songs and distributing them with his mixtapes, as well as DJing at local clubs with his mentor.

The two quickly grew fond of each-other's musical styles and the two subsequently teamed up with Lord Infamous to form the group "The Backyard Posse". Paul and Infamous still continued work as "Da Serial Killaz" by themselves, and in released the first legitimate original recording to come out of the eventual Three 6 Mafia camp, "Portrait of a Serial Killa".

Featuring dark beats by Paul and horrorcore -styled lyrics from Infamous and Paul, this tape is recognized in its raw form as a pioneering work of horrorcore hip hop. Juicy J in the meantime released his debut hard copy mixtape, Volume 5that same year, as well as his seminal track in its original form, "Slob on My Knob". While Paul, Lord, and Juicy had all been making music in some capacity for about five years, it was in three 6 mafia smoked out greatest hits mp3 they began to legitimately establish the unique, distinctive sound that would ultimately become synonymous with Three 6 Mafia.

Paul and Juicy loved the name so much that the group adopted it, seeing that the name more closely matched the bleak and dark imagery of their music. Juicy J had yet to release a notable work of his own at this point, but in that would change with Vol. Chronicles of the Juice Manne. Similar to Paul and Infamous's works the previous year, these tapes featured what would turn out potbs deutschland be some of the framework of future hit songs.

Also inthe group added its fourth official member, rapper Koopsta Knicca Robert Cooper Phillips. That same year, Koopsta Knicca recorded the original version of what would become three 6 mafia smoked out greatest hits mp3 first solo album, Da Devil's Playground.

The album got them widespread recognition locally and in the southern underground hip hop scene, and as a result, Prophet landed a distribution deal with Select-O-Hitsthe popular Memphis music label responsible for the rise of local artists including Elvis Presley. Inthe group released Chapter 1: The Endtheir first non- Lo-Fi record. It was at this time when Paul and Juicy laid the framework for Hypnotize Mindstheir own independent label which would become the powerhouse for Three 6 Mafia music for the next three 6 mafia smoked out greatest hits mp3 years.

InThree 6 Mafia would ink a deal with a major record label for distribution, and their ascension into the national spotlight would begin. Inafter forming Hypnotize Mindsthe group signed a deal with Sony and began working on what would become their first RIAA certified album, Chapter 2: World Domination. Polishing up their darker sound for a more palatable aesthetic while still retaining their authenticity, Chapter 2: At this point in the group's evolution, group leaders DJ Paul and Juicy J began expanding their brand and focused on developing Hypnotize Minds.

Along with the Three 6 Mafia act, they brought along several artists from Prophet in their transition to Hypnotize Minds, creating " Hypnotize Camp Posse ", the successor of " Prophet Posse ".

Hypnotize Camp Posse. Inthe group soared to new heights in the "Crunk" music genre, carried by their most successful album to date, When the Smoke Clears: Sixty 6 Sixty 1. This marked Three 6 Mafia's ascension into the limelight as a premier hip-hop group of the south. Despite the great successes and newfound national stardom, represented a troubling year of sorts for the group.

The Prophet Posse, which to this point had still been working closely with Hypnotize Minds in an auxiliary-type relationship, broke up, and its members who had not made the transition to the Hypnotize Minds imprint ceased making music with Three 6 Mafia and the rest of Hypnotize Minds. Moreover, group member Koopsta Knicca was forced out of Three 6 Mafia due to ongoing legal issues which culminated with his robbery incarceration, which voided his contract with Sony and forbade him from recording with the group.

Despite losing Koopsta Knicca from its ranks and cutting ties officially with ProphetThree 6 Mafia and company were heading nowhere but up. The soundtrack was released as a studio album and Choices: The Albumkept the Three 6 name and Hypnotize Minds brand growing to new heights. The album was released in The Albumciting a three 6 mafia smoked out greatest hits mp3 of reasons including group dynamics, religion, and her desire to pursue a solo career.

Underground Albumand Underground Volume For Da Summa. These albums represented their solo studio album debuts and the last breadth of some of their older sound giving way to full on Crunk. InThree 6 Mafia began to mobilize for what would become their domination over hip-hop. In it had been 10 years since Three 6 Mafia had dropped their Mystic Stylez.

During this time many members had left, and with that even more affiliates, but into the fold other acts such as Project PatFrayser Boyand Lil Wyte cropped up as successes to keep the camp moving forward. This moving forward reached its zenith in for Three 6 Mafia, wherein they became superstars of hip-hop. Firstly, they dropped the sequel to their Choices movie, Choices II: The Setupand a studio album to go along with it that soldcopies.

Secondly, they released the most commercially successful album of their careers with Most Known Unknownwhich charted at 3 on the Top and went on to sell 1, copies in the United States, becoming their second album to go Platinum and their best selling overall. Also inthey released an additional film, the comedy, Clean Up Men. Henson reprising her chorus. Right before presenter Queen Latifah announced that they had won, she chuckled and sang the refrain from the song.

