trinket glitch order and chaos

As far as accessories, the S4 trinkets are the only ones that have a gear Order and Chaos online PvP can be lots of fun once you begin. Mage pvp trinket glitch 8. I know how to do teleport hack, buff timer glitch ( unlimited buff), still dupe and mana/hp glitch. qq This game isnt order and chaos. Out of all of the Order and Chaos Players, the epic ones are the most For T6 and T7 gear, trinkets, and manaprisms, then you will need to run.

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Registered users: All rights reserved. Gameloft and the Gameloft logo are trademarks of Gameloft in the U. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Search by forum maalayil yaaro manathodu adobe. Search by forum content.

Back to forum. Game Glitches Moderators: Gold dupe 2. Item dupe epoch etc 3. Rune buff stacking getting same buff stacking 4. Decap glitch 6. Garrote glitch 7. Mage pvp trinket glitch 8. Teleport hack new? Buff timer glitch unlimited buff, new? Lol now i know trinket glitch order and chaos every noob is runnin non-stop with tons of rune buffs around.

I saw lots of ppls on android af just hangin around with rune buffs and dueling in gm. I thought they have too much money but lol. Its time for gamelofts reaction. This game isnt order and chaos. Its just chaos. Of all that I have seen it always seems to be the mage ones that are the most OP. The dual mastery mage was crazy and now there is this one with unlimited HP and MP.

BTW GL fix this no one needs to buy the stupid vigils or wisdom buffs if they can get it for free. Also it would be nice if you guys actually took reporting seriously. Two mages Crumbs and Eramage are using this on TC several people have reported and they are still playing yet you ban everyone with 50K gold. I know you may think these things do not directly effect your pocket book but they do.

People like me and other hardcore players that spend money on this trinket glitch order and chaos are going to stop if the experience is ruined. Buy a cloak of water and fire wisdom and health, blue level 62 ones stack them on sidebar and spam switch!

Gives infinite mana and health! I found this month's ago. I noticed that but probably not much useful for sins. For tanks in arena, it is very different story Post this as a single thread to get Gamelofts attention.

I did not want him to get blamed of glitching: Sinister, on the trinket glitch order and chaos hand, knew this for months and did not report This is from glassboards: Spam switch water and fire gear on sidebar cloaks, trinkets, rings and necklaces Cloaks have the best effect. Scroll down for more detailed post. The healing wont be noticed when you are being attacked by an ac sin doing 10K plus damage. Last one: Those ppl probably wanted to keep the secret to themselves Fix it GL

trinket glitch order and chaos

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