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Hidden Wiki mirror – Deep Web links, large list urls. Friday, March . PasteWiki – a markdown driven pastebin in form of a Wiki. The Hidden Wiki A mirror of the Hidden Wiki. 2 days old users can . (also burn on reading!) Simple Pastebin Very simple Tor free Pastebin. The Hidden Wiki: http://kpvz7ki2v5agwtonion. Hidden Wiki mirror – Deep Web links –.onion urls list – Tor hidden service collection The.

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This article fails WP: Thanks, im not sure if the link to pastebin is ok? I have also removed some links that were already there as i felt the articles were written by people without a full understanding of the subject and so werent really necessary. BTW, it is hopefully a statement of the obvious that The Hidden Wiki is nothing to do with Wikipedia, but given the number of times it has been necessary to explain that WikiLeaks is not part of Wikipediasome people might still think this.

Um not true Wikileaks and HiddenWiki are part of Wikipedia. I feel it should be made known that, despite the news reports claiming that Anonymous has taken various hidden sites offline, this information is false. Even when this information was first reported back in it was false.

If anyone had taken the time to check the Tor Directory a TOR hidden service back when these claims were originally made, they would have found that all of the affected sites were still listed as "online. They called the operation "Darknet", which is a term that refers to the stuff on the internet that only authorized people know about.

So they were aware people can put stuff online and keep it "in the dark"; then by scaring the people that were doing it in "the open", and providing them with a keyword to learn about how to do it in the dark, didn't they actually helped keep the stuff hidden from law enforcement? This is not a quote from the article. The word "illegal" appears in a quote by Scott Terban.

Is this the basis for this personal commentary? This was discussed previously at Talk: Links containing material illegal under State of Florida law, or clear explanations filhos de jorge mp3 s how to find it, are unsuitable per WP: I don't see why we aren't linking to this site per WP: If there are legal issues the WMF will let remove tor hidden wiki mirror pastebin, but it's not up to us to decide.

SmartSE talk tor hidden wiki mirror pastebin I'm confused - does a link to a directory that could include illegal content violate Wikipedia policy, or not? There seems to be a wide array of opinion.

I'm fairly sure that "I'm just pointing the way" is not a legal defense. My two cents, if you want them, are to remove the link just to be on the safe side. Please let me know what you think. Treybien talk 1: While THW contains links to child pornography sites, the article implies that this is all or the majority of what it contains. Upon tor hidden wiki mirror pastebin, these links are in the minority. It also contains links to blogs, games, other anonymity services, forums, online gambling sites, file hosting, source code, addiction recovery, financial services bitcoin, etcanti-genital mutilation, It attempts to link everything in the darknet.

Similar sites yahoo directory, etc do this for the clearnet. The wording and mood of this article seems to malign THW and TOR, even though they make every attempt to make no stance on the value tor hidden wiki mirror pastebin content they link. I know it's fma brotherhood all openings yahoo well agreed upon that we shouldn't post a link to tor hidden wiki mirror pastebin hidden wiki itself, but is it alright to have its logo or a screenshot of the home page, like on the Silk Road Article?

BobThePlatypus talk The information from these so-called reliable sources isn't only misinformative, but disinformative in that they are publishing outright lies.

This article is so carefully-crafted to be deceiving that good faith is implausible, and it appears to me to be part of a larger effort to turn public opinion against online anonymity. It's not pornographic. I've seen other WP articles handled in the same way, not having the parent WikiProjects listed. It's all part of one WikiProject, so it looks alright with the one WikiProject listed and the parent, WikiProject Computing, isn't listed. The Template: Tor hidden services was reverted because Wikipedia is not a directoryand most of the articles are redlinks.

Many of these are tor hidden wiki mirror pastebin to satisfy WP: GNG as they lack significant coverage in reliable secondary sources. Currently this states that the web address was "removed due to policy". I feel this is poor choice for two reasons:. I am not proposing adding the address back, but we should if possible just remove tor hidden wiki mirror pastebin field from the infobox.

If that is not possible, we should put some sort of factual, neutral, non-self-referential note there instead. Perhaps something like "[note 1]" in the field, linking to a note at the bottom of the template, saying something like "not included for legal reasons" if those are the reasons. Thryduulf talk Belorn talk If you can't post the url, then can't a sha5 fingerprint of the hash work? The site has been offline since mid-January with no sign of it returning.

