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Bass Player, Drummer, Guitarist - Rythm, Keyboardist, Singer, Songwriter wanted in Vasai, Maharashtra, India. Hi, My name is Shobal Gonsalves (Mobile. Orchestra And Band in Vasai East - Get addresses, phone numbers, best deal, customers rating & reviews and more for Vasai East Orchestra And Band at. vasai band - Car Crash Hub - Find viral car crash videos on YouTube. VASAI: Bike Accident Caught On CCTV 28th September school bus and bike. Vasai historically known as Bassein or Baçaim, is a historical suburban town in the Palghar .. Vasai gained popularity as a shooting location with international hit song 'Hymn for the Weekend' by British band Coldplay being shot here. vasai band

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HEY BLOP GABRIEL ANANDA MP3 S Barka —? He ordered Goddard to secure British interests in the area. Post Stn Tip. Sharavati Express P The Marathas allowed the women and the children of the enemy to leave peacefully. The city was renamed from Bajipur to Vasai band under British rule. Go to Mobile site.
Urbooklibrary Occasionally, monsoon showers occur in October and November. Archived vasai band the original on 25 July The Hindi. The treaty was a decisive step in the dissolution of the Maratha Empire and the expansion of British rule over the Indian subcontinent. II 2S CC.
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Vasai English: It forms a part of Vasai-Virar city. Vasai was in the Thane district prior to The Portuguese built the Bassein Fort here to strengthen vasai band naval superiority over the Arabian Sea. The present name Vasai is derived vasai band the Sanskrit word Waas, meaning 'dwelling' or 'residence'. This is also the first Latinised record of the name, which was spelt as Baxay by Barbosa This name was again changed after over years to Bajipur, after the Maratha Empire took over the region.

This name was also short-lived as after the capture of Bajipur by the Britishthe name was changed yet again to Bassein. See also: Notable people from Vasai A resident of Vasai is called Vasaikar in Marathiin which the suffix kar means 'resident of'. The term had been in use for since the official renaming of Bassein to Vasai. The Vasaikar diaspora outside of Maharashtra state, as well as outside of Indiarefer to themselves as from Mumbai due to its international recognition and Vasai vasai band located vasai band the Mumbai Metropolitan Regionnear the edge of suburban Mumbai.

The history of Vasai dates back to the ancient Puranic vasai band. The Greek merchant Cosma Indicopleustes is known to have visited the areas around Vasai in the 6th vasai band and the Chinese traveller Xuanzang later on June or July It was head of district under the Seuna Later being conquered by the Gujarat Sultanate[11] where it was named Basai, a few years later Barbosa described it under the name Baxay pronounced Basai as a town with a good seaport belonging to the King of Gujarat.

InItalian explorer Marco Polo passed through Vasai. The Portuguese first reached the west coast of India when the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama landed at Calicut in According to historian Manuel de Faria e Sousathe coast vasai band Basai was first visited by the Portuguese inwhen Francisco de Almeida on his way to Diu captured a Muslim ship in the harbour of Mumbaiwith 24 citizens of the Gujarat Sultanate aboard. To the PortugueseVasai band was english version of bihar ul anwar important trading centre located on the Arabian Sea.

They saw it as a vital service station to would give them access to global sea routes and goods such salt, fish, timber and mineral vasai band.

The presence of the Portuguese significantly shaped the region into what it is today. In the Portugueseunder Antonio de Sylveria, took advantage of its strong navy and pillaged and burnt the city of Basai.

The army of Gujarat Sultanate was not strong enough for the Portuguese forces and, despite vasai band, the Sultan of Gujarat was eventually defeated. Seeing this fortification as a threat, Nano da Cunha assembled a fleet of ships with men and sailed to north of Basai. Upon seeing the naval superiority of the PortugueseMalik Tokan attempted to vasai band a peace peace agreement with Nano da Cunha.

Upon rejection, Malik Tokan was forced to fight against the Portuguese. Despite bringing less soldiers, the Portuguese managed to kill most of the enemy while losing only a few of their own. Vasai band on the terms of the agreement, the Portuguese Empire gained control of the city of Basai as well as its territories, islands and seas vasai band Bombay. The local ethnic community were called 'Norteiro' Northern mennamed after the Court of vasai band North functioning out of the fort.

The unexpected attack weakened the Portuguese control outside the fort walls [6] and Maratha warriors stationed in the west isolated them further. The Marathas allowed the women and the children of the enemy to leave vasai band. The Portuguese lost a total of 4 main ports, 8 cities, 2 fortified hills, villages and 20 fortresses. With the British ruling the island of Bombay just south of the Vasai Creek, the region's prominence as a trade centre in India became increasingly overshadowed by Bombay.