Why is that? They're thrilled! That's how you accept an Oscar! On June 7,Sony announced the departure of Crunchy Black. He stated his primary reason for departing was to make a solo album that DJ Paul and Juicy J had allegedly put off for years, with much of his material that he'd wanted on his solo album having being used for Most Known Unknown.

Crunchy also later cited frustration over alleged financial mismanagement. The show focused on the pair balancing fun and studio work after their Oscar win. Three 6 Mafia released their 9th studio album Last 2 Walk on June 24,after multiple delays. Lord Infamous was featured on 8 tracks. By the end ofJuicy J had moved completely away from Three 6 Mafia work to focus on his solo career. He also had begun frequently collaborated with Wiz Khalifaappearing on a number of his mixtapes.

He announced that the album was a mix of gangsta rap and crunk music, with it also incorporating influences from dubstep and electronic dance music. The album featured past collaborators Lil Wyte and Gucci Mane, and also came with a bonus DVD including a self-titled short movie, music videos and behind the scenes footage. Juicy J has since stated that he would still "love to" participate in a Three 6 Mafia album in the future.

Init was announced that 5 of the 6 original members of Three 6 Mafia — DJ Paul, Crunchy Black, Koopsta KniccaLord Infamous and Gangsta Boo — were reuniting to form a new group, to be known as Da Mafia 6ix, with plans to release an album which was scheduled for a March release.

At the time of the formation of Da Mafia 6ix, DJ Paul clarified that the collective was "not a Three 6 Mafia reunion" and described it as "a totally new group". Recording began in Las Three 6 mafia smoked out greatest hits mp3 in late The mixtape was supported by the lead single "Go Hard" featuring Yelawolf. Gangsta Boo would leave Da Mafia 6ix in May DJ Paul explained it saying, "It was what we thought was going to be best for everybody. It just happened.

Nobody forced nobody. It was a gut feeling. Three 6 mafia smoked out greatest hits mp3 album was released on March 17, He had an outstanding arrest warrant stemming from a domestic violence charge and was sentenced to a total of 7 months in prison. On October 9,Koopsta Knicca died after several days in urgent care following a stroke and brain aneurysm.

Three 6 Mafia never officially three 6 mafia smoked out greatest hits mp3 beyond the six original members of the group. However, many artists ultimately featured on the Three 6 Mafia-created and sponsored labels first Prophet Entertainment and then Hypnotize Minds emerged and rose to prominence with the group, several contributing heavily to Three 6 Mafia's ascension.

Prophet Posse and Hypnotize Camp Posse were the names used for what amounted to the broader or "expanded" version of Three 6 Mafia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Three 6 Mafia. Main article: Three 6 Mafia discography.

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Tu hi tu har jagah kick karaoke s Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Gimme Head. Three 6 Mafia are one of the biggest underground rap outfits in the south, but before their rise to fame and notoriety they were known as Triple Six Mafia. Styles Hardcore Rap Southern Rap. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Three 6 Mafia 's success has led the Smoked Out label to repackage their hits, and Greatest Hits is a one-stop shop for picking up the group's early bangers. Sexy Trippy All Moods.
Game death worm module Triple Six Mafia. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Release Date September 19, Sexy Trippy All Moods. Nine to Yo Dome.
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OBJECTIVE C OPENURL SAFARI Now im High, Really High. The set comes with a bonus disc of "dragged-n-chopped" tracks mixed by DJ Black. Three 6 Mafia 's success has led the Smoked Out label to repackage their hits, and Greatest Hits is a one-stop shop for picking up the group's early bangers. Features Interviews Lists. Track Listing - Disc 1.

Three 6 Three 6 mafia smoked out greatest hits mp3 are one of the biggest underground rap outfits in the south, but before their rise to fame and notoriety they were known as Triple Six Mafia.

Three 6 Mafia 's success has led the Smoked Out label to repackage their hits, and Greatest Hits is a one-stop shop for picking up the group's early bangers. Associated with the "horrorcore" trend in s rap, TSM 's chat software for pc music is harsh and intense, while the raps revolve around the familiar hardcore themes of violence, sex, and drugs. The set comes with a bonus disc of "dragged-n-chopped" tracks mixed by DJ Black.

AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Date September 19, Genre Rap. Styles Hardcore Rap Southern Rap.

Track Listing - Disc 1. Three 6 Mafia. Triple Six Mafia. Break Da Law. Where Is Da Bud Part 2. Love to Make a Stang. Grab tha Gauge. Jealous Ass Bitch. Nine to Yo Dome. Ridin N the Chevy. Playa Hataz. Half on a Sack or Blow. Now im High, Really High. Gimme Head. Track Listing - Disc 2. Three 6 Mafia feat:


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