However, the address given in this edit is not the official address and admits that it is a tor hidden wiki mirror pastebin. The article should not give mirrors as the official address, but if the outage becomes prolonged it may be necessary for the wording in the article to mention this.

This means that the site is not claiming official status, it is only a mirror. Also, as the admin points out, it is unclear what has happened to the KPVZ version, and if or when it might return. There are several mirrors of the Hidden Wiki, and one should not be given tor hidden wiki mirror pastebin treatment. Ok, this is redundant to my edit summary from a moment ago but please stop adding moment-by-moment updates.

Even if you did your homework beyond assuming "hey it's down for me so it must be down," when you update based on your own experience, that's original research and recentismneither of which are fitting for Wikipedia.

If you have a reliable secondary source that talks about its status, go for it. Since Doxbin took over the kvpz onion domain today and redirects it to Doxbin, what should the link be replaced with? The source says "images of child abuse. Lolita City, a website advertised on the Hidden Wiki that offered gigabytes of images of child abuse to paying paedophiles.

If you paid any attention, the site was hacked recently and after a several days it was redirected to a Hidden Wiki mirror cleansed of CP. I'd be surprised if there was no mention of it in the media. The earliest known Hidden Wiki was located at 6sxoyfb3h2nvok2d. It was relaunched at the url oldd6th4cr5spio4. After that kpvz7ki2v5agwt Although the kpvz onion is controlled by hackers and now points to zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.

Since the open pedophilia and child porn scare many away, newer Hidden Wikis made the decision to not allow this content. I would suggest adding some of the up-to-date wikis that are commonly used to this article under external links: The zqktlwi4fecvo6ri. And it's neither 'outdated'. It is the legitimate successor of the now defunct KPVZ Wiki, and almost the only one which allows open editing. Check the Statistics of the page, it IS the main Wiki now.

Here, it's admin clears things up, and answering all the questions: Check the above reddit link, check the stats I'm staying with the original.

Re this edit: Also, the address for the. There are now several mirrors all claiming to be the genuine version, and this site should not be given precedence. It is important to avoid giving a casual reader the impression that http: As some of you may or may not know, Ion's Hidden Wiki was hacked and his kpvz7ki2v5agwt Now the hackers that are currently in control of the hidden wiki are just linking people to scam websites to attempt to swindle the userbase out of money in the form of bitcoins.

I've even seen phishing pages posted for days on the Regenbogenfisch geschichte movies Page of this wiki. Also the wiki it redirects to now is not community editable at all, even though it claims to be. Currently the most trusted and active Tor hidden wiki mirror pastebin Wiki on Tor is: Tor hidden wiki mirror pastebin are community based to get an account email the administrator while the admin and many other users write in depth articles about security and many other subjects.

Other wikis include: And another one tor hidden wiki mirror pastebin by the reddit community is "All You're Wiki" - allyour4nert7pkh. Many of these wiki's that exist are always outdated, filled with dead links, or just generally unmaintained. An example of a outdated wiki filled with scams would be kpvzqvzyooocvs7u. This link should be removed and replaced with an up to date and trusted wiki. Or worse comes to worse, just put back up the hacked link to the hidden wiki that hackers now have control over.

You did the right thing, Ian. Let the user do his own research, and find the Wiki for himself. That way, there won't be any arguments here anymore. I'm sticking with the ZQKTL version, because that's where the whole community went, and that is the only one which resembles the 'original' one.

I'm not counting new 'wikis' which are started weeks agobecause do not forget: That 'controlled by hackers' thing is plain bullsh! No sign of hackers there.

Atlas Testnet - Official mirror of https: Daniel's Chat - anonymous web chat - old link, redirects to http: How old do you have to be to realize tor hidden wiki mirror pastebin is realistic and stealing get you caught ios 7 beta mirror link in dumb shit.

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Etherpad is a software libre web application that allows for real-time group collaboration of text documents. Riseup does not store IP addresses, we require https, and pads are automatically destroyed after 30 days of inactivity. This is a list of onion services run by the Debian project. Official mirror of tor hidden wiki mirror pastebin.

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tor hidden wiki mirror pastebin

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