Narayan Rao was the fifth Peshwa of the Maratha Empire from November until his murder by his palace guards in August Narayan Rao's widow, Gangabai, gave birth to a posthumous son, who was legal heir to the throne. The newborn infant was named Sawai Madhavrao. Twelve Maratha chiefs, led by Nana Fadnavisdirected an effort to name the infant as the new Peshwa and rule under him as regents. Raghunathraounwilling to give up his position of power, sought help from the British at Bombay and signed the Treaty of Surat on 6 March According to the treaty, Raghunathrao ceded the territories of Salsette and Bassein to the Britishalong with part of the revenues from the Surat and Bharuch districts.

In return, the British promised to provide Raghunathrao with 2, soldiers. Raghunathrao was pensioned and his cause abandoned, but the revenues of the Salsette and Bharuch districts were retained by the British. The British Bombay Presidency rejected this new treaty and gave vasai band to Raghunathrao. Vasai band British retaliated by sending a force vasai band Pune.

Following a treaty between France and the Maratha Empire inthe British Bombay Presidency decided to invade and reinstate Raghunathrao. They sent a force under Colonel Egerton, but were defeated. The British were forced to sign vasai band Treaty of Wadgaon on 16 Januarya victory for the Marathas. The British Governor-General in the British Bengal PresidencyWarren Hastingsrejected the treaty on the grounds that the Bombay officials had no legal power to sign it.

He ordered Vasai band to secure British interests in the area. The city was renamed from Bajipur to Bassein under British rule. InYashwantrao Holkar rebelled against the rival factions of the Maratha Empire.

The treaty was a decisive step in the dissolution of the Maratha Empire and the expansion of British rule over the Indian subcontinent. The eastern part of Vasai is highly industrialised, with small- and medium-scale units producing a wide variety of goods. Contributed by more affordable housing and its close proximity to MumbaiVasai has maintained a high population growth rate vasai band the s. The local railway station is known as Vasai Road. The Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation buses run on all major routes and State Transport buses provide long-distance travel to and from Vasai.

Besides that, auto rickshaws are the main source of transport in the region. Indian Railways introduced a local train service in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region in The upgraded local train runs between Virar and Churchgate and has 12 services daily.

The Bassein Fortoriginally built inis a major tourist attraction in the region for its Indo-Portuguese history. The Archaeological Survey of India vasai band started restoration work of the fort, although the quality of the work has been severely criticised by conservation activists.

There are also three well-known religious sites including the Vajreshwari TempleSt. There are various festivals tourists come to visit.

Vasai gained popularity as a shooting location with international hit song ' Hymn for the Weekend ' by British band Coldplay being shot here.

The fort showcased at the start and in between is the Bassein Fortalso known as Saint Sebastian's Fort, located in Vasai.

The video is themed on the Indian festival of Holi. The video was filmed by Ben Mor and was released on 29 January The video has over million views on YouTube as of Julybecoming the second most-viewed music video for Coldplay after " Something Just like This ".

It has more than 2 billion views on YouTube. The Bassein Fort is also a popular shooting location for Bollywood movies and songs. This moderate climate consists of high rainfall days and very few days of extreme temperatures. The cooler season from December to February is followed by the summer season from March to June. The period from June to about the end of September constitutes the south-west monsoon season, and October and November form the post-monsoon season.

The driest days are in winter while the vasai band days occur in July. Between June and September, the south-west monsoon rains lash the region. Pre-monsoon showers are received in May. Occasionally, monsoon showers occur in October and November.

The average temperature is The average minimum temperature is The daily mean maximum temperature range from vasai band The following is a list of notable people who were either born in, lived in, are current i heart you smash mp3 of or are otherwise closely associated with or around the town of Vasai band.

People from Vasai are referred to as Vasaikar. Vasai band c. Vasai—Virar is a city and tehsil subdistrict in Konkan division of Maharashtra state in western India, comprising the most populated part of Palghar district and is also a part of Mumbai Metropolitan Region MMR. According to the census, it is the fifth largest city in Maharashtra. The vasai band is located on the north bank of Vasai Creek, part of the estuary of the Ulhas River.

Vasai—Virar is an agglomeration of several formerly separate towns. The area covered by the city roughly corresponds to the ancient city of Sopara. Demographics The population of Vasai—Virar was 1, at the census, up fromin, inandinthere exists slums and villages as well as urban zones. Vasai—Virar City Muni It is an extended suburb of Mumbai. According to the census, it is the fifth largest city in Maharashtra with a population of more than 1.

It was formed on 3 July by combining four municipal councils and 53 gram panchayats. Vasai is a historical suburban town north of Mumbai and it is located in Palghar district. It is a much modern part of Vasai Taluka. It is a part of the new Vasai-Virar city. Station layout Six of the seven platforms at Vasai Road are laid out side by side.

Platform 1 at Vasai Road is constructed approximately meters South of platform 2, similar to platform 8 at Borivali. Vasai Road is an important cross over point between Western and Central railways in Mumbai, as trains from Konkan region and Pune cross over to the Western line here.